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Hillary, Haiti, and Counterfeit Philanthropy

This is not about politics; if you were drawn to this article because you think I am about to use a partisan cudgel to bash Hillary Clinton or “liberals”, let me assure you that I will do no such thing. If I do talk about politics, it is only to speak against it. My ire and condemnation in reality is against the utter greed and absolute duplicity that is as second nature to some wealthy pricks as breathing air. What I write is not based on class envy, I am standing against a malevolent sliver of society who live like royalty by finding ways to squeeze out an extra penny at the cost of crushing the rest of humanity. These well-heeled goblins have turned the whole world into a pyramid; at the base are 99.99% of us being ramrodded as they bleed us through fiscal and monetary chicanery while the gentry build towers on top of us.

Let me admit, I have a love/hate relationship with words. Words are all powerful; in them lies the capacity of both life and death. Words can both shed truth and hide the misdeeds of fiends. There is a reason that corporations spend billions of dollars on commercials; they understand all too well the power that words, and by extension well -crafted messages, have to manipulate the masses and create a marketplace for products and ideas. When words are used as virtues, humanity is advanced for it is our ability to communicate that lends to our continued betterment. Alas, words are like knives for there is the other side that cuts to the bone. When words are deployed as vices, humanity sinks into the pits of injustice as scripted memos, talking points, and triangulated speeches turn language into cluster bombs and bullets. The opulent ogres who live in mansions and chalets have perfected the art of double-speak to hide their intentions and their devilish deeds.

Though I could write this of a litany of rich knaves, from Soros to the Koch brothers and the billionaire class who use benevolence to camouflage their wickedness, let me point to the deeds of the Clintons to show how the rich play by other rules as they game all of us like Ataris. Let me put to the side the Bill Clinton presidency and the ways the slick talking snake pretended like he was for the people as he concurrently normalized global thievery and monetary terrorism by way of the military-financial complex. But let me add this one note; and when I say this just know that I too, not too long ago, used to go around blabbering this Democratic National Committee talking point. The notion that the Democrats are somehow for the masses and the downtrodden is a lie straight from the devil’s crimson lips. In reality, the Democrats and Republicans are equally complicit in turning the American dream into a nightmare for all of us. The Republicans hobble people through fiscal policies; the Democrats turn around and use monetary policies and false charity to cripple people into perpetual dependency. Democratic and Republican presidents since Woodrow Wilson have been pawns and puppets of Wall Street as they keep using their position of authority to enrich themselves and heed the wishes of their oligarchical masters.

But let’s leave politics aside for now and talk about how these deviant politicians turn their tenures into cash cows once they leave office. Bill and Hillary, after serving eight years in the White House and feeding us to the wolves of Wall Street, then went about setting up the Clinton Global Initiative to once again victimize the masses. I’m pretty sure that if Satan exists here on earth, he has to be a wealthy philanthropist. There is no bigger hustle in the world than that of uber-affluent scoundrels who use charity to suck the blood of survivors on the back end after they destroy nations on the front. They have turned the entire globe into one big monopoly board where they deploy their bank accounts and depraved largess to destabilize nations and then pretend to be saviors to once again victimize the poor. What you never see in the staged “press avails” and the fraudulent photo-ops is the backdrop of suffering that is caused by brutally unfair governmental policies. Policies which transfer wealth of nations to a fraction of society who have more money than the GDP of several countries lumped together. The rich coerce politicians in Washington DC and endless capitals throughout the world to enact laws and policies which redistribute wealth from the many to a few. The oligarchs have turned to the philosophy of Karl Marx and his manifesto Das Kapital to redistribute capital wealth to themselves!

This is precisely what takes place in Haiti, a nation that sits on enough reserves of bauxite, copper, calcium carbonate, gold, marble, and hydro-power to enrich an entire continent let alone an island-nation. Yet the people of Haiti suffer in extreme poverty that none of us can imagine; in a land of abundance, Haitians have been turned into political prisoners in their own country. The level of malnutrition and hopelessness would shock the conscience if we were not so busy using injustice as slogans. We only pay attention to the plight of Haitians when a horrific earthquake or a ghastly hurricane entombs thousands of Haiti’s children in one fell swoop. It’s like we only care if the magnitude of death is enough to create a #IamHaiti hashtag; otherwise the slow-roil of death that goes on daily is not flashy enough for us to bother with. The resilience of Haitians is mind boggling; ever since Toussaint Louverture defeated Napoleon’s empire, they have been getting battered by imperial powers and being robbed into collective indigence.

