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Warren Indignation: How Democrats and Republicans Play US for Fools

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Ready for a different perspective that might induce a bit of discomfort? Perhaps you can call this the Morpheus Red Pill versus Blue Pill moment. I know there are a lot of people out there who find their identity through politics and ideology is the prism many view the world through. But what if I told you that the injustices we all care about are made the worse precisely because of the political identities that we all hold tight to? What if the paradigm of “left” versus right”, the endless other ways we find identity, is precisely the reason why iniquity festers?

Well then one would be forced to reinspect all of the conventional wisdom one has learned over the years. But allow me the chance, for a minute put aside your political affiliation and identification, and be open to what might at first seem like a divergent idea from your beliefs. It is my hope that you don’t take offense at what you are about to read; it takes endurance and fortitude to fight for justice so what chance do we have to take on the insurmountable task of fighting for it if we get offended by something as innocuous as a different perspective? There, now that I have put up the prerequisite warning that dissonance might lie ahead, let me delve into the particulars of this article.

Our politics is a sham. No I don’t mean “the other side”; I mean all sides from Democrats to Republicans, are through and through con artists who have perfected the art of feeding us outrage and peddling grievance as they nourish their hopes on our collective hopes and aspirations. Let me admit, it was not too long ago that I too was a political hack and a partisan parrot as I traveled to over 15 states breaking my back to get then Senator Barack Obama elected. Like a toady, I gave of my time and my money to a man who captured my imagination and spoke to my resentments simultaneously. As Obama eloquently spoke about the need to rid our politics of the corrosive influence of “us versus them” thinking and promised to clean up DC, I just knew that Obama was the change I’ve been waiting for.

This is the problem with politics, we put partisan blinders on only to get blinded by fealty to identity and a cult of personalities as we disregard logic and common sense. Blinded by a concoction of partisan fidelity and a mind blowing form of rationalization, I overlooked the fact that Obama was getting funded to the tune of over $100,000,000 by the same pricks on Wall Street who he promised to stand up to. Professor Hindsight would in time reveal to me the duplicity behind Obama, hot damn Obama was nothing more than a continuation of Bush. Bush started immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama doubled down and continued the same wars (bombs in cities not boots on the ground is what counts as a war parenthetically). Bush started Department of Homeland Security, a euphemism for state spying on citizens, Obama did twice as wicked and used executive orders to greatly enhance state intrusion into our lives. The left once outraged by Abu Ghraib and water tortures, Obama went uber-Bush by setting the precedent of extra-legally assassinating combatants and US citizens alike based nothing more than “trust us we got this”.

This is how tyranny creeps in, one nibble at a time and one incremental hack at the tree that is freedom. The noose placed around our collective necks that is slowly snuffing out more and more freedoms is something that started a long time ago. The citizenry though, too distracted by partisan infighting and by endless sensationalism, we disregard this perilous noose as the fire slowly gets turned up on us. We are like toads who sit in a pot thinking we are bathing in a Jacuzzi. Except with each successive day, the heat keeps getting turned up higher and higher. The bubbles you see around us is the slow simmer of our freedoms evaporating into steam and in time that steam will scald all of us.

We would realize this if we were not so wedded to ideologies and these inane labels we keep professing love for. I mentioned this in the video up top, but I swear to you, after talking with endless “conservatives” and “liberals” alike over the past two years, at the core everyone is upset about the very same things. We just want fairness and a fair shake. The farmer in Idaho is up in arms over the very same things  that the folk in Baltimore are seething over. Instead of fairness though, our corporate owned mafioso government has unleashed terrorism on all of us by way of monetary and fiscal policies. We are all slowly being bled by the devils in expensive suits who prance around DC and Wall Street like they are royalty while the rest of us are getting suffocated by financial anxiety.

The drama of Elizabeth Warren last night in the well of the Senate was political theater and bullshit on a scale that even the biggest steers in Texas could imagine. I’ll be honest, I reserve most of my ire these days for Democrats even though both Democrats and Republicans are complicit in this continued theft and enslavement of the people. For years I used to go around parroting DNC talking points; I would mock Republicans for voting against their own economic interests as I elevated the thieves who use paternalism to hide their malevolence. Not any more, Democrats don’t give one bit about any of us. Ask yourself, in city after city that is being drowned by decay, who are the ones in charge. Don’t think too hard, from New York to Washington DC to Atlanta to Los Angeles and beyond, it’s the Democrats who keep talking out of their crooked mouths as they sell out their constituents to corporate America by way of gentrification and ghettoizing their people behind walls of poverty and indigence.

