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May 24, 2017

Tag: Soul to Soil

From Afeni 2 Pac: Wombed from Rebellion

Those with the most gifts are often laden with the most conflicts. A proverb once warned that woe awaits those imbued with wisdom; the same fate awaits those who are blessed with extraordinary talents and out of this world genius. The list of tortured souls who have reinvented humanity is endless; at the top of

Book Spotlight: Natalie Giarratano’s “Big Thicket Blues”

This was recorded live on scene at Wolverine Farm Bookstore in Fort Collins, Colorado during the launch of Natalie Giarratano’s book. Natalie is a poet, a prolific writer and a thinker with a heart for social justice. Find out more about Natalie and her work. Support independent thinkers and writers; they are the conscience of

War’s Travesty: Profits for Them, Patriotism for Us

Sometimes our best intentions are sideswiped by reality’s imposition. I say this because today I was supposed to dedicate the entire day to music and had a mission of airing a Ghion cast to discuss the profound impact that music has on all our lives. Ah but lady serendipity had other plans as a chance

Proximity Breeds Indifference

I’m going to share with you a frustration that once used to confound me the way that conjugating complete sentences used to flummox Sara Palin. About seven years ago, what seems like another lifetime, I started a website called Brown Condor. This website was dedicated to highlighting Ethiopian heritage and infusing it with the “African-American”

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