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“Otherizing”: Peddling Separable Grievances and Preventing Inclusive Justice

Make sure to check out the article below the Ghion Cast video. What I write is more meaningful than what I speak.

If there is one common theme in most of what I write, it is the need for inclusive justice. We live in a time where grievances abound as an increasing and metastasizing number of identities keep being created. This is done with the intention of creating factions from collective whole in order to convince us to walk apart from the “others”. Divide and conquer has taken on a more nefarious form than the past, one that is infinitely harder to detect. The ruling class are using our egos and self-centeredness to diminish our connected struggle. The root of most injustices can be traced back to economic inequality and the policies that cater to the wealthy at the cost of the rest of us; yet we have been sufficiently distracted by outrage and sensationalism to be blinded from this truth.

We wage battles apart and, sadder still, declare wars on fellow co-victims and sufferers. This is how billions throughout the world end up getting subjugated and enslaved by a few thousand. I can’t tell you who is in the inner-circle of this planned mayhem and who is responsible for perpetuating repression on a global scale—I don’t to know truth on this scale. What I know about this global game of subterfuge and disinformation is based on observation, endless research and understanding human behavior. The human mind is malleable, far too many of us can be pushed around like pawns by those who have control of currencies and have a seemingly unlimited reserve of social and financial capital.

These moneyed interests have weaponized their bank accounts and wealth unlike any time in history in order to co-opt all levers of power. People like Soros, Gates, Koch brothers and yet richer oligarchs very few have heard of employ innumerable demagogues to shatter us into islands of resentment and separable grievances. They have likewise used their influence and affluence to hijack governments and mainstream media outlets. What I write sounds exotic at first until people reflect on how Citizens United effectively nullified our votes, how the fourth estate has been turned into a mouthpiece of corporations and special interests and how politicians, pundits and opinion leaders as a whole are all dependent on the patronage of billionaires and plutocrats. These people are not worried about fairness or equality, they are just social justice charlatans.

The only way to overcome this pervasive cancer of crony capitalism and greed infested corporatism is through unity and collective action. This is why the elites and the establishment have declared a war on unity; we are being led by a cottage industry of demagogues and firebrand for this reason. You see them abound on TV and social media; from left to right, black to white and all sides of the political and social strata lies one charlatan after another peddling victimization and antipathy in order to keep us at each others throats. It works well for people like Sean Hannity, Deray, Bill Maher, Rush Limbaugh, Van Jones and the rest of the two faced “social activists”. They sell books and make fortunes as they use our suffering as stepping stones to gain status and garner headlines.

Sadly for us, the commoners, we get played for idiots. I’m not preaching sanctimoniously, I fell for the biggest con artist of them all in 2008 as Obama had me convinced that he was the change I was waiting for. The same way Barack hoodwinked me and millions like me nine years ago, an equal grifter and a greater narcissist Trump was able to dupe his base. Barack and Donald are the extremes of the cult of personalities we have become. Lesser liars and shysters take to microphones and cameras daily from DC, Hollywood and beyond to convince us that our pains are greater than the pains felt by others.

I am pretty sure I’m not breaking news here when I relay the following message to you. Change will not come by way of memes, hashtags and gimmicks. All the pomp and circumstance you see on all sides is all show, a dog and pony trick meant to distract from the core issues that fester and gnaw at society. The folks you see on the Corporate State Media feigning outrage on all sides are either useful idiots or willful demagogues who are hoodwinking us by way of shticks and marketing ploys. Who cares about whether or not a football player kneels down or if some buffoon on Fox News peddles the latest outrageous statement, do these things pay our rent? True change will come by way of sacrifice, sweat and above all collective action. All else is bankrupt and a political circus (read Decoding Kaepernick).

Imagine if left to right, black to white united together under the umbrella of inclusive justice. Imagine if we stopped turning to factional causes and if folks from Black Lives Matter and “Make America Great Again” groups disavowed politics, put aside differences and joined in a collective action that focuses on the economic policies that make all suffer. We play into the hands of the “elites”, who really should be called the debased, when we splinter ourselves and refuse to unite to take on our common oppressors. Conservatives and liberals should be outraged; moneyed interests have hijacked our nation and turned us into indentured servants. Identity, labels and ideologies get in the way of solidarity and a united front to repel our common tormentors.

The reason the elites always win and why a few can oppress so many is because they have perfected the art of Balkanizing us and letting us fight among ourselves. They shake us into collective agida and then sit back and watch as society continues to devolve into conflict and derangement. They know that people easily moved by emotions and stirred into angry discontent are not able to make rational decisions. The elites are regularly fomenting a mob mentality as the convince us to “otherize” anyone who does not look like us and think like us. This is tribalism on steroids and it’s leading us down the path of societal conflict. We should really pause and reflect on these things; Rwandans never thought it possible that a million of their fellow neighbors would be hacked to death by their own countrymen. The “get in their face” tactics these frauds and overseers on all sides are pushing could morph into open hostility and bloodshed that none of us can imagine.

I’m thus dedicating this week’s articles and podcasts to the notion of universal justice, including the newest Ghion Cast recorded today that is dedicated to this very topic of inclusive justice. This is my attempt to counteract the carnival barkers who keep prodding us into antipathy and pushing contempt for the “others”. Though my voice is insignificant compared to the Goliath personalities found on the Corporate State Media, I have a hope that this message of togetherness can be amplified by others who understand the value of collective action and unity. Throughout the week, I will be writing and posting articles related to unity, togetherness and collective action in the face of the societal madness that is being foisted upon us. I’m asking you, the readers of the Ghion Journal and those who are getting introduced to this publication, to join in and use social media to augment and further this message.Let us use social media not to feed into the divides or to partake in the sensationalism of the Corporate State Media and their depraved media and political personalities. Instead, let us connect our voices, one by one, to speak up for universal justice. All we need is a critical mass of thinkers and doers to transform the impossible into reality. Let’s stop depending on the elites to give us the change we all want; no matter their rhetoric, those who sit atop society have no interest in delivering justice. They are living lavishly the way things are, why would they want to change the world when they are the ones benefiting from the status quo.

The change will only come from us, the bottom 99%, or it won’t come at all. So I’m asking you—fellow 99 percentile brothers and sisters—to put aside politics, identities and ideologies and unite around the notion of inclusive justice. In the process, use social media to work for to our benefit instead of letting the rich and powerful use social media to colonize us. If you agree with what you read in this write up and the articles published on Ghion Journal, use #InclusiveJustice and drive home this message of our common hopes and our common struggle for a better tomorrow.  Let us commit to no longer fall for the playbook of “otherizing” and stand for unity instead.

“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” ~ Haile Selassie
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