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NGO Hustlers and Their Treacherous Charity

4.12 update: yesterday morning, Julian Assange was arrested by the London police for doing his job as a journalist. Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Ecuador received a $4.2 billion dollar loan guarantee by the IMF. It doesn’t take King Solomon to figure out that Lenin Moreno sold his soul to the public serpents who are bleeding the world to get his blood money from the International Mafia Family. Keep this development in mind as you read this article below. 

I read a Tweet this morning that initially rankled my nerves and then served as a proper motivation for me to write this article. David Beasley, the head of a United Nations Non-Government Organization (NGO) called the World Food Progamme, Tweeted a seemingly compassionate message conveying the need to do more to eradicate hunger and famines in Ethiopia. Let me admit from the outset that this is a topic that touches my heart deeply for Ethiopia is my native land and the suffering of Ethiopia’s children is one that is a source of deep consternation. Though my passions will be evident in this analysis, I hope you don’t take my ire as an indication of a benighted rant.

Rather, what I am presenting before you is based on over twenty years of studying neo-colonialism in “Africa”. Moreover, upon completing a Masters in Business Administration at Johns Hopkins University, my capstone project focused on the World Bank Group and the efficacy of NGOs in tackling world poverty. However, one does not require a Masters or even a high school diploma to unwind the scheme that is behind the various NGOs who are unleashing their duplicity and their mission of robbing from the poor in order to feed the Peters on Wall Street. Though their treachery is as wide as the east is from the west, the counterfeit charity neo-colonialists use is actually paper thin once you get past their big words and fancy titles.

David Beasley and his ilk make a show of their benevolence as they parade around nations like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Angola, Ethiopia and beyond using emaciated children and their suffering parents as human stage props. NGOs are stealthier yet more dubious counterparts to their neo-colonialist mercenaries. Both act in concert as a combination of brute force and covert actions are foisted on one nation after another in order to manufacture social unrest, political destabilization and civil wars. The blueprint of neo-colonization uses tribalism as a means of creating friction; a perpetual state of conflict between the people and various factions makes it all the easier to steal the wealth of nations as tyrants willingly turn over their natural resources in order to retain power.

The IMF, World Bank and various NGOs have been “helping” Africa, know them by their fruits, their “help” has impoverished billions and enriched billionaires.

In this paradigm, all tin pot dictators and tyrants in “Africa” are nothing more than whores of their western masters. Leaders like Hailemariam Desalegn, Yoweri Museveni  and the rest of the despots throughout Africa—with the exception of a few—are nothing more than spineless puppets of imperialist who allow the true devils who bleed the continent to escape accountability by running interference for their arms-providing and power-sustaining benefactors. This is the shell game that is perpetuated as European and Western powers never loosened the stranglehold of colonialism which has kept the continent in bondage and ensnared in exodus for more than 800.

It would be easy to blame my new home America and nations like France, Britain and Italy for the suffering of “Africa’s” children. In truth, these nations are likewise victims of a nefarious few who are pilfering the entire planet and feeding on the hopes of billions as they enrich themselves. This is why you should really pay attention to this article instead of disregarding what I write as affairs of other nations that do not concern you. The same tribalism and conflict neo-colonialists inject in my native land Ethiopia is being practiced on us as well. Whereas the tribes in “Africa” are based on ethnic groups, in America and throughout most of the “developed” world, these tribes are the artificial constructs of identities and ideologies that are imposed upon us in order to shatter us into islands of separable grievances.

Yet, as diabolical as the plan of divide and conquer is, the more cunning and wicked aspect of neo-colonialism is a scheme full of so much subterfuge that only the devil could have conceived it. After these jack booted mercenaries loosen hell on nations and instigate the death of untold masses of humanity, they send in their NGO counterparts to be the “white knights”.  In all honesty, I don’t know how these alternative-humans sleep at night; to walk around in the same lands they demolished and then pretend to be saviors is a mix of chutzpah and perniciousness that only psychopaths can pull off.

At the top of this malignant social ladder are the vile billionaires and incorporated oligarchs who throw around the same money they earned by kneecapping people to the people they victimized as some sort of depraved charity. People like Bill Gates, George Soros, the Rothschilds, Koch brothers and the rest of the upper crust of the 1%who hobnob around the world in their private jets and land down in the same countries they are sucking dry to make it seem like they are the princes of peace. In reality they are Satan’s tongues as they whisper lies and buy up good press in order to hide their malignancy (read the Devil is a Philanthropist). Add to this list their underlings in the political circle like the Clinton, Trump and Bush Klans who use false benevolence to enhance themselves as they step on the necks of the people they feign to help.

