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Ivanka’s Stunt in Ethiopia: Photo Ops, PR Campaigns and Using the Poor as Stage Props

There is never an end when it comes to the malice of globalists. Not content with hoarding most of this world’s wealth for themselves as they relegate the rest of humanity into economic and political irrelevance, the same neo-aristocracy who bleed the planet with their greed turn around and use their victims as stage props. I write this in light of Ivanka Trump touching down in Ethiopia like a “white knight” as she preens around pretending to do right by Africa.

Before I go too much further, let me clarify one thing. I am a first generation immigrant from Ethiopia; to this end, I must admit that I am emotionally invested in the pains and struggles of tens of millions of Ethiopians in my once homeland. Though my proximity to Ethiopia might incite a certain level of bias, my personal connection to Ethiopia also allows me to see this unfolding Trump reality show in Addis Abeba from a nuanced perspective. Though I have an undeniable personal affinity to my birth land, the issues I spell out in this article do not only impact Ethiopia. What I am giving voice to are concerns that are global in nature and crater the lives and hopes of billions around the world.

Let’s start with the media narrative that is being pushed by the corporate-state complex. If one just accepts story lines without questioning agendas, Ivanka traveled to Ethiopia to give women a sense of agency and imbue a sense of entrepreneurship among the improvised in the process. The Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (WGDP) is the brainchild of the Trump administration that hopes to “empower” women throughout Africa.

“Investing in women is smart development policy and it’s smart business”, noted Ivanka, “It’s also in our security interest, because women, when we’re empowered, foster peace and stability.”

You can take this to the bank, when corporate or government entities use acronyms, the true nature of their work is the exact opposite of the lies they market. DoD is more like Department of Death, ACA is more like Unaffordable Care Act; the establishment and the plutocracy they serve have perfected the art of using euphemisms to wash clean their bloody hands.

Add the World Global Development and Prosperity Group to the list of duplicitous efforts and insidious campaigns that are used to conceal the left hand’s treachery while the right hand gives out pennies on the dollar after imperialists fleece nations around the world. If you believe that Ivanka is traveling to Ethiopia to truly empower women and give agency to people who have been rendered invisible by the treacherous touch of globalism, my friend I have a bridge to sell you in Mar-a-Lago. Ivanka is in Addis Abeba today as part of coordinated marketing campaign that has been pushed for decades to give cover to the brutal practices of colonialism that continue to thrive in Africa and beyond to this day.

Here is one thing you should know about the uber rich: cash and cachet covers all sins. What these yellow press hounds who pretend to be journalists by day and morph into corporate courtesans by night fail to report as they beam images of Ivanka acting the part of Mother Theresa in Prada is that she was forced to shutter her company not too long ago when news emerged that she was employing sweatshops. According to an expose by the Guardian, Ivanka’s company paid some of the lowest wages in all of Asia at her fashion’s label company in Subang, Indonesia.

Making themselves great again while impoverishing workers and stiffing small businesses is the business model that allowed Donald Trump to enhance a fortune his daddy gave him; Ivanka learned the ins and outs of swindling on the lap of her father—nice hustle if you can get it. This is the “empowerment” Ivanka wants to export to Ethiopia. Rational people understand her hustle for what it is, she aims to pimp the poor and to turn Ethiopia into the sweatshop of globalism. After losing her slave labor supply in Asia, Ivanka is now making bold moves in Africa to expand her plantation using charity to hide her malicious intentions. Beware the “givers” who come bearing gifts only to enslave communities and kill hope with counterfeit alms.

Contrary to the indoctrination of historians, colonialism did not end in the 1970’s when Djibouti supposedly gained independence from France. Imperialists did not cede power to Africans, they just made a cunning business decision. No longer able to ruthlessly mow down men, women and children in order to enforce illegal occupations and steal the natural resources of Nigeria, Congo, Ivory Coast and beyond—given the age of information the world was entering—colonial powers decided to withdraw into the shadows and loosen tribalism upon African nations from the sidelines.

The United States, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Russia and now China turned to subterfuge in order to keep African nations in perpetual states of strife. Here is the blueprint of neo-colonialism: prop up one tribe, arm multiple factions and then encourage each other to fight. The status quo is kept as long as the African ruling class heeds the command of their masters. The minute African leaders stray too far from scripts, covert forces (jackals) are parachuted in, an influx of weaponry is given to one of the out-groups in order to tip the balance of power and ultimately a civil war breaks out. Right behind them follow the ever obsequious “free-press” as propagandists with journalist credentials broadcast bloodshed and havoc in living rooms around the world.

Suddenly, neo-colonialists jump into action as they rush into the same spaces they used to occupy and arrive just in time as saviors in blue helmets. Ever notice how it’s always France that leads the charge in Ivory Coast or Haiti and how the British always assume leadership when violence breaks out in South Africa or in Sudan. Colonial powers are not returning when planned wars start, they never left. What is done to Africa doesn’t stay in Africa, the same invisible hands who are squeezing life out of the continent once called Ethiopia are responsible for economic inequalities and austerity that are mugging the world.

The devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he did not exist. His second greatest trick was using philanthropy to hide his malevolence. This is the playbook of false charity that Ivanka is currently rolling out in Ethiopia. Are we to believe that same woman who uses sweatshop labor to manufacture her product line suddenly gained compassion when her dad captured the White House? Ivanka did not inherit her looks from her dad but she sure took on his cold and calculating heart. She has no problem using the suffering of poor mothers and abandoned children in order to enhance her Q ratings as she applies lipstick to the pigs of colonialists feast at the trough of humanity in Africa and beyond. Ivanka is no “white” angel, she is most repugnant public serpent who slithers lies quicker than her father offends decency with his tweets.

