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Vault 7 to Deep 6: Secrecy, Mendacity and Complacency Destroyed Our Republic

Our Republic died a long time ago. The universal rule of revolutions held true with America as well; all revolutions devolve right back to the tyranny that gave birth to it. A once noble experiment—flawed as it was during it’s inception—has been deep sixed and bludgeoned to death and what we have left is a farcical government that makes the tyrants of Myanmar look benevolent in comparison. We are led by crooks and con artists; from our carnival barking president Trump whose maturity matches his hand size to our criminal congress that passes laws that applies to all except legislators, calling our Republic a banana is an insult to North Korea.

In case you think what I write is hyperbole, maybe you should take a break from the banality bandied about by our bought and sold mainstream media and Google “Vault 7”. What you will find is a document dump from Wikileaks that will shock your conscience. What has been dismissed as rantings of conspiracy theorists is now pixelating into a mind bending conspiracy reality. The conspiracy is one that is being committed by our own government against us, the common people. The truth is getting out; what the powerful have always feared is an awakening from the masses because people can only take so much iniquity and unfairness before they eventually rise up against their tormentors.

The gentry learned from the past for the history is full of one example after another of revolutions that were birthed by totalitarianism. One has to only look back to the French Revolution to understand what the aristocracy fear the most. When people’s lives are made unbearable enough—when the dreams and hopes of the masses are turned into nightmares and dejection—murmurs give way to a cadence that eventually leads to overthrows. In the case of the French Revolution, the overthrow was as violent as they came as the gilded class was treated to guillotines and bloody lapels.

In order to sidestep this gory consequence, the powerful focused their energies on misdirection and mass manipulation. After all, a government does not possess enough weaponry to forcefully put down a rebellion of 300,000,000 people. Even if they had the means to subdue the masses through bullets and bombs, they knew that the military and police force would not unleash hell on their own neighbors and fellow citizens. Parenthetically, this is the brilliance of the founders for having a police force that is not federalized and why the constitution forbids the military from being deployed domestically. A decentralized police force prevents forces from one state being state to another. Even though police officers are seldom thanked for their work, can you imagine the horrors that would take place if the police did not live in the same communities they patrol? Maybe more people should rethink about the ongoing efforts, initiated by Obama and continuing through Trump, to effectively federalize our police through the tentacles of the Department of Justice.

The plutocrats have steady been chipping away at our rights and our freedoms for a very long time. Tyranny does not materialize overnight—totalitarianism evolves slowly over time. A creeping autocracy takes root and gains momentum through patient planning and ruthless use of force that can be washed away with talking points and well crafted speeches. Our politicians in this light are nothing more than front men and capos acting as a diversion for the mafioso bosses who are the true overseers of our nation. Our government is run by the “invisible hands” of unimaginably wealthy men who have accumulated generational fortunes and power through inheritance. We are perpetually fighting over Democrats and Republicans in DC when in reality the ones who set the agendas and control the politicians we vote for are the plutocrats who live in places like Jamestown, RI and Needham, MA to oversees destinations like Brussels and Zurich.

The capital of our nation is not Washington DC, the capital of our nation is capital—as in the currency that has enslaved the entire world. Rich pricks, using their ill gotten billions, have deployed their bank accounts to initiate a hostile takeover of our nation and most of the planet. Eisenhower warned us a long time ago to be leery of the military-industrial complex; his dire prediction seem quaint because a military-financial monster is now consuming the entire world with a combination of bullets, bombs, and debt. In the process, they have turned America and most of the world with it into one big pyramid scheme where wealth flows from the masses to a tiny few who thrive as the rest of a shrivel. The average CEO made four times as much as the average worker back in the 1950’s; now the average CEO makes upward of 400 times as much as the worker. Rest in peace opportunity and pursuits of happiness, instead we are left hope sandwiches and distress.

It is in order to hide this truth from us, to paint over injustice with the pretense of patriotism and freedom, that our government expends the most energy on. Imagine that, what our government fears the most is the people waking up to the bullshit of it all. This is the reason why a few billionaires went on a binge gobbling up one media entity after another to the point where 85% of the news we now consume is controlled by six companies—six people thus have cornered the marketplace of ideas and information. The mainstream media is to free press as Barack Obama was to change. I swear we are living in one big Truman Show, up is down and down is up as media has been weaponized in order to manipulate our thinking and to submerge the citizenry in a perpetual state of outrage and acrimony.

You see, when everything is an outrage then nothing is an outrage. This is why we are continuously treated to a never ending procession of one outrage after another. Sensationalism is not only a good business model to get more clicks, there is a darker side to the mainstream media as they are intentionally stoking animosity and grievance into the populace in order to keep us in a constant state of rage. In case anyone wants to dismiss the power that media has over our daily lives, there was a time the press started to report about shark attacks on a daily basis. There are more than 300,000,000 of us living in America, on a daily basis someone is most likely getting bit by a shark. But when the media decided shark attacks was a narrative they wanted to stir into the public, they induced a feeding frenzy as all the sudden people who didn’t live anywhere near beaches were leery of sharks. I was in Florida during the weeks of that media shark feeding frenzy, when I went to Daytona beach with my family the beaches were empty!

