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Trump Derangement: Unity or Dissolution

What I’m presenting before you, I pray that I am proven wrong and humanity chooses a different path than the course we seem to be charting. Rather, I should say the path being charted for us. I have no doubt in my mind that there is a sliver of humanity who own the information we are conditioned to accept and the rest of us are just fighting armed with at best half-knowledge. I say this at the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist by too many who have been indoctrinated to dismiss any narrative that diverges from accounts presented by authorities. This is how a few can subjugate billions; the powerful lord over the people because we are trained to bicker with each other instead of working together for the sake of collective prosperity.

Usually, on Saturdays, I pick up on a weekly series titled “Sabbath Epistle” where I discuss faith not as a means of preaching from a position of piety but as a way of presenting a testimony of hope that is grounded in love and unity. But today, after assessing the political developments over the past couple of days and witnessing the way news is being deployed as a weapon against us, I am moved to write a more somber article about the age we live in. I do not write this with any level of certainty as if I am presenting prophecy—I don’t have access to any more information than the average American. Everything I am presenting before you is based on public information and the drivel that is propagated into the ether by the Corporate State Media as news when it’s really disinformation.

Let’s go back in time to the days leading up to the Great Depression. In the summer months of 1929, the roaring 20’s was at its apex. Publications like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal were boasting of a new paradigm where every American would be lifted into prosperity and pushing the notion of perpetual financial growth. America, having emerged from the horrors of World War I, was feeling her oats and rising as a global power. Bankers were making obscene profits and most Americans were quite happy with the era of Wall Street eminence even though there were warning signs of an impending disaster. Either out of group think or depraved maliciousness—or a mix of both—politicians, pundits and opinion leaders alike were all praising the booming markets as the well-to-do were living a life of royalty.

While the yellow press media was reporting of happy days that will never end, the uber wealthy were preparing for the coming implosion. Pricks like Morgan, Rockefeller and Carnegie started to hedge their positions as the folks in the know started to sell the overheating market. There are two ways to make money on Wall Street; one option is to bet on the markets and the other is to bet against it. If you feel like the market has room to keep growing, you purchase shares or buy call options and cash in if the markets rise in a bull market. If you believe the markets will take a turn for the worse, you can short-sell the market or buy puts and cash in if a bear market emerges.

Investing in the markets is a studied gamble; at the end of the day—no matter how much knowledge you have about the markets—it’s still a crap shoot. Even the most brilliant hedge fund managers have been known to lose their shirts betting on the markets. Wall Street is a casino; our life savings can be wiped out in a day based on market conditions. Except there is one group of people who are not susceptible to the risk inherent in the markets; after all, those who own the casinos always win as long as there are suckers betting at the table. Billionaires who have amassed enough fortunes to rival the GDP of some nations are the casino owner;  in the 1920’s the casino owners were the aforementioned Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie et al.

What separates casino owners from casino customers is information. While the rest of America were driven by greed derangement to buy more and more shares, the depraved tycoons who knew what was coming were exiting the markets. Wall Street hit all time highs in the summer months of July and August—hooray capitalism! All the sudden, October 29th, 1929 exploded like Mount Vesuvius and covered America in the soot of economic depression. One day, Americans were frothing at the mouth at the thought of fortunes, the next day Americans were jumping off bridges and  skyscrapers beset by financial insolvency. The rich though, they retreated behind their ivory towers to sip their fines wines while tens of millions of Americans were turned into vagabonds and winos.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected on the promise of delivering a new day and a New Deal for Americans, in reality he was plutocrat himself who used populism to save capitalism (read Roosevelt vs Roosevelt). He gave pennies to the people while shoveling billions to Wall Street and in the process codified big banks as the owners of America. The rich did not get rich by happenstance, they deploy their money very wisely to buy many assholes to work for their interests as the assholes make it seem like they are working on behalf of our interests. For more than a decade, Americans were mired in abject poverty and hopelessness as the Great Depression turned our country into a third world nation. History teachers are full of lies, it the New Deal was not the catalyst that lifted America out of the Great Depression. It was World War II that injected growth after Roosevelt sustained our broken economy for 12 years by feeding the citizenry to the wolves of Wall Street.

Fast forward to 2008, history repeated itself as the same bankrupt Corporate State Media was hyping the overheating markets and preaching the notion of perpetual financial growth. The casino owners were back at it; after making trillions by way of giving out mortgage loans like candy on Halloween, the oligarchs started to hedge their positions and slowly began to exit the markets. Even though the warning signs were there all along, the public was too distracted by politics and the campaign of the neo-Delano Obama and the warmonger McCain to see the IED bomb that was coming for our hearts and wallets. Politics is always a distraction; while two duplicitous presidential candidates were acting as smoke screens, the rich were able to parachute out of the plane before an economic 747 exploded on Wall Street and radiated outward to rob endless millions of Americans of their life savings.

