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Ghion Get It: Breaking News with this Note to Readers

Story Lines

We want to reinvent news and revolutionize the way we consume news. This is the mission and the purpose behind the Ghion Journal. One of our central tenets is to knock down the wall between publication and writer. We don’t want to lecture our readers, we want to engender a conversation and start dialogues with each other so that we can arrive at solutions together. Instead of peddling sensationalism and outrage for the sake of clicks and profits, our aim is to spread light and show that a news entity can thrive without being driven by corporatism and profit motives.

Think about the “choices” we are presented. The profession of journalism has been hijacked by corporations and moneyed interests. The news is no longer about edification; the sole existence of the establishment press is to cater to the very powers they are supposed to be keeping in check. A free press is the last line of defense that acts to counterbalance the corrosive forces that emerge when power gets concentrated in the hands of a few. Sadly, the mainstream media have cast their lot and joined corporations and government authorities to enhance the power of a few that comes at the cost of many. I flipped between MSNBC, Fox News and CNN this morning and I saw nothing but one sided “journalism” and propaganda being presented as news. The fourth estate has been turned into the real estate for the elites.

There was a time journalists who called themselves “muckrakers” made it their purpose to go after corruption and root out malfeasance. Those days are no more. As I was writing this, I was treated to Joy Ann-Reid waving pompoms at Hillary as she actively engaged in recreating history. Hillary wrote a two-bit book where she blamed everyone except herself for losing the presidential election, Joy enabled this nonsense by peddling pure fiction as journalistic facts. MSNBC is not the only party to this malpractice, I flip over on Fox News and the media hounds there are down on bent knees as they bow before the idol of Trump in order to grow their influence within the circle of conservative lemmings. Media is no longer about truth, it’s about perpetuating bias for the sake of drawing unthinking followers.

Where the Corporate State Media has abdicated their responsibilities, it will be independent media and non-affiliated journalists who will speak truth to power. Ghion Journal, by joining forces with other independent journalists and non-corporate media outlets, aims to reclaim journalism from the hacks you see on TV and at your favorite corporate media outlet [see videos at the bottom of this article to see how we are creating synergy with link minded thinkers]. Our readers are an intimate part of this process, ours is a shared journey where feedback and comments serve to enhance our understanding of the needs of the community and responsive to the issues that impact people on the ground.

So I’m asking you, the readers, to be more conversational with each other here on this platform and in our various social media pages. I am very much appreciative of everyone who has gone above and beyond my wildest expectations in sharing the articles from the Ghion Journal and letting others know about us. There is a reason why our reach has grown exponentially and why our servers had to be upgraded on four different occasions in order to accommodate the influx of incoming traffic. When we say “powered by the people”, it’s not just a slogan, we are stating our reality.However, we don’t want the conversation to be a one way monologue. Our aim is to have people who don’t otherwise reside in each other’s network and who live in segregated ecosystems to dialogue with each other. We live in an age of algorithm and group think, it’s getting harder and harder for people to talk to others who don’t think, act and behave like them. It is my hope that the Ghion Journal becomes a space for diverse audiences and divergent ideas to share stories and debate with civility. The norm is to yell past each other and to declare wars on “the others”, but this does not advance justice–separable grievances leads to individual hardships.

A funny thing happens when we talk to each other, we realize that we all have the same frustrations and common hopes for a better tomorrow. There is no profit to be had in trying to monopolize pains–we truly are all in this together. Our struggles don’t lose meaning or become any less relevant if we say to others “I feel your pain too”. In fact, our burdens become the lighter and our scars heal when we join hands with others who struggle just like us. With that in mind, as you continue to share our articles and let others know about us, it is my hope that you also take the time to share your thoughts in the comment section of the Ghion Journal and also dialogue in the pages dedicated to the Ghion Journal.

You will never know, you might meet a new friend and in the process discover an ally in someone you thought once was an adversary. Let the dialogue begin, may conversations lead to justice. Can we do this, can we let civil discourse and dialogue be the new trend. Can we put away animosity and see each other as brothers and sisters in the struggle? Can the change come from us, the bottom 99%, instead of waiting for change to be delivered to us by the elites? Can love defeat hatred? Can light be valued more than flames in our quest to drive out darkness. Can we unite to defend our common interests?

Yes. We. Can!

Let this post be the spark, now who will be the the conversation starter. Who will step onto the dance floor first?

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

If you appreciate the message behind this write up and you count yourself a supporter of independent journalism and love the concept of the Ghion Journal, share this article on social media and tell others about us using #GhionGetIt

Want to know more about the Ghion Journal, check out the Ghion Cast below where I describe the reason I launched Ghion Journal and the audacious goals we have to reinvent the profession of journalism. 

This is how we create synergy with link minded thinkers.

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Teodrose Fikremariam is the co-founder and former editor of the Ghion Journal.
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