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History to Hysteria: Politics Hoodwinking US

This article is being reposted in light of the continued infighting between the “bases” of the two political parties in the hopes of peeling back the curtains and showing that politicians from both sides of the divide in DC are frauds and don’t represent our interests.

I‘ll admit, “they” got me good in 2008! I mean I fell for it hook, line and sinker as the status quo duped me into thinking that Barack Obama was against politics as usual and DC establishment.  I really thought that Obama was the change I was waiting for; so much so that I traveled to more than 15 states on behalf of his campaign as I worked my ass off to get “the first black president” elected. For more than six years, I bit my tongue as Obama went about out-Bushing Bush and continuing the very same policies as president that he ran against as a candidate.

It was not until an exodus of sorts landed me on indigence avenue and hardship became my new normal that I finally shed the scales of identity politics and tribalism from my eyes. And I say tribalism for a reason; these various constructs we have inculcated into our souls are nothing more than us being cowed to our baser instincts. I am originally from Ethiopia, a nation which has never been colonized in her 3,000 year history. My birth land is now being destroyed from within thanks to the nefarious policies of ethnic federalism–neo-Apartheid by another name–that is being foisted upon the masses by the TPLF regime. Tribalism is how the entire continent of “Africa” was colonized; that same blueprint is being perpetuated in America in order to pit neighbor against neighbor as moneyed interests steal from all sides equally.

I did not know it at the time, but Barack Obama was part and parcel of the divide and conquer scheme I thought only bled “Africa”. I’ve written about this playbook of strategic silence and tactical indignation in the past; the oligarchy have bought both parties and give us in return the illusion of change when in reality policies remain the same. Politics in this sense becomes the hoodwink that is deceiving us into thinking that we are the bosses, all the while the aristocracy are reducing us to indentured servants in our own land.

Let me break some news here; if you take away nothing else, just remember this one thing. The rich and powerful only let overseers into the master’s house. So when one plutocrat after another starts to line up to endorse a candidate with their checkbooks, just realize that particular politician is in the pockets of the elites no matter how much they speak against the establishment. If only I had the wisdom to know this in 2008; Wall Street interests forked over $100,000,000 to the Obama campaign by way of “donor bundlers” and Super PAC contributions. Actually, let me tell you another thing you should take away from this article. Rich people do not give a red cent unless they get a return on every investment.

Barack Obama was their investment and they were rewarded with a quid pro quo of over $14 trillion dollars by way of Quantitative Easing, Zero Interest Rate Policy and endless bailouts while the rest of us were told to eat Monsanto poisoned cake. Not a bad day at work for the oligarchy! They invested $100,000,000 in a charlatan that spoke of hope and change and realized a $13,900,000,000 profit–I’ll need a CPA to figure out that R.O.I . The rest of us got the change we’ve been waiting for by way of jingling coins in our pockets and hope was nothing more than hope sandwiches too many are forced to feed their hungry children at nighttime.

Now I know that some will say “why are you focused on the past, Obama is no longer in office”. And it is this line of logic that is the basis for this article. We keep looking at injustice through partisan blinders and viewing the world through the left/right divide and end up missing the forest for the tree. Instead of focusing like a laser on the policies our bankrupt Federal government keeps implementing, we get distracted by the cult of personality we have become as a society and by the catnip of politics. Ergo, let me mention a third thing you should take away from this article. Stop staring into the navel of politics–which is nothing but staged drama–and turn your attention to the policies that are being enacted by the lawless thugs in DC.

When it comes to policies, there is no daylight between Obama and Trump nor is there an iota of a difference between Democrats and Republicans. Both factions are actually the flip side of the same coin; their first and last concern is the continued enrichment of their uber-wealthy patrons as they pay lip service to us. What Democrats and Republicans have perfected is the art of manipulating us emotionally as they continue to push red buttons that stir us into a frenzy–it’s like we are a nation of Pavlov’s dogs. Behind the scenes, Democrats and Republicans are laughing at us as they party and get drunk together in DC. They must be shaking their heads daily in bewilderment wondering how we can allow ourselves to be duped by the elites in this way.

Obama used the guise of history to bamboozle his base in order to transfer trillions of dollars to his political masters and continue the same military-financial policies of his dim-witted predecessor. Trump took the baton from Obama and likewise swindled his base. The only reason the left is in an uproar now is because Trump is no longer speaking to their grievance and is instead speaking to the resentment of the “others”. This is the same reason the right was in an uproar for eight years of Obama; they were just pissed off that their frustrations were not being heard as Obama ignored their struggle and feigned concern for his base. Obama and Trump should both win Academy Awards for the act they are putting on–both of them are just pandering to their side as they stick a knife in our collective backs. Click To Tweet

We have gone from Obama’s “historical campaign” to hysteria as this ignoramus Trump is intentionally ginning up the anger of the left and riling the emotions of his base in order to keep us in a perpetual state of discontent. Let me pause here and direct your attention to the time Obama first got elected. There was a story about how the Secret Service disposed Obama of his various communications equipment like his Blackberry and commandeered his social media accounts. Obama chaffed at this as he came to realize what Truman meant when he said that the White House was the world’s finest prison.

From the day he elected, Obama could no longer send his own Tweets or messages without his handlers scrubbing every word to make sure Barack would not unsettle policy or create an international row with a poorly worded Tweet. The messages that Barack supposedly sent out were signed -BO, the rest were written by his staff.  The political establishment–the men in dark suits–handcuffed the most calculating president to ever sit in the Oval Office. So this same establishment and DC bureaucrats who have been the thorns in the side of all presidents are now supposed to be non-existent as a carnival barker Trump lets loose endless rants during his late night Tweet storms? We are supposed to believe that Trump has been able to accomplish what Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I and II, Clinton and Obama could not and set policy on his own? Really?

Except this is exactly what we have been hoodwinked to believe as our passions have hijacked our ability to reason. Trump is playing his part the same way that Obama was playing his. Whereas Obama’s shtick was “style and grace” while reading teleprompters, Trump’s shtick is boorishness while acting the ape. I know some of Trump’s supporters think that he is some sort of anti-establishment voice, to which I remind you about the first axiom I told you not to forget. The Wall Street aristocracy funneled more money to Trump than they did to Obama by way of earned media. The Corporate State Media powered the Trump candidacy as they gave him more than $200,000,000 in free media. By pretending to be against Trump, hacks like Mika Brzezinski, Arianna Huffington, David Brooks and the ivory tower punditry helped his cause by giving him credibility with this base.

As we keep being distracted by outrage and sensationalism, the .01% keep taking our lunch. America has been turned into the world’s largest pyramid scheme where the meager means of the bottom 99% is transferred up the chain to feed the opulence of the elites who lord over us. Sadly, like crabs in a barrel, we keep clawing at each other instead of uniting to claw at the barrel that oppress all of us. The injustices of this world are all interconnected; we need to stop hacking at the branches and dig at the root of oppression that is hobbling the lives of billions throughout the world. Either we all find justice or we will all be buried in sorrow.

Until we wake up from this deception of politics and realize we are all in this together, the water will keep slow boiling around us until we finally get broiled with another economic collapse. Stop fighting over separable grievances and come together to defend our common interests. Stop focusing on the idiocy of Trump or the duplicity of Democrats and realize that it is politics itself that is the enemy of humanity. My fellow Americans, if we do not walk away from this collective Stockholm Syndrome and refuse to be hoodwinked by the elites, we will finally get the change we have been waiting for–nothing equalizes people like poverty. #HoodwinkingUS

If you are not standing for universal justice, all your efforts are for not–you are feeding injustice::

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