CommUnity Ads

This is the space dedicated to highlighting small businesses, private companies and local entrepreneurs who are doing good in the communities they live. Once a week, we will highlight at least one business that is locally or regionally owned and operated and that is providing excellent services and benefits to the community where they live. We are going to endorse these companies using the Ghion Journal Gold Ribbon as our way of encouraging people to empower their communities. if you have a business that meets certain prerequisites (click HERE to find out details) contact us and we will feature new companies and businesses.

This Week’s Highlight: 10.23.2017

About Third Space Media in their own words: Third Space Media is a creative owned online channel of curated video content such as web-series, films and virtual reality experiences based in Oakland, CA. Third Space Media’s mission is to center the voice of folks that have been historically marginalized. Our vision is that through our online platform, Third Space Media content creators will collaboratively spark viewer conversations, so that viewers become actively engaged in their communities to become a driving force for social change. Click HERE or on the picture below to find out more about Third Space Media. Orlando JonesA big thank you to for continuing to shine the spotlight those behind him. Though he has scaled the height of success in Hollywood, he continues to reach back. Cable Free Lifestyle is a small business located in Maryland that provides customers a way to disconnect from ever increasing cable bills by using a hardware that searches the World Wide Web for TV content and streams the shows live to your laptop or televisions. This is a way to leverage social media to minimize cable cost and enhance viewing experiences. Find out more about Cable Free Lifestyle by clicking HERE or on the picture below.

This Week’s Highlight: 10.17.2017

The launch of CommUnity Ads features a market in Phoenix that focuses on food, spices and products from Ethiopia, Eritrea and the horn of Africa. Bati Bazaar is an integral part of the Phoenix Ethiopian/Eritrean community. Click HERE or on the picture below to find out more about Bati Bazaar.