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Our Road To Damascus

The chickens always come home to roost. What goes on overseasthe injustices and the horrors our immoral military-financial laden government commits in the name of Democracy and freedom ad nauseumhas repercussions that eventually blow back across the Atlantic. The founders of the United States warned about the dangers of entangling ourselves in the affairs of other nations and initially advocated for a limited government so that the tyranny they fought against would not be birthed here in the states. The vision of the founders has been thoroughly eviscerated as our government imposes on us, the people, onerous taxes and restrictions of freedom and privacy in ways that would make the constitutional signers roll over in their graves.

The sad thing is that we the people are so thoroughly divided and so programmed to react  to the red meat that is thrown at us by the mass media and bureaucrats that we can’t see the forest apart from the trees. Too many view life through the prism of politics and let partisan ideologies form the basis of their identity. It is for this reason that you see people contort themselves in ways that would make pretzels wince as they waltz from one position to the next in order to remain loyal to their party. This is why the two parties call their most loyal supporters “the base”; those who are so indoctrinated to think like a lemming readily accept this insulting label without understanding that the base is something you build on top of!

So the citizenry fiddles while Damascus is burning. Liberal who were once avid peaceniks when Bush was bombing Baghdad and Kabul all the sudden swallowed their tongues when Obama started bombing Tripoli and Aleppo. After almost a decade of compliance through silence, “the left” all the sudden has found the courage that has been dormant for eight years last evening when Trump started lobbing Tomahawk missiles at Syria. Let me put this into perspective, the same crowd who was applauding Obama and refused to utter nary a word of criticism at Obama’s depraved foreign policies and immoral economic transference of wealth from the working class to the 1% all the sudden have the temerity to hoot and holler when Trump continues a war that Obama started. This is beyond chutzpah for it takes self-awareness to actually have the balls to contradict oneself. This speaks of a level of indoctrination that is so thoroughly baked into the cake that only a cataclysmic event can undo this type of enslaved thinking.

Before my “conservative” friends get to gloating too much, please look in the mirror for those on the right have been engaged in this same level of hypocrisy and duplicity too. For the entirety of the Obama administration, conservatives have been seething and frothing at the mouth at the imperial presidency practiced by the fraud Barack Obama. They used any and every opportunity they could to paint Obama as the next coming of Pol Pot. They rightly condemned Obama for his endless executive orders and were quick to scream bloody murder because of Benghazi. Ah but then they got their own Shyster-in-Chief elected who spoke to their antipathy the same way Obama spoke to the grievance of the left. I don’t even know how many cups of cool-aide one has to drink in order to believe a rich prick Trump, who enhanced his inherited wealth through the global economy, is supposed to be an anti-globalist. Where politics exist; logic and reason are nowhere to be found.

If people only realized that politics is inconsequential; politics is what the powerful feed us as the true “powers that be” control the policies that shake this world. Only a few actually sit at the table of policy making and at the head of this table dictating to the rest are the ones who have enough wealth and influence to buy the souls of countless politicians, bureaucrats and “opinion leaders”. The notion of sovereignty has been destroyed a long time ago; America is no longer a nation, we are a franchise under the umbrella of the “New World Order”. I know that the phrase NWO has been turned into a conspiracy theory (refer to THIS article about the notion of conspiracy theories), but you only have to look at the back of your dollar bill to see that the New World Order is the beast that has bent the hold world over and screwing humanity in the process.

We just had a farcical election in November that witnessed the supposed transfer of power from Obama to Trump. This whole thing is one big joke because the president has about as much power as a paper cloth soaked in a bathtub. The presidency is nothing but a front; a pretense given to us as a people to make us think we actually have a say in the affairs of our nation. In truth, the outcome of economic, foreign and domestic policies remain the same regardless of who holds the White House. This is why the script reading con artist came in promising hope and change only to continue the same immoral policies of endless wars in the name of greed and profiteering. This is why Trump promised to “make America great again” and repeal Obamacare only to go right back and continue the Obama war legacy, refused to repeal the ACA and nominated globalists to head up the Federal Reserve and endless agencies in DC.

The whole charade with Putin and Russia was thus just a mirage, a means of once again diverting our eyes from what is taking place in DC and the policies that are robbing wealth from the people and handing it over to the aristocracy. We live in one big Truman Show where reality is actually a reality show and fiction is spun into fact by authorities in suits and their enablers in the mainstream media. It was a matter of time before a pivot was going to take place; the same way that Obama came in promising a “reset” with Russia is the same way that Trump got elected promising renewed relations and to usher in an era of peace in our time. But there is no profit to be made in peace; wars will never go away as long as there exists an incentive for corporations like Boeing, Northrop Grumman and the rest to buy up our government and reduce our nation into nothing more than arms dealers and debt handlers.

