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Duplicitous Quagmire: Between a Blow Shill and a Pretentious Brooks

It all makes so much sense now. I look back to the times when I used to advocate for exclusionary justice and realize just how brilliant the system of divide and conquer really is. With the benefit of hindsight, I see now that the media personalities I used to admire as truth telling heroes are actually duplicitous shysters who feign concern as they step on the very people they pretend to be speaking for. I thought only Fox News and the conservative hyenas like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity were the ones hoodwinking their loyalists in order to enrich themselves. Now, with HD clarity, I see that almost 100% of the pundits who are given access to the Corporate State Media are actually shills whose sole intention is to act as demagogues and incite the emotions of their followers.

People who read the article I wrote yesterday (read Communique to MSM Journalists) where I extended an olive branch to mainstream media journalists and reporters are probably a bit perplex at the seeming contradiction between that missive and this article. However, if you read the article from last evening with discernment, I made a distinction between those who perpetuate injustice by commission versus those who take part in injustice by omission. All of us are tied into this capital scheme that has been foisted upon the world; how many of us can say that our tax dollars or our salaries are not in some way furthering the very iniquities we are all up in arms over. Most of us are unwilling slaves who are interwoven into a system whose reason d’être is to transfer money from the masses to the few who sit atop of us all.

I can understand the choices that journalists make as they have to cover stories they don’t want any parts of. I’ve seen documentaries and watched clips where journalists made courageous choices to speak truth to power only to lose their jobs for actually having the temerity to do their job. As I mentioned yesterday, I myself worked for over eight years at a defense consulting company even though I am repulsed to the bone by the military-financial complex. Paychecks make slaves of us all; principles do not stand up to the test of indigence and hardship. How many among us are willing to be homeless in order to stand up for justice?

Yet there is a vast difference between being unwilling participants and being willful scoundrels. Yesterday, as I was unwinding at home, I saw one tweet and read a New York Times article which made me decide to write this dispatch as amendment to the one I wrote last evening. The initial Tweet that grated my nerves was from Charles Blow who took to social media to bash people who refused to vote for that soulless monster Hillary Clinton. The exact Tweet read:

@CharlesMBlow“…BUT, Hillary’s emails!” Charolettesville #Trump #NoExplicitCondemnationOfRacists

Excuse my language here, but what a dick. Hey Charles here is my question for you, do you think all these outrages started on January 20th, 2017? Where were you as Obama initiated innumerable illegal and immoral wars? Where was this outrage when Obama transferred more than $14 trillion from us working schmucks to the bilkers on Wall Street? Where was the indignation as Obama expanded Bush’s unconstitutional program of state spying on US citizens—which continues unabated to this day. Where was the rage when Obama codified extralegal assassinations of US citizens and combatants alike which runs afoul of the Geneva Conventions and human decency above all.

Donald Trump has become a convenient excuse to blame the ills of crony capitalism that is destroying the world on one man instead of the pricks who are perpetuating this continued pillaging of the people. Those of us who know better know that Trump has about as much power in relation to the invisible hands who run this global corporate agenda as an ant has power over an eagle. Donald Trump is called the titular head of the free world for a reason; he is just a vacuous ogre who was selected by the oligarchy in order to continually distract us from the way we are all getting ramrodded by banking dons, petro capos and corporate kingpins. Pundits like Charles Blow are Trump’s enablers; as they speak against him they are really acting to avert our attention from the policies that our government keeps enacting at the behest of the rich and powerful.

It is on this point that David Brooks wades in to dismiss anyone who dares to question the agenda setting ways of the established journos. He wrote an OpEd in the NY times that mocked anyone that dared to diverge from official narratives dictated by the corporate mouthpieces in the mainstream media (see How to Roll Back Fanaticism). If any of you believe that our nation has sovereignty in the face of billions of dollars that are funneled into our political system from Wall Street and plutocrats who are not even American citizens, my friends I have a bridge to sell you on Uranus.

Our government exists to protect the interests of Wall Street and the billionaire gentry and to act as the Public Relations arm for the moneyed gentry who bought the souls of every politician, pundit and opinion lead that you see paraded on the Corporate State Media. David Brooks has for years used his pompous personality and above the fray demeanor to make it seem like he is a fair arbitrator between the left/right divide. He is a liar who uses $100 dollar words to hide the fact that he is a penny prostitute of his plutocratic patrons.

David Brooks’s hidden agenda in his article was to disparage the notion that nefarious influencers have hijacked our government. With his high minded bullshit and pretentious aplomb, he weighed in to slander anyone that does not accept the narratives of the mainstream media as conspiracy theorists who must be ostracized. This is the beauty of Donald Trump, by acting like a nut job and filling the airwaves with deranged outbursts, he becomes the straw man who gives more credence to double-talking pundits like Brooks, Blow and the corporate toadies employed by Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times and the rest of the profit chasing whores that constitute the mainstream media.

This is what everyone should know, the ONLY way pundits are given access to the mainstream corporate media is if they tilt their punditry towards one ideology or the other. Not that I would accept, but do you think CNN or Fox News would EVER let me have access to their platform to speak against the two faction deception that is our government? Of course not, only overseers are allowed in the master’s house. Pundits like Blow and Brooks are given lanes and they are then told to remain in those lanes if they want to continue enjoying lavish lifestyles of being media personalities. Hackery pays handsomely yet the price of this opulence is that these once journalists have to become propagandists and shills of the ideologies which they are enslaved to. Tokyo Rose and Baghdad Bob have nothing on the yellow press pundits who are poisoning the airwaves with their half-truth disinformation.