Frankly, capitalism could not exist if it was not for the fake charity these moneyed monsters shower to the world. All of it is a chimera and propaganda; the minute people proclaim their charity, they expose themselves as scoundrels who are using alms to enhance their goodwill. Did you know, by the way, that corporations actually quantify their goodwill—how their brand is valued by the public—as an asset they enumerate on their balance sheets? Thus, when Budweiser gives out “free” water with their logos featured prominently on the bottles to Harvey flood victims, it serves multiple purposes. They get to enhance their goodwill, claim these “donations” as tax write-offs, and most importantly increase their market share by tapping new and future customers.  Not even corner drug dealers are this heartless as to entice people to drink alcohol in distressful times through subliminal messaging and yet sell this most selfish act a gesture of brotherly love.

All these injustices are interconnected. As a child cries in Addis Abeba, a child also cries in Houston and Atlanta. They keep taking from the masses untold fortunes and then turn around to give pittance. For this act of immorality, the Corporate State Media lionizes these gnomes as the second coming of Jesus. They all know this is a hustle of the highest order, but mainstream media journalists have Mercedes payments to make so they go on perpetuating this philanthropic farce. Who suffers are the very people these NGOs pretend to be helping.

Imagine if a serial killer breaks into a home, murders a father, takes over the household, and then makes the children sleep in the backyard as he ravages the mother only to turn around and proclaim his kindness because he gives the children who are sleeping on dirt floors some rice and water. This is precisely what these NGOs and incorporated hustlers are doing in “Africa”; they victimize people twice as they bludgeon millions into indigence only to turn around and use them as photo  ops. As United Nations helicopters drop bags of rice from the sky, far away from the cameras and the spotlight, transport planes and cargo ships are making off with natural resources that enriches colonialists while impoverishing the masses.

They have gone one step further as these NGO hustlers anointed Tedros Adhanhom, a mouthpiece of the Ethiopian TPLF regime, to head the World Health Organization. Identity politics strikes again as a slew of elites celebrated this goon’s ascension as if his accomplishment was some sort of victory for all “Africans”. This was nothing more than subterfuge as they chose Adhanom to hide the invisible hands of those who are choking hope from the continent that was once called Ethiopia. Pharisees paying off Judases, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Really pay attention and you will see that they are using this same playbook of divide and conquer right here in America as the plutocracy selected Obama in 2008 to represent progress. In reality they chose him so he could funnel tens of trillions of dollars to them by way of monetary and fiscal larceny. I should have known we were being sold a bill of goods with Obama; they only let overseers like Obama, Trump and Adhanom into the masters house—true change agents are silenced by indifference or bullets. But we keep falling for demagogues who are foisted on us all the time because we have a tendency of worshiping the rich and famous not understanding that they maintain their status by stepping on the rest of us.

This is not meant to vilify all who work at the various NGOs and corporations throughout the world. I know there are good people who work there; my ire is not aimed at the employees who are not sitting at the policy table. After all, I myself used to work at Booz Allen Hamilton which is a defense contractor even through I have always been repulsed by the military-financial complex—paychecks make slaves of many men. This condemnation is reserved only for those who willingly sell their souls in order to further this system of oppression that is eradicating the hope and lives of billions throughout the world. One day we will learn to value the development of people instead of lavishing praise on corporations and the moneyed gentry who develop buildings as they gentrify the people behind ghettos of hopelessness in their own nation.

It is fitting that David Beasley Tweeted “irrigation schemes will help feed #Ethiopia‘s future. To reach #zerohunger, we must work together & empower local farming families”. Occasionally these people subconsciously speak the truth for this entire NGO hustle is nothing but a pyramid scheme. The people we love to elevate as political idols are behind this scheme where the wealth of the world is transferred up to the aristocracy who are leeching the world with war and bloodshed with their left hands and giving back pennies on the dollar with their right. We better wake up to this treacherous charity soon or else they will be dropping rice from the skies for us in America if and when another economic recession implodes our economy. When that day of reckoning arrives, we will understand the pain and suffering of children who go hungry in Ethiopia. #NGOHustlers Click To Tweet

Below is my interview with my fellow family member Meshesha Kassa as we were both interviewed at the Ethiopian embassy during the occasion of Atse (Emperor) Tewodros II. Meshesha Kassa and I are both direct decedents of Atse Tewodros, in this interview below, I mostly speak in English. On behalf of Ethiopians everywhere and the marginalized majority throughout the world, I plead with my fellow humans, brothers and sister, to put away our differences and unite to defend our common interests. Work together or whither apart, either we choose the former and thrive or opt for the latter and suffer.

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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