Did you know that France, after losing to Haiti, sued for peace by demanding Haiti pays France restitution? Think about that for a minute; imagine if Germany, after being defeated in World War II, sued for peace by demanding restitution from Americans! Laughable right? Except this is precisely what happened with Haiti; since the time of Louverture’s rebellion, Haiti has been forced to pay through the nose as restitution and back payments continue to be sent to France to this day. Colonialism never ended, the rich just figured out a better way to steal the resources of nations. Instead of using boots on the ground to invade countries, the rich chose to weaponize their cash and buy up overseers like François (Papa Doc) François Duvalier and Jean-Bertrand Aristide. As long as these gutless and feckless leaders do as their western pimps’ desire, they stay in power and live like kings while the rest of their people suffer. Let one of these leaders slip up and not kowtow to their imperial masters, all the sudden a “civil war” erupts as “jackals” (mercenaries and clandestine paramilitary forces) are sent in from countries like France and our own government in America to bring down these unruly governments.

This is how Gaddafi and Sadam go from castles to graveyards; it’s not about justice for they were once allies as long as they bowed before their imperial pimps . Nah, what led to their demise was not doing exactly how they are told by their colonial masters. This is the playbook of colonialism; civil wars and failed states are a direct outflow of first world powers keeping developing countries and “third-world” nations in perpetual bondage of debt and violence. The euphemism of “war on terror” thus nothing more than a policy of “money in; money out”; first world governments flood countries with weaponry profiting through arms deals only to turn around and start wars to exterminate the very threats these globalists started to begin with. Want to know who the biggest terrorists are in the world? It’s the corporate thugs who arm “rebels” with a steady stream of weapons built and supplied by fortune 500 companies like Boeing and Northrop Grumman and financed by Goldman Sachs.

Governments in capitals from DC, Zurich, Brussels, Paris, London, Moscow to Beijing and beyond continue to destabilize nations and perpetually bleeding them of their resources. This creates a permanent state of poverty and famines in country after country. Even though a nation like Haiti has enough resources to ensure all her children live in mansions, the masses instead sleep in tents and shanty towns mired in a never-ending cycle of destitution. This dark deed of federated larceny is only one leg of the stool; as governments cripple nations, the other half of Satan is manifested through charities and pseudo-benevolence. It’s not enough to bury people into the mass grave of privation and commit economic genocides against nations. The next step of neo-colonization is even more depraved as politicians, pundits, and plutocrats (the trinity of demonic pharisees) then swoop in to “save” the people as they are concurrently stabbing them in the backs. In every corner of the world, especially in what we now imprudently call Africa to right here in America, the elites and global bastards use false benevolence to give back pennies to the same people they fleeced into insolvency.

And boy oh boy did the Clintons perfect this playbook of deception in order to fatten their wallets. I don’t speak about this without knowledge, one of the research papers I wrote while attaining an MBA from Johns Hopkins was on the Clinton Global Initiative. The wealthy are able to scam entire nations and then gloss over their flagrancy with the makeup of banquettes and photo-shopped lies. The mainstream media are too busy getting drunk and eating haute cuisine at these same exclusive “black tie” banquettes held in the honor of shifty “philanthropist” to speak truth to power. A thousand thus drinking and getting drunk at the trough of injustice, all of them rationalizing and normalizing immorality as they pretend to be speaking against it. This is why we need to stop listening to those in power and those who are accorded proximity to power when it comes to solving injustice. All of them, your favorite politician to prevaricating social actor-vists from Bill Maher to Michael Moore to Sean Hannity and the rest, are too vested in the status quo to ever want the status quo to change. They are just using outrage as a billboard and injustice as a shtick to make yet more money for themselves as they feed us outrage.