The keys to Ethiopia’s economic improvement are not that complex. Instead of selling off Ethiopia to multinational corporations and nations like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China and the United States, give small plots of land to Ethiopians so they could have a sense of connection to their country. Implement a jobs program that teaches trade to Ethiopians and gives them technical skills instead of joining the world in a sprint towards the bottom of cheap labor as globalists loot our livelihood. Lastly, institute the draft so that the tens of millions of unemployed youth can have a sense of purpose to their lives. I’m not advocating the militarization of Ethiopia, I’m advocating enlisting the citizenry into programs that makes service to nation and serving the most vunerable mandatory. What Ethiopia needs are not cash and USAID by way of NGOs and corporate “charity”, people need leadership that inspires collective success and individual excellence.

I’m not advocating a radical departure from the status quo, we live in the age of a global economy, it would do more harm than good to completely dismantle foreign investment and return back to the days of zemene mesafint or that we become a nation of farmers and cattle herders. We don’t have to take a maximalist approach; extremism in conservatism is just as bad as extremism in liberalism. We can do both thing at once, Ethiopians can be given plots of land to build up communal wealth as industries are built up that enables Ethiopia to gain a competitive advantage in the information technology and service economies that are prevalent in our times. We should not indenture humanity for the sake of powering industries.

What is true for Ethiopia is true for the world; the rich can thrive and the society can flourish if we change the paradigm from win at all cost to win-win outcomes.

Abiy won’t do any of these things; he is not interested in change, his interested in enriching Ivanka and his Western masters. Not too long ago, I wrote an article noting that I was 85% out of the door in terms of my support for Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Today, I have totally #AbiyExited. I’ll give it to Abiy, he is a quick learner; he exported America’s identity politics and weaponized tribalism to gain power. Abiy Ahmed is Ethiopia’s Barack Obama; an empty suit who is long on platitudes and empty on actionable policies.

Behind the beautiful photo ops and scripted speeches exists havoc as billions around the world are indentured while the neo-aristocracy inhale the “good” omens.

I shared a conversation online with Hirut Mesfin, who working mother originally from Ethiopia. Once a supporter of Abiy, she now finds herself resigned as she witnesses the ongoing displacement of Ethiopians and the hoarding of the wealth by outsiders. Hirut noted:

“It pains me so much hat they have done to the homes of women. A lot  of these women defy poverty, went to the Middle East and worked in slave like conditions, bought small plots of land legally and built their homes. Only for goons to demolish it and steal their lands. Imagine being victims of government policy not once, not twice but three times, how is this acceptable?”

What Hirut pointed out is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dangers facing Ethiopia at the moment. Decades of Ethnic Federalism, which was nothing more than Apartheid, and years of economic malpractice by previous regimes have turned Ethiopia into a tinder box. Instead of fixing these problems and addressing the root issues of tribalism and economic inequalities that could very quickly devolve into an all out civil war, Abiy hit the road like a rock star. As he drew tens of thousands to his “look at me” tour and actively encouraged the cult of Abiy with vacuous sloganeering like medemer (adding), back home his goons were subtracting hope from Ethiopians.

These alarming issues developing in Ethiopia are not happening by chance. Heinous globalists like Henry Kissinger have always had a keen interest in Ethiopia. After Italy failed to subdue Ethiopians at the Battle of Adwa, imperialists were left weary that the one land that was never colonized would one day lead a revolution that could free Africa from the shackles of colonialism. This is why the Department of Death’s AFRICOM has such a significant pretense in Ethiopia? Ivanka is not in Ethiopia on a mission of goodwill; she, and the press who accompany her, are the propaganda arm of corporate fascists who bleed the world in order to feed the greed of globalist hyenas. #Ethiopia #IvankaStunt Click To Tweet

In all honesty, it saddens me to write this article. It was only a year ago that I believed Abiy was the man for the job. After swearing I would never fall for the shenanigans of politicians again after being hoodwinked by the fraudulence of Barack, I fell for scripted moments and canned speeches yet again. I wrote an an article praising Abiy last year that was full of hope and praying that he maintains the courage to lead Ethiopia out of the wilderness. My hope in him has been torn apart and my prayer on his behalf was met with the audacity of expediency. Living in the comforts of America, I know I will be alright; what truly saddens me is the plight of my people back home. My heart is heavy and I cry out for street children who sleep on concretes in Addis Abeba and the millions of Ethiopians who have been displaced in order to make room for abject greed and foreign land grabs.

Yet, no matter the continuous destabilization efforts and the never ending parade of bloodshed that is heaped upon the continent that was once called Ethiopia, a day will come where injustice will come to an end. I’ve always felt in my heart that Ethiopia will one day rise up and smash imperialists in the mouth. The same way my ancestors decimated would be colonizers at the Battle of Adwa—even though they were severely outgunned—a day will arrive when Ethiopians will say enough and rise up against the same despots who are currently using suffering mothers, fathers and children as PR stunts. As goes Ethiopia so will go the world. God’s kalkidan (promise) shall be kept; where Abiy Ahmed fails Ethiopians, another leader prophesied in Kebra Nagast shall rise up. We are not that far from an Adwa Awakening::

“Messengers shall come out of Kemet; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.” ~ Psalm 68:31

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Originally from Ethiopia with roots to Atse Tewodros II, Lij Teodrose is a former community organizer whose writing was incorporated into Barack Obama's South Carolina primary victory speech in 2008. He pivoted away from politics and decided to stand for collective justice after experiencing the reality of the forgotten masses. His writing defies conventional wisdom and challenges readers to look outside the constraints of labels and ideologies that serve to splinter the people. Lij Teodrose uses his pen to give a voice to the voiceless and to speak truth to power.
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