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Why I’m Not Defending Representative Ilhan Omar Anymore

A month and a half ago, upon witnessing Representative Ilhan Omar being targeted by the bipartisan Zionist and war by any means caucus, I jumped to action and defended her from bigots who weaponized antisemitism in order to silence criticism of Israel’s policies. Realizing that politicians have perfected the art of using human suffering as human shields in order to deflect attention from their insidious policies, I pushed back strongly against a coordinated campaign to cow Omar.

The crime that led to her political lashing was daring to criticize a lobbying corporation that is AIPAC. Not only did I spend countless hours writing articles about her, I drove up to her office to personally encourage her and met with her Communications Director Jeremy Slevin and gave him a printed version of the article that I wrote.

This time around, as I watch the latest kerfuffle over Omar’s comments about 9/11 and the way Donald Trump jumped the beluga whale in order to vilify her, I will not rush to her side at all. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, the shame belongs to me. Though I am still awed by the audacity of Democrat’s attempt to censure her–they showed their face that day as Nancy Pelosi and company revealed their inner bigotry and paternalism–I learned a valuable lesson after watching the way the whole episode unfolded.

Democrats love diversity as long as you don’t demand equality of treatment.

As much as I was unnerved by the sheer racism of Democrats–who joined the political wing of the KKK otherwise known as Republicans–in a bipartisan attempt to politically lynch Representative Omar, this time around I will just observe the circus for what it is. It will be a cold day in Ma-a-Lago before I defend Omar or any other DC politician again. I say this given Omar’s reaction after she quickly capitulated and meekly bowed before Pelosi and the same mob who defamed her.  I would rather hear Howard Dean’s Iowa scream in loop back for a week before I stand by a politician who would rather lay down with the same hyenas who took a pound of flesh from her side.

Given the rare opportunity to unshackle herself from Democrats, after they publicly embarrassed her, and in the process give a voice to tens of millions of Americans by exposing the mendacity of both political parties, she chose subservience over defiance. Scan the timeline of Omar’s twitter account and you will see nothing but one-sided condemnations of Republicans while she holds her tongue to the malevolence of the party she is a sheepdog of. Before she reached her mid-life milestone, Representative Omar has already perfected the art of half-truth telling–forty is the new fraud.

There are no heroes when it comes to politicians; young or old, black or white, Muslim, Christian or Jew, gay or straight; the minute people sign up to be foot soldiers of either political party, the surrender their independence and become accomplices of the criminal syndicates that are Democrats and Republicans. Just in case you think I’m reverting to hyperbole when I call the two major political parties criminal, just know that they are both legal corporations colluding to keep other voices off ballots as they conspire to monopolize power. What Democrats and Republicans are doing should be subject to antitrust laws.

If there was any justice in the world, Democrats and Republicans would be targets of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act

There is something even more insidious about the way that the media-politico complex are currently stoking outrage over Omar’s comments and Trump’s malicious reaction. Both Omar and Trump are doing their part to intentionally inflame passions only for corporate journalists and media personalities to take their cue and add fuel to the fire. The two parties, and the political establishment as a whole, are nothing more than factions cooperating in private and fighting in public. Seriously, how much longer are we going to keep falling for this bad cop vs worse cop routine? How much longer will we keep voting for the lesser of two evils only to end up getting equal mistreatment once the last votes are counted?

All of us should put aside politics and be repulsed by what is taking place irrespective of our differences. The memory of 2,996 people who died on that horrific Tuesday morning, the imagery of the Twin Towers going down in flames and the trauma of seeing people jump off building are all being used as entertainment fodder and as means to capture ratings. Politicians and media personalities use demographic driven tactics to incite tribalism; the same news being customized to cater to the preexisting views of people who put politics over justice. #BipartisanHustle Click To Tweet

They are playing all of us. Sadly, too many Americans have no problem being the useful idiots of both parties and the media-politico complex in general. Why do you think they call their most loyal supporters their “base”, do you know how insulting it is to be referred to as someone who is beneath the establishment? A wise and enlightened man once said “greater things than I you can do”. The same Pharisees who crucified Him, inverted His teachings and merchandised His likeness–all in the quest to elevate themselves above humanity–are now being worshiped by people who think they are woke while they are ingesting Ambien.

I’m not judging, I was once the biggest supporter of Barack Obama and idolized his brand without knowing anything about him. It took an education by way of homelessness for me to finally wake the fuck up. Here is to hoping that others who keep praying at the altar of their political gods will likewise snap out of their cult of personality without going through two years of extreme hardship as I did. Please understand one thing, change will NEVER come by way of millionaire politicians who are on the dole of their billionaire patrons. Both parties are nothing more than DBAs of the corporate agenda, how many more times will you keep voting for change and getting same results before you realize that expecting a new deal from either party is the definition of insanity?

As for Representative Omar, congratulations on being a blaxploitation token in the Democrat party. You will succeed widely as long as you choose to be situational in your condemnation and as long as you reserve fire for Republicans while you remain silent as Democrats implement policies the GOP cook up. However, know this, whatever riches and success you garner over your tenure, you will do so by dishonoring your Somalian ancestors who were brutalized by the same Democrats you are now a servant of.

When it comes to the art of lying, politicians make Michelangelo look like a kindergartner with crayons::

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