This is why left wing hacks like Joy Reid, Mika Brzezinski, Van Jones, and Rachel Maddow swallowed their tongues as Obama bombed Syria to the stone ages only to start barking like rabies infected dogs when Trump bombed Syria—continuing the very same Obama wars that these toadies were mum over for more than six years. Conservatives and right leaning jackals do the same thing; remember the chants of Benghazi and the outrage over Obama’s imperial presidency? All that disappeared the minute the ignoramus Trump was sworn in and started to continued Obama’s legacies of global wars and legislating from the West Wing by way of Executive Orders. My fellow Americans, please put aside politics and realize that the elites are playing all of us for suckers. None of them care about us; the pundits and politicians we love to bow before count their fortunes at our misfortune. They have no interests in change for their lives are financed by the very system of injustice they are flicking their forked tongues to speak against. If you want to know what happens when people actually speak their hearts and stand for justice instead of peddling ideological garbage, focus your attention on Cornel West. Professor West had the temerity to question Obama’s dedication to justice as he demanded that Barack pay attention to the plight of the poor using the most gentle of nudges. For his audacity to speak truth to the first teleprompter president, he has been effectively banished from the Corporate State Media. Once a frequent guest on MSNBC and CNN, he is rarely given access to those platforms.

If you take away nothing from this article, take away this one thing. It is from economic inequality that all other iniquities flow from. Most of society’s ills can be traced back to the economic imbalance between the few who have much and the many who have little. This paradigm is hobbling all of us irrespective of our identity or ideological affinity .The reason the elites keep pushing these demagogues on us is to prevent us from seeing this bigger picture and instead have us trained to look at only the small dots through narrow lenses. Truth tellers and true social advocates who gain traction get silenced by scandals or nullified by bullets. The status quo has murdered one truth teller and prophet who stood for the masses after another; Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were assassinated at the behest of the elites because they dared to speak up for universal justice instead of staying in their once lanes of exclusionary justice (read Confluence of Malcolm and Martin).

I’m not clairvoyant but I am pretty certain this how things are going to unfold over the coming weeks and months. The same corporate interests who promulgated the candidacy of Trump by giving him over $2 billion in in-kind earned media (read $2 Billion Worth of Free Media) are going to start publicly repudiating Trump. If you are not convinced that corporate interests put their thumbs on the scale to get Trump elected, just follow the logic I’m presenting before you. The same way Obama was able to get elected by being the anti-Bush, Trump played on the frustrations of people who were sick and tired of Obama’s “hope and change” shtick and ran as the anti-Obama candidate. Our “Democracy” fosters a facade of choice by using cyclical change to make it seem like we are voting for different outcomes (read the Grand Deception of Cyclical Change).

In reality, nothing changes, politics is for the people while policies remain static and is driven by moneyed interests. Trump leveraged the same playbook Obama used to deceive his followers, I fell for his BS more than most (watch this video of me running to be Obama’s delegate for proof). Each election cycle the “other side” is more motivated while the base of the party in power is lulled into complacency. This is why it is nearly impossible for one party to remain in power for more than eight years; cyclical change begets turnover by design. But the turnover is a farce, the foreign and monetary policies of Obama were identical to Bush’s with just tiny differences on the margins. Trump comes in promising change from Obama; guess what, he is continuing the globalists policies that Obama continued from Bush and Clinton before him. This is our duplicitous Democracy–are you not entertained!

Obama was selected to resurrect Wall Street; Trump was selected to divert our attention as they implode our economy yet again. Donald is so hungry for attention that he is perfectly willing and able to be remembered as the neo-Nero who Tweeted while America burned as long as he gets to put his imprimatur on the White House. A man who keeps putting his name on endless buildings is a man who is so insecure and bereft of shame that he is willfully playing the part of a local idiot–trust me, Donald Trump is not the imbecile that he pretends to be.

A reality show buffoon is making a reality show out of all of us. Right behind him perpetuating this farce are pundits like Blow, Brooks and the rest of their charlatan pundits. When the wobble on Wall Street comes (read Unity or Dissolution) and a bear starts to emerge from hibernation, multi-national corporation CEO’s will have their boogeyman to blame for the coming recession which will make the one in 2008 look like child’s play. Trump will be the cast the villain and corporations will cast themselves as our saviors after they fleece us of our life savings yet again. As the fatuous Maddow says, watch this space.

Let me wrap this up in a neat bow-tie. If the outrage of the ivory tower punditry is not directed at the system of global injustice as a whole and they instead distill the ills of the world through the narrow prism of ideology and identity, these people are reprehensible con artists whose job is to continually peddle outrage in order to keep us continuously enraged. This is how the status quo wins and how a fraction of humanity can turn billions into their indentured servants–they act with pernicious logic as we react with emotion. Cold and calculated logic always trumps hot emotions; unless we wise up and stop being pushed around by emotional hot button issues, we will continue to slow walk to our dissolution. Until we wake up, we will remain between a Blow shill and a pretentious Brooks. #BlowBrooksDuplicity

“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.” ~ Stephen King

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