The Great Recession of 2008 should have been the death spiral of our economy. Except the corporate puppet Obama was selected by Wall Street to throw them a lifeline as he threw a noose around our necks. Republicans made a great show of making it seem like they were opposing Obama; behind the scenes they were working with Obama and the Democrats to prop up our system of crony capitalism by once again throwing Americans over the financial cliff. Barack pushed over $14 trillion dollars to Wall Street by way of Quantitative Easing, bailouts and Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) to stabilize a system that was in cardiac arrest. The Federal Reserve, the true seat of power by the by, emptied all the chamber as economic and monetary policies transferred wealth from the consumer to Wall Street by encouraging equity over savings.

Obama did not save the economy, he merely forestalled the day of reckoning. If your house is about to be repossessed because you are in the rears on your mortgage, can you claim you saved your home if you borrowed money from a payday loan provider in order to pay the back payment? Of course not; in fact you made your situation worse because you borrowed money at a higher interest rate in order to pay back the money that you borrowed. Taking on debt to pay off debt is idiocy at its purest; yet this is exactly what every president has done since Woodrow Wilson. Our economy is a ticking time bomb; we are currently $20 trillion dollars in debt and the only way our depraved government sustains the economy is by borrowing more and more money from the future and our children in order to pay the global Peters.

Here comes the deep water. The next recession and the next economic downturn will lead to a biblical implosion. This is no hyperbole or sensationalism. The oligarchs have always depended on the Federal government to bail them out after they break the economy with their greed and gluttony. This time though things are different; there is no way our government can step in to be the buyers of last resort. Keynesian policies of stimulating growth by government interference is not possible, the Federal Reserve can’t lower interest rates as a stimulus measure because the rates are pretty much at zero thanks to Obama. The favored scheme of Republicans is not available either as there is no political will to lower taxes on the wealthy in order to spurn the economy. The Treasury is handcuffed as well, countries like China and Saudi Arabia are quietly selling T-bills so the option of a new QE is off the table.

What I’m saying is that the next economic downturn could very well take our economy along with it. Let me give you a hint, the rich have known about this for a long time. The plutocrats and moneyed gentry have been building fortified bunkers in remote locations for more than a decade getting prepared for an economic Armageddon (read Forbes Billionaire Bunkers). This is why the carnival barker Trump was selected. Where Obama was chosen by the plutocrats to prop up the system, Trump was chosen to distract us as the system collapses like the house of cards that it is. The fire, my friends is coming; I don’t know when nor how, but I know this economy will not continue to grow ad infinitum—economies are beholden to the laws of gravity.

While we are bickering about politics, the rich are preparing for an economic Apocalypse. Just this week, Republicans and Democrats made a show of pretending to be opposing each other as Obamacare became the catnip that everyone is yapping over. Behind the scenes, both parties are currently working together on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which Obama signed on a cold December night. The NDAA effectively deputizes the Department of Defense to monitor free speech in America and to detain Americans without hearings (read NDAA explained). Tyranny does not materialize in a flash, it is birthed through incrementalism until one day we wake up in a dictatorship. My fellow Americans, we are witnessing the death of our economy and our Democracy along with it.

They are preparing to lock us in place when the day of financial reckoning occurs. The rich will retreat to their bunkers, the rest of us will be left to our devices. The rich and powerful have always feared the people for this exact reason; they know that as long as we are divided by politics and identity, we will fight among each other instead of uniting to take on our oppressors. What the oligarchs always dreaded is another French Revolution where the people rise up and turn to solutions by way of guillotines. To avoid being turned into basket cases, they have perfected the art of divide and conquer for centuries. But this playbook only works as long as misery and poverty is localized; if a contagion of hardship breaks out and mass poverty hits a critical mass, watch out!

I want you to do me a favor, over the next couple of weeks and months, as Washington DC and the Corporate State Media is spinning sensationalism and outrage into the public airwaves, just keep your eyes on the markets. The same way that the markets are being hyped today, in short order the narrative will turn and the story is going to be about financial anxieties. When this inevitable turn takes place, the ensuing economic turmoil might be a blip on the radar or it could very well be the unfolding of the exact scenario I outlined above. I do not write this article to worry you or to inculcate your spirits with anxiety. Our lives here on this earth are not guaranteed, we live each day thankful for the moment. What happens tomorrow only God knows (read Prophecy of a Gathering Storm), but at the very least we can seek knowledge instead of being programmed to accept propaganda and lies of the powerful.

Rich people love to maximize profits and mitigate risk. The day of maximizing profits is nearing an end so they are now mitigating their risk. We creep closer to another world war that might end all of us—the rich are mitigating the risk otherwise known as the bottom 99%. Like I said, I don’t write this article from a position of authority, I just have enough common sense to know when we are being lied to as a people. We are not fated for this future, we as as people are more powerful than the few who oppress all of us. Unity is the only way forward, do not let political derangement be the death of us. We can take on a system of global repression if we only come together as a people, or else will find unity through collective dissolution. #TrumpDerangingUS

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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