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May 24, 2017

Tag: Teddy Fikre

Breaking: Boom! Perfect Response to Trump as 13 Year Old Throws Shade and Drops Mic!

I hope you don’t get too mad at me for the satirical title I used in order to draw you to this missive. I promise though that my actions are not gratuitous for there is a purpose behind my Monday morning antics. Let me assure regular readers of the Ghion Journal first and foremost that

Axis of Malice: Censorship in the Age of Social Media

Fake news! This is a charge that is levied by the status quo and is now being bandied about by the wider public. This is how free speech is annihilated as those who own information convince us to only accept news and information from only the gatekeepers and to disregard everything else as confederate knowledge.

Proximity Breeds Indifference

I’m going to share with you a frustration that once used to confound me the way that conjugating complete sentences used to flummox Sara Palin. About seven years ago, what seems like another lifetime, I started a website called Brown Condor. This website was dedicated to highlighting Ethiopian heritage and infusing it with the “African-American”

Vault 7 to Deep 6: Secrecy, Mendacity and Complacency Destroyed Our Republic

Our Republic died a long time ago. The universal rule of revolutions held true with America as well; all revolutions devolve right back to the tyranny that gave birth to it. A once noble experiment—flawed as it was during it’s inception—has been deep sixed and bludgeoned to death and what we have left is a

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