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Russian to Deceive US

Ever wonder how an entire nation can be hoodwinked into wars? How is it that people can be led by the nose and give allowance to such levels of historical attrocities? How is it the people of the United States went along as Franklin Delano Roosevelt unconscionably rounded up all Japanese-Americans and interned them in outdoor prisons without proof or habeas corpus? How did the people of Germany permit Hitler to commit horrors on six million people as Jews and “undesirables” were cast into gas chambers and unmarked graves? Throughout history, past generations are looked upon with severe judgment for letting injustice take place right under their collective noses.

Well no need to wonder too much ladies and gentlemen for we are living this paradox at this present moment. Yet again war drums are being banged by pugnacious politicians and malignant pundits as disinformation is being spread by all sides. Once war hawk Republicans are getting all apparatchik with it as they defend Russia and lionize Putin and swear the buffoon who is our nominal head of state Trump is a man of the people. Once peacenik liberals are losing their minds as they moonwalk on a Russian war path while blindly parroting DNC talking points. They swear they are policy experts while they regurgitate Tokyo Joy Reid, the articulate mouthpiece Maddow and the rest of the Democrat propagandists.

We live in surreal times my friends for our nation is utterly divided in ways that I can’t remember in the annals  of American history. During times like this, where hyperbole substitutes rational thought and leadership gives way to bloviating demagogues on all sides, it is best to pause and think instead of going along with the crowd. Remember this one rule, when lemmings flock in one direction or another, that is a sure sign that there is mass deception going on. The truth is being nullified and annihilated by talking points; our utterly corrupt mainstream media and too many on all sides are bleating along with the wolves.

I am not here feigning to have some insight about what is truly going on behind the scenes with respect to this Russian imbroglio. 99.99% of the blowhards you see on TV are about as knowledgeable on Russia as Sara Palin is in the know about algebra. Our government works in layers; this is how the whole process of secret clearances work, information is dissembled and disseminated on an “as needed” basis and then consumed in bits and pieces. Everything is compartmentalized so that individuals that work on specific projects or programs never know the full scope of their work. This is how the U2 plane was built in complete secrecy; those who were working on the aircraft worked only on their part of the plane and only a few knew the totality of the top secret spy plane.

What was done with the U2 plane in the late 1950s and 60s pales in comparison to the sophistication that is deployed to “keep our nation’s secret safe”. Except most of the time our government keeps things secret not for the sake of safety but for the purpose of duplicity and in order to evade accountability for the excesses they commit in the name of national security. The fourth estate was supposed to keep this overreaching government in check, but since both the government and our “free press” have become subsidiaries of globalists and the corporate agenda, those in power no longer have any checks as all levers of power are being used to spread deception and diversions.

While I do not claim to know the truth, what I know for a fact is that both Republicans and Democrats, and especially Donald Trump, are lying through their teeth. We are presented an alternative reality where scripted press conferences and theatrics of politics serve to prevent us from getting a sniff of the truth. There is an agenda behind all this chicanery and the endless forms of disinformation we are being force fed; the politics that they present us is always a diversion from the policies the elites are pushing behind the scenes. If you think Russia is somehow encroaching on our government and imposing its will on our nation, I have a dacha to sell you in Siberia. Likewise, if you think that Donald Trump is the next coming of Teddy Roosevelt and is going to make America great again through his leadership, I have an online Trump degree I want to award you.

The sad truth is that our nation lost her sovereignty a long long time ago; it happened around the time Woodrow Wilson decided to hand the keys to economic policy to John D. Rockefeller who then went on to start the largest private bank in the world called the Federal Reserve. Since that time, politics has been bequeathed to the people while foreign and domestic policies have been handed over to unaccountable bureaucrats. This is why the Manchurian puppet president Obama appointed one Goldman Sachs executive after another at the Fed Reserve and Treasury and why his cabinet was chock full of corporate magnates. Donald Trump saw Obama’s move and doubled down as Trump’s entire cabinet is made up of millionaires and billionaires.

The global elites have methodically co-opted almost the entire globe and a jaw dropping number of governments because they have monopolized the global currency markets. Central banks like the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and faux-governmental institutions in endless capitals are thus able to manipulate money exchanges as they reward those who act according to the desires of plutocrats and kneecap those who refuse to go along. Russia is part and parcel of this chicanery for their currency is pegged to the US dollar, as in their Ruble is dependent on the currency markets. There is no sovereignty, what we have is a global system that is interconnected and manipulated by the few who have accrued enough capital and wealth to  dictate global policy.

This is what all the hype surrounding Russia and the endless number of Democrats and Republicans running around with their hair on fire are diverting your eyes from. The world has truly been turned into one big pyramid scheme as the global elites use nations and people as disposable assets and a means to enrich themselves as the rest of us continue to languish. None of you reading this can say with a straight face that you are economically secure; even if you are making six figures, everyone is feeling the heat of financial burdens. That is because inflation and economic policies are transferring wealth to the greedy few as the middle class is slowly bleeding out and poverty is the new normal.

Russia is the distraction, the rest of US are the fools who go along with the bullshit we are fed. This is true about this particular Moscow episode and truer still about the ways of the powerful, when they are rushing to judgment and sprinting to accusations, trust me they are just rushing to deceive the public into another war or trying to prevent them from seeing an oncoming financial calamity. This happened in the run up to the Iraq war as WMD was the rush to judgment that was used to start an unholy and immoral war. This same thing happened before the economic collapse of 2007; rush to judgement about terrorism and “national security” prevented us from seeing the greatest larceny in the history of mankind as Wall Street crooks took off with our life savings. If you take away nothing else from this article, just remember, when they rush to judgment they are just #Russian2DecieveUS

“A lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies.” ~ Alfred Tennyson


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