Back to the Clintons and their forked tongues they keep using to impale the nation of Haiti and suffering countries throughout the world. The Clinton Global Initiative is nothing but one big scam; a foundation built to trade influence for checks. The Clintons have gained ungodly amounts of money over the years by using the CGI as their personal bank accounts. Ask yourself this one question: how is it that a couple who were not even able to pay their campaign light bills in 2008 are now all the sudden uber millionaires? The answer is that Bill and Hill are grotesque Robin Hoods in reverse; they keep raising money through their “charity” by leveraging the suffering of the people only to turn around and pay themselves. Non-profits do this all the time, to be honest a lot of non-profits are one big scam. The rich start non-profits and then use “administrative costs” to pay themselves as they pretend to be benefiting victims. I don’t get it to be honest, how can people go to sleep at night knowing that their posh mattresses are bought with the money that was raised to address the suffering of the masses who sleep on pavements? But then again, I give people like Bill and Hillary too much credit; they are only human in name for their souls are more like that of Lucifer.

The Clintons are a case study of how politicians and “public servants”this is why I have a love/hate relationship with wordstrade their influence to gain untold fortunes. Hillary Clinton, while serving as Secretary of State, continuously laundered money through the CGI. The Clintons made over $100,000,000 after Hillary became Secretary of State. Oh I’m sure it was just a coincidence that sultans in Saudi Arabia and plutocrats in Romania and the such would make a contribution to the CGI right before they have a meeting or a dealing with the State Department . The land of my birth Ethiopia is a victim of the Clintons, Hillary took donations from the TPLF butchers and countless dictators throughout the continent. It’s like Bill and Hill perfected the art of eradicating their enemies and making fortunes from pernicious tyrants. The audacity she has to pretend she was a populist candidate! As she lives in a multi-million dollar mansion in Chappaqua, NY guarded by private security and sealed off by a wall reminiscent of the one in Cold War era Berlin, she slithered lies through her teeth about the excesses of Wall Street.

Lest you think that I’m being partisan and if my “conservative” friends are smiling a bit too much with glee, let me point out that Donald Trump is the same evil that I just described above. Trump’s book “Art of the Deal” is more properly described as the “Art of the Steal”; if you have read his book, what he outlined is nothing more than ways to game the system and steal money from others by any means necessary. Donald Trump gained his fortune through inheritance, squandered it through atrocious management, and gained it back by declaring bankruptcies and rent-seeking like a madman in NYC. This confidence man has the gall to say Make America Great Again as he has been reducing America to rubble by refusing to pay the same Americans who he know pretends to be speaking for. This is capitalism at it’s worse; where the suffering of people is disregarded and accepted as the norm while maximizing profits at the cost of the people is celebrated as a virtue. Trump, just like the Clintons and countless billionaires, also has a non-profit where he pays himself from the fortunes he raises as he pretends that he is ameliorating the pains of veterans. This is why the bible says that the rich won’t get to heaven, they are too busy roasting humanity for the sake of earning the next marginal penny to ever get a whiff of heaven. This is also why prophets warned of not worshiping the rich and powerful; the rich and powerful gained their status and wealth by stepping on the dreams and hopes of the masses.

Not too long ago, when I was an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton (if the name sounds familiar that is the same defense contractor that once employed Eric Snowden) consulting Pentagon and Fort Belvoir agencies, a non-profit came to the agency I was supporting to pitch how they were helping homeless veterans and building homes for  neglected vets. They offered us slick marketing brochures and the PowerPoint presentation was sublime, I mean picture after picture of “before” homeless veteran followed by an “after” veteran smiling in a new home. This non-profit was “blessed” by the DoD, that is the only way they were able to gain access to the agency I was consulting for. Thus millions and millions raised from federal employees and the public at large, enough to have built homes for an army of homeless veterans. I shook my head in disbelief when I found out later on that the same non-profit was spending more than 80% of the money raised for administrative costs and only a few veterans were housed. I don’t mean to defame those who work at non-profits when I talk about the excesses of the wealthy assholes who use the suffering of people to enrich themselves. I know there are good people who work at Clinton Global Initiative the same way there are good folk who work at multi-national banks. I reserve my condemnation for those who sit atop of these corrosive and mafioso organizations and for the loaded rogues who prosper by pillaging humanity.