I’m amazed actually; it only took a few months before the pivot took place as Trump went right back to using our military as a means of terrorizing the world in the name of justice. We keep electing gnomes who have never sacrificed a day in their lives nor served anything beyond their egos to lead the most powerful military in the world and then get shocked when these craven fools start bombing nations as if they are playing video games. And just like that, Trump leveraged a pretext of Syria using chemical weaponschemical weapons that they got from our own government through most likely an agency I once supported as a defense consultant called the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA). Don’t you just love euphemisms that hide true intentions! This is how you make money on the front end and money on the back end; give weapons to one group of people from a nation and call them terrorists then supply the other side of that same country with more weapons in order to fight terrorism. Brilliant and evil isn’t it?

But this double-dealing of our government and the military-financial complex is now entering into a dangerous and prophetic time. What society has feared since biblical times is now closer at hand than most of us realize. We are at the cusp of an Armageddon as war mongers on both the left and the right side of the isle are pushing a confrontation with Russia. There was always a tinge of disconnect from reality in order to be a partisan parrot but now this is treading on actual madness. Too many people talk loosely about World War III as if an outbreak of that magnitude is going to be something cool to observe. The next shooting war between America and Russia or China will start with a bullet and end with mushrooms blooming over the city close to you. The lucky ones will be those who are instantly evaporated by a nuclear shock wave; horrors awaits those who survive and have to fend for themselves in an age of a nuclear holocaust.

The clock creeps closer to midnight yet the public is engaging in trolling and exalting their dear leaders. What the hell have we come to as a society when we keep bowing before politicians and pundits simply because these people are rich and famous! The irony of it all; Democrats lambast Republicans for being puppets of the party while they themselves stay getting tugged and yanked by their political puppeteers. Likewise Republicans bash Democrats for being close-minded while they themselves refuse to consider that they have just been duped by Trump the same way that the left was duped by Obama. We are a society of idol worshipers who refuse to understand that the rich are living a life of opulence at the cost of the rest of us.

Here is one thing I can promise you; the rich and wealthy we love to adore have been for ages preparing for the doomsday scenario. Look at this article that Forbes (a publication for the gentry) did a while back ago about luxury bunkers that are being built in remote locations. If ICBMs ever start flying and the simmering conflict in Syria boils over into war with Russia, the rich will be deep underground enjoying the wine and haute cuisine that they have stocked up that will last them more than two years. What do you think will happen to those of us who don’t have the means to acquire fallout shelters nor the wealth to hire private security guards to protect assets if and when society breaks down the same way our government has been breaking down societies one after the next in nation after nation?

A long time ago, a character named Saul in the biblewho used to crucify Christianswas on a road to Damascus when he had an encounter with a risen Jesus. This is when Saul changed his name to Paul and became the most prolific writer in the New Testament and converted from a non-believer into an avowed Christian. This is where the phrase “road to Damascus” comes from; it signifies a cognitive dissonance that people go through when they are met with a revelation that triggers an existential discomfort. Well my fellow Americans, we too are now on the road to Damascus except this time the revelation will come by way of a nuclear blast if we don’t wake up from our collective indifference and stop getting played by the system.

For God’s sake, wake up! Stop falling for the antics of politicians and realize that we are all in this together. We don’t have to do this; we don’t have to dig our own graves through our inaction and inertia. We can retake our government from globalists and elitist who see all of us as the threat they need to mitigate and eliminate if needed. There is a cost to the diffidence of the public and the maliciousness of those who control policy in our government. If we keep this up, we too will have our own “come to Jesus” moment, except this time it will be us going to Him after our collective nuclear crucifixion. #Road2Damascus

Soldiers have a moral imperative to disobey immoral orders for there is a higher power to answer to than the command of generals and commanders. Stand with the people for you are soldiers of God and the protector of His children.

If you want to speak truth to power and refuse to swallow the narrative that is being offered by our bankrupt mainstream media and depraved government, share this article on social media using #Road2Damascus and while you are at it, check out the Ghion Cast below relating to the past and present sins visited upon the original Americans. Injustice committed against a few becomes injustice against the masses.




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