Before Republicans guffaw too much, just know what Democrats do to their base the GOP, yes including your boy Trump, is doing the same to you. By the way, Trump only 8 years ago was praising Killary and Bill for their “economic stewardship” and for globalist policies like NAFTA and deregulating Wall Street (EVIDENCE). This same snake who was once a liberal’s liberal is now supposed to be a “conservative” who aims to thwart globalization. Are you serious! Trump made his fortunes through the global economy and his empire is utterly dependent on the very global economy he pretends to be against. Now here is a quick question, if Trump has to pick between making his wealth greater and Make America Great Again, which do you think he is going to pick? Let me help you out, people’s past is their prologue, Trump a 70 year old ogre did not change his spots. He gamed the system for decades declaring bankruptcies and bleeding regular Americans of their earnings. Past is prologue; trust me you are headed to the same mean mugging that jolted me awake to the duplicity of our political system.

Let me tie it up with this, both Democrats and Republicans call their most loyal voters their “base”. Now really reflect on this for a minute; the base as in you are at the bottom, the foundation that the parties are built on. Do you not see how they are insulting you! They are effectively calling you a slave vote, so blinded by political ideology that you will vote for them no matter what they do. So wedded to political identification that most will keep petting snakes even as the snakes keep biting them and poisoning our communities, our nation and the masses globally. Do I have to remind you again that they call you the base? The base as in the bottom of the pyramid while the plutocrats, politicians, and pundits laugh at all of us as they lord over all of us.

I will let the Ghion Cast above make the rest of my point. But just know that all of them, from Bernie Sanders to Elizabeth Warren to Trump and Ted Cruz, every last viper and asp in DC, are all equal evils. Malcolm once said that Republicans are wolves and Democrats are foxes. Republicans at least have the decency to tell you that they are for the aristocrats as every policy that they espouse is tilted to cutting taxes and giving more money to the 1% gnomes who prosper through our dissolution. But Democrats, they are a whole other evil for they smile pretending to be for you only to end up eating you the same as the wolves. Wolves and foxes, both parties nothing more than dogs owned by plutocrats who gnash at our collective sides. Republicans cripple people through fiscal policies, Democrats hobble them into dependency through monetary scams and bureaucratic excesses.

Wake up everyone, stop feeding into this con game, put aside political blinders, and come together to reclaim your government from fraudulent politicians on both sides of the isle who feign outrage as they are steady making fortunes through the same injustice they slither their tongues to speak against. Stop falling for the deception; if Elizabeth Warren wanted to she can filibuster the nomination of Sessions and use endless Senatorial gambits. Instead she chooses to take to Twitter and left wing media hyenas to peddle outrage so that the Democratic party can start sending out emails to collect yet more money from useful idiots. The Republicans do the same; both sides are using the same blue print of divide and conquer to bury us into the bondage of economic uncertainty and social unrest.

So here is a modest proposal, put aside political affiliations and stand for justice on its own. Don’t be about exclusionary justice; be for universal suffrage and speak against malice without the need to put labels ahead of the humanity that binds all of us. I’m not just waxing poetic here, the only way that we can make a dent in the suffering that we all want to alleviate in this world is through unity and a united effort. Or else, if we keep falling for this joke of a political system, in time the jokes will end and it will be a trail of tears and poverty that will finally make us all equal. Try this next modest proposal, instead of screeds and political insults, how about you start a dialogue with someone who thinks different than you and then let reasoning—not fiery rhetoric—be the way forward.

Big shout out to CSU and the fighting Rams. The video above was a live broadcast from the CSU student center earlier today. How fitting, the only way we can rid our politics of double speaking politicians is by seeking knowledge. Pursue wisdom for dogma is not intellect. Oh, while we are at it, in the spirit of togetherness and youthful exuberance, let’s play their games and use #ITried as a hashtag to get the word out about this article and to rightfully condemn both duplicitous and double speaking politicians. #ITried

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