Maybe we need to stop falling for the duplicity of these monsters and stop praying at the alter of the affluent. The suffering that Haitians feel is intertwined with the pains we feel right here in America and beyond. Globalization is not advancing humanity; it is advancing the greed and gluttony of the super-wealthy while drowning the rest of us either in outright poverty or perpetual economic anxieties. What globalization permits is corporations and billionaires to shop around for the lowest cost of labor and to exponentially increase the labor supply as they plunge the masses into the abyss of indulgence and homelessness. Let me use a bit of MBA jargon here, when companies talk about reducing inefficiencies, comparative advantage and eliminating redundancies, they are speaking of wiping out our jobs and livelihood. A once philosopher said that a people get the government they deserve; the pains felt in Port-au-Prince reverberates right onto Main Street America and beyond. Stop falling for the marketing lies of these alternative-humans in expensive suits and for God’s sake stop funding their wealth. I mean is it not bad enough that we are being squeezed into personal economic insolvency? Now some of us are actually sending these double-dealing politicians and lying philanthropists cash by way of texts and online donations thinking we are giving to the poor when in reality we are paying for the Chateau Margaux wines of the wealthy swine in the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard.

I really want us to reflect as a society and as a people. If, during the time you are reading this article, you found yourself getting offended because I was condemning either Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or Donald Trump, I have a simple question to ask you. Why? Why are our identities so wrapped up in politics that we are willing to fight each other over politicians and the powerful who are neither related to us or care a wit about our lives. Are we such a cult of personalities that we are willing to bicker and incinerate each other using the most odious language to stand up for the aristocracy as the aristocracy spit on us?  The ideologies that we hold tight to don’t feed us nor pay our rents; so why is it then we are so wedded to political parties and endless labels that do not define us! The ones we keep elevating and worshiping don’t do this, there is not a principled bone in their body other than the principle of taking more and more from us.

All the theatrics you see on TV, politicians like Chuck Schumer shedding crocodile tears to partisan lackeys like O’Reilly and Van Jones, all of them are peddling us grievances as they feed themselves filet mignons and sip Chardonnay while we are struggling to pay for McDonald’s value meals. I want to blame the privileged pricks who thrive as we all shrivel but maybe we are the root of our misfortune as we insist on idolizing the very hyenas who gnash at our sides. When I say privileged, notice I did not say “white privilege” or append any adjectives to it. Just as poverty and hopelessness does not discriminate, neither is evil and the purveyors of injustice constrained to any particular race or class. Stop playing into the hands of those who stifle our lives and our ability to pursue happiness by seeing justice through the prism of labels and viewing those who oppress through the lens of tribalism. Put aside our differences and unite for we are mere peons who cease to be when we come together with a critical mass of peonspeons united can slay dragons. Take the lead of Haitians who stood up to tyrants and still continue to be defiant against oppression, after all it was a massive Haitian vote who rejected Hillary’s duplicity on November 8th that played a large part in her losing the Florida’s 29 electoral votes. Sweet justice! We will take it as we can; we have petulant president who has weird ideations about his own daughter in the White House but at least Haitians denied the power hungry Hillary from staining the oval office with her blood-soaked hands. But a wider battle awaits all of us, if we don’t soon wake up to the fraudulence of this farcical democracy of ours, we will all soon be economic collateral damage.

Robert Kennedy once said “too often we honor the wielders of force and excuse those who are willing to build their own lives on the shattered dreams of other human beings”. We keep equating wealth with virtue when most of the time wealth is the enemy of virtue. Perhaps it’s because we too aspire to be wealthy, maybe we covet prosperity so much that we disregard the malice that is perpetuated in the quest to attain affluence. But we ignore the sins of the opulent few at our risk for injustice in Haiti has a way of coming home to roost from Miami to Boise and all townships and cities in between. What was done to the world in the name of greed and the cult of capital is now metastasizing right in our backyards. Perhaps we should stop falling for cobras like Bill, Hillary, Obama and Trump who are all part and parcel of this “new world economy” and join hands with those in Haiti. Hold off on the text donations and hashtags, those only feed the rich and our egos, instead demand a change in the policies that continues to rape the island of Haiti and impoverished nations throughout the world. Or else, the next time we say #IamHaiti, it will be a lot more than a hashtag that bonds us with the masses suffering in Ayiti. #JusticeHaiti

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~  Martin Luther King, Jr.

