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Intellectualism versus Intellect

There is a wide difference between the haughtiness some have with their pseudo-intellectualism and true intellect. Intellectualism is that which is displayed by the “learned”, the elite so called scholars who regurgitate the indoctrination that has been drilled in their myopic head and think they are Imhotep reincarnated.

True intellectuals are those who continue to learn as they challenge conventional wisdom and dogma. While intellectuals are about as original as a penguin in the Antarctic, true intellectuals stay in discovery mode and refuse to accept the “facts” just because authorities say it is so.

The problem with this world is that the masses have been convinced that intellectuals and intellectualism are the traits of leaders and thus follow along to pied pipers who have nothing new to offer and instead peddle the same tired drivel. Ironically, those who have true intellect and present an alternate narrative are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”.

The status quo wins all the time because fraudulent intellectuals are propped up as professors, pundits, and politicians. The triple Ps of intellectual paucity thus are able to dupe people into accepting the system as it is instead of listening to those offer an alternative solution where all can benefit from a collective pursuit of justice. Inequity rules the day because intellectualism is accepted as gold and those who pursue intellect and are imbued with wisdom are dismissed out of hand.

It’s like the picture above; some provide empty buckets but are idolized because the bucket is silver while those who proffer water are rejected because the container is not embraced by the masses. What do you prefer, an empty bucket or a jug of water. Worse yet, we worship those who give us fire and burn the planet with their rhetoric but the water givers are time and time again being relegated to the sidelines. The choice is up to us to pick between fire starters and water givers. The former takes life the other is the source of life. Think about it.

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Those who are punch drunk with power make easy punching bags for those who speak truth to power.

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