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Trump Fire Sale: Make America Chained Again

We have a corporate charlatan who sleeps in the Lincoln Bedroom. Through one part chicanery and another part grievance peddling, Donald Trump followed the Obama playbook right to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I have to give it to cunning billionaires, they really know how to sell a narrative in order to get the public to act against our interests. They keep putting us in a giant Chinese finger trap where either pulling or pushing gets one only enmeshed more and more into a quagmire. You see, ranting at Trump’s lunacy or supporting him blindly accomplishes the same objective–perpetual political strife and never ending societal clashes. As long as we are a cult of personality led by emotions, we give elbow room to the moneyed gentry to go on fleecing us.

This is why Donald Trump’s candidacy was given more than $200,000,000 in corporate contributions by way of earned media. Don’t think for a second the free press he was receiving from the Corporate State Media did not help him, Wall Street was effectively laundering his candidacy political donations by dedicating round the clock coverage to Trump through their media empires. They got their man; a carnival barker who can divert attention from the true powers who have co-opted our nation. Politics is for useful idiots and schmucks, policies are set only by the powerful away from the camera lights.

In this context, Donald Trump has about as much influence in the direction of our nation as a mosquito has command over the sunset. Trump is nothing more than a figurehead, a prevaricating puppet who has been foisted upon us in order to distract us from the “invisible hands” who have commandeered our nation through policies meant to further the military-financial complex and the global system of capital corruption that is bleeding our planet. I’m not being partisan about this, Obama too was a feckless mannequin who was sold to his adherents as change when in reality he was chosen by diabolical plutocrats to prop up a broken system and perpetuate conglomerated injustice.

This morning, Donald Trump backed a proposal to privatize the nation’s network of air traffic controllers. Privatization is another way of saying sell off America bit by bit to multi-national corporations. Trump, the lying bilker that he is, promised his supporters that he would make America great again. This is his way of delivering on his promise, he swore he was against the global system of greed and gluttony that is destroying this nation only to now back a plan that would effectively hand over one of our nation’s most important infrastructure to the globalists he pretended to be against. You see the picture above, that would be Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, giving Trump the bemused look like one would shake one’s head at a poodle who yaps too much. Trump was such an anti-globalist that one of his first actions was to appoint a globalist former executive Steven Mnuchin of Goldman Sachs–the apogee of globalism–to be Treasury Secretary.

Past, you see, is prologue. Throughout his life, Trump has gamed the system over and over again in order to make fortunes for himself as he screwed more people than Bill Clinton. Whether it was embezzling everyday Americans by declaring bankruptcies or rent-seeking like the rat he is in New York City, Trump is a pathological scam artist who has perfected the Art of the Steal. His greatest coup and his most magnificent accomplishment was pulled off on November 8th, 2016 when he hoodwinked his way to the Oval Office. His most loyal supporters will not wake up to his duplicity until the rug gets pulled from underneath them.

The same way Obama lied through his teeth promising to deliver a new day only to give us the same mourning, Trump followed suit as he sold false hopes and inflamed hatred to his crowd. All of us are being played for fools; the billionaires who funded both Obama and Trump must laugh at us daily as we fight over a former toady Obama and bicker over the current lackey Trump. Our system of governance has been hijacked by the money of the global aristocracy–these politicians in Washington DC are nothing more than spokespersons who speak lies to us as they accept checks from the debauched gentry.

The sad thing is that the chicanery of plutocrats work; we the people are so programmed to look at life and seek justice through the prism of politics and ideologies that we only see how the “other side” is getting duped as few realize that all sides are getting equally bamboozled. For eight years, those on the “right” were convinced the “left” were a bunch of imbeciles who were falling for the empty words spoken by the vacuous Obama. Now it’s the “left’s” turn to swim in schadenfreude as they view the “right” with contempt for believing the swindler-in-chief Trump. We went from electing the Manchurian Candidate to voting in Joe Black; even movies could not imitate this reality show we are all living. Sadly few realize that both are actors who are only doing as they are told.

Until we as a people are able to wake up to this “left vs right” duopoly and get rid of the equally malignant Democratic and Republican parties, what we will have is a perpetual cycle of false change and spurious hopes being sold to us by professional snake charmers. Trump, Obama and the rest will continue to prosper as the rest of us suffer. Obama effectively privatized (sold off) our nation’s health care system to Wall Street interests; Trump is now about to do the same as he starts selling off our nation’s infrastructure to multi-national corporations. Do you hear that noise? Click, clack! That would be a gun being put to our collective heads–Trump’s policies of corporate empowerment is about to make America’s grave for us. #MakeAmericaChainedAgain

“There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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