View the video below for a further discussion about the issue of philanthropy and how “giving” has been weaponized as a means of taking from people throughout the world. 

Let the man in the video below speak with the character and strength of Toussaint Louverture against the Clintons and the wickedness of those who prosper by feeding on the hopes of Haitians and the masses world wide::

There is one thing above all that Haiti and Ethiopia have in common, find out what it is below.


I am H.A.I.T.I.

Unbowed and unconquered since the time when my son François-Dominique Toussaint L’ouverture defeated a French colonial power. I was Adwa before Adwa. I gave hope to millions of enslaved brothers and sisters from Africa. I am H.A.I.T.I., I have been punished ever since by the Western world. Exploited for my raw resources, corruption tolerated and in most instances perpetuated by outside influences so that I can always be destabilized.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

I have been deemed a third world country. Tourists come from the west to appreciate my natural beauty, while disregarding the abject poverty as they drive from the airport to their luxury hotels as quickly as possible. My neighbor and I (Dominican Republic) are popular destination for would be bachelors. They come and stay in my villas, and I being so poor I prostitute my daughters to quench the loins of these soon to be married men. My sons are their porters, carrying their bags and speaking broken English and tap dancing to their desires so that they can feed their seed.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

My natural resources are taken from me, forced to sell my sugar, concrete, timber, and flaxseed oil for a penny on the dollar. I am H.A.I.T.I., my net export last year was $498 million dollars, mega tons of my resources shipped off to the western world. Those raw resources translate into billions of dollars once they are turned into finished goods. I am H.A.I.T.I, see I am still colonized.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

No one pays attention to me. Every day, the equivalent of Katrina happens on the streets of Port au Prince. My sons and daughters die by the thousands on a monthly basis, the byproduct of desperation, drugs, and violence turned against me by my sons and daughters. I am H.A.I.T.I., my children die from the scourge of malnutrition as I watch my kids drink from infested pools of dirty water.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

The only time the world cares about me is when I rise up and bury my own children, when I eviscerate my offspring. I am H.A.I.T.I., you pay attention to me when my children are entombed by the shoddy concrete that is left over for me to house my family while the grade A concrete is shipped off to Western cities and suburbs. I am H.A.I.T.I., you now cry for me, when usually you don’t give a shit about me.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

I don’t want your fucking pity. Thank you for the $5.00 you send me through your cell phone. But really, how about you give me a fair price on my natural resources. I am H.A.I.T.I., I don’t want your charity, I just want the dignity to provide for my own sons and daughters. I am H.A.I.T.I., keep your IMF and World Bank money, money you give me with strings attached that keep me in bondage. I am H.A.I.T.I., I don’t need prayers from DEVILS like Pat Robertson and those who keep me in bondage with their false religions. I am H.A.I.T.I., you see me crying black tears of oppression and dejection on your HD TV

I am H.A.I.T.I.

All I ask is that you stop raping my natural resources. I am H.A.I.T.I, I don’t want the crumbs you provide, give me the ability to make my own pie. I am H.A.I.T.I., thanks for the rice you drop from the sky for me, but really, instead of $498 million you give me for my natural resources, how about you pay a fair price and instead offer me $5 billion for my exports. That way, I can build my own rice fields, I can have my own emergency services, I can build my own houses and schools with grade A concrete so when there is another earthquake, my children won’t perish in the process.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

I guess I should be grateful for the millions you just gave me in AID, while you profited from me by the billions last year alone. I am H.A.I.T.I., thank you for your charity, but really, how about you just give me my dignity so that I can care for my own sons and daughters.

This is an excerpt from “Serendipity’s Trace” a book about our common humanity and our common struggle for justice (LINK).

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