Those who own the gun rule by fear but those who own the media and information rule through capitulation. And boy did we capitulate as a people! A nation divided by politics, one arm of the population slavishly bowing before the orange clown in chief while another arm is going guano crazy with Trump derangement syndrome while the body—the rational middle—has decided to vacate the field to the fanatical fringes. All the while, the true powers that run this nation, the malignant suits in various agencies throughout DC and their bosses on Wall Street, are running our lives with iron fists befitting of Pol Pot.

You don’t have to take my word for it, go look at the Vault 7 documents (leaks straight from government servers) for yourself and you will understand that our government is expending the most energy worried about us, the people, and is only paying lip service to terrorism oversees. In fact, terrorism overseas is funded and armed by the political appointees at the Pentagon, at Langley Park and the NSA who create foreign monsters in order to justify their continued power grab domestically.

Just for the record, the same way I refuse to blame our veterans and active duty personnel responsible for the immoral wars that our bankrupt government keeps declaring for the sake of corporate profits, neither will I blame the men and women who work at the Pentagon and various intelligence agencies for the heinous acts outlined in the Vault 7 documents. We have to separate the workers from those who sit at the table of power. There is a vast gap between the bosses and those who are employed by the endless civil and defense agencies who, for all intent and purpose, act as a shadow government within our government. After all, not too long ago I too worked as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton where I provided IT and logic support to endless agencies throughout the Pentagon and Department of Treasury. If I blame CIA workers for Vault 7, then I have to take the blame for the Iraq war.

The saner course is to understand that a paycheck makes slaves out of all of us. All of us are, in this way, part and parcel of the continued nullification of our nation and we too are to blame for the death of our democracy. It is complacency that has led us to give up our freedoms for the sake of security and in the process we have let our minds be hijacked by a fatuous president Trump, the clowns in congress and the sideshow pundits on TV. We need to stop fighting each other and instead unite to take on an enemy within that sees all of us, the people, as a threat to their depraved existence. What we need is a paper napkin revolution, not a revolution of guns but a revolution based on unity and love. We keep trying revolutions based on bullets and we end up right back in the embrace of tyrants. The tyrants are them, the politicians, pundits and their plutocratic masters. The target is us, the people. If we don’t wake up soon, the tyrants will execute the target.

They have been doing it all along after all, from COINTELPRO, King, Kennedy, Malcolm and 9/11, what is glossed over by blue-ribbon commissions, washed over by our media, erased by history books and propagandized by educators is finally being exposed by Wikileaks. The onus is on us now, we can continue to fall for the tricks and bullshit of idiots like Sean Hannity, Van Jones, Tokyo Joy Reid, Maddow, O’Reilly, Limbaugh and endless numbers of prevaricating jackals who cackle lies into our souls as they pretend to be outraged by injustice. Or we can finally wake up as a people before we are the ones who end up in guillotines as the powerful lop off our heads with yet another economic crash like they did in 2007.

When it comes to finding truth in this world that is getting drowned by a tsunami of lies, everything has to be taken with a grain of salt. To be honest, I don’t know who to trust as our own government has brilliantly planted false news stories and deployed “conspiracy theorists” in order to bury truth in an avalanche of Obama and Trump proportion deceptions. What I basically have to assume is this: when it comes to those who are afforded proximity to power and accorded a megaphone by the corporate owned media, you have to assume are part and parcel of the system of disinformation. So was the document dump a valiant effort on the part of Wikileaks to speak truth to power or is it power leaking lies in order to yet again inundate us with distractions? Only God knows the truth for I am just like you looking inside from the outside—the only thing that I possess is the ability to discern truth from bullshit when it’s being peddled by politicians, pundits and two-timing philanthropist. The truth is that we are being water tortured, drip by drip, into an age of neo-totalitarianism.

In the meantime, we are witnessing in real time a collusion between the mainstream media, our government and corporatists as there is a conspiracy of silence in order to keep the citizens shrouded in ignorance. This is how the farce of political adversaries gets torn asunder when both parties in DC are being mum in the face of the damning facts. To all Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren fans, please understand that those two are to truth tellers as Sara Palin is to the Mensa club. Where is their outrage and beyond that why the hell are they not tying up congress demanding answers? Instead the tools in DC, from Democrats to Republicans, are either being silent hoping this all goes away by the next news cycle or pretending to be outraged like a clownish Captain Renault that there is spying going on in DC. What a joke, the fourth estate is no more as they have become a bunch of juvenile jackasses chasing retweets instead of speaking truth to power. Our politicians are engaged in theatrics befitting of WWE wrestling. Meanwhile our government continues to commit atrocities throughout the world in our names and continues spying on Americans.

It’s fitting actually, deep six is what happens when someone dies at sea and is thrown overboard and sinks into non-existence six feet below the waterline. Wikileaks just gave us a window into the inner working of our mendacious government that is deep sixing our collective hopes and dreams. Tyranny is real folks, in an information age where all transactions are digital, a government which was granted the right to suck up terabytes of information and store it in databases that our minds can’t imagine is now able to monitor all of us based on a combination of algorithms, flagged words and key word searches. We either reclaim our government from the clutches of despots in dark suits and red ties or the noose will continue getting tighter and tighter around our collective necks. One day, the chair will be kicked out from under us—if we don’t unite, we will be the ones left dangling. #Vault7ToDeep6

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever” ~ Thomas Jefferson

A technical analysis of the face of tyranny being unleashed by our US government

A history lesson, how we can defeat tyranny by uniting as a people. Let the audacity of Ethiopians, Haitians, and American uprising serve as a lesson to us and those who rule through division. Love is greater than hatred. 




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