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From Judas to Jay Z: Perfidy that Pays a Lot More Than 30 Shekels

Let me give credit from the jump to Steve Boursiquot (aka Awthentic), a dope rapper from the DMV, for inspiring this write up. Initially, I had other topics in mind to write about, but a cursory scroll down my timeline on Facebook on the way to town drew my attention to the status that Steve posted. He noted that people are actually quoting Jay Z as if he is some sort of profound thinker. He is right, all over Facebook, one Jay Z sycophant after another is ranting about his new album. So now is good as time as any to deconstruct this rapping simpleton.

I’m not going to publicize Jay Z’s two bit CD he dropped last week by name, but I will let you know he chose the title of his album to say that he too is a prophet like “Jesus”. Look up John 4:44 in the bible and read what it says, this imbecile is saying that he is being hated on because he is rap’s messiah. Judas is more like it, this ignoramus has been a thorn on the side of hip hop since the day he decided to sell his soul and named his record label after the devil in flesh David Rockefeller.

Since Jay Z opened the door with the title he chose, let me knock that door down and expose Jay Z’s for the fraud and whore that he is. You see, old money traces its roots back to the biblical days; the battle of good and evil has been waged since the time Cain killed Abel. Over each successive generation, the debauched have been able to invert the souls of many by giving them money and promising them fame and riches. This is how the pharisees were able to flip Judas from a prophet to a traitor—it was old money that crucified Yeshua. Old money has had a grip on this world for a long time, every prophet since they nailed Yeshua to a cross has been murdered by the cunning ways of the powerful. In modern time, flawed men who became messengers of love were likewise eradicated by old money; Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, to name two of many, were blown apart at the behest of the moneyed gentry. Read Confluence of Martin and Malcolm (hyperlinked) to find out the ways the powerful kill the messengers and then blame lone gun men to escape judgement.

The Rockefellers are part of this old money I’m referring to, their money goes back generations to the day of John D. Rockefeller and beyond. John D. Rockefeller was a pugnacious scoundrel who ushered in the age of the crony capitalism by kneecapping his competition and paying his workers slave wages while pitting them in the most atrocious of working conditions. The Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Mellons, and Morgans of this world, these people are celebrated as gods when they are really Luciferian pricks who earned their vast fortunes by oppressing the masses and stealing the wealth of nations. The over-sized monster our Federal government has become we can give thanks to these soulless plutocrats; they unleashed their money in order to hijack our government and turned DC into the locus of global injustice.

So our boy Jay—the jibagoo on stage who raps about nothing—is paying homage to these cancerous people when he throws up that demonic pyramid as he bows to the alter of illuminated assholes. Tupac refused to give his hand to these malignant maggots and actually came out with an album titled Killuminati to stand against the very people that Jay Z (Klandestine Korporate Klan) gets on bent knees to worship. For his troubles, Pac got assassinated (From Afeni 2 Pac) while Jay Z became the wealthiest rapper/Uncle Tom in the history of coonery. We equate money and wealth with well-being and good character when almost 100% of the time, those who have excess money and wealth have zero character and negative wellness about them.

What is there to celebrate about Sean Carter anyway? Is being “black” and wealthy enough to land one as a model of moral rectitude? This man has done nothing but promote corporatism, consumerism and commercialism for more than two decades. The only people who should be praising him are alcohol companies and expensive watch makers. This man has turned hip hop into a billboard of Wall Street and elevated materialism as a supreme virtue. Did he use his mic and platform to speak against systematic poverty that is killing hope in our community? Did he use his fame to speak about communal reinvestment? Did he leverage his talent to stand up for anything beyond his narcissism? No need to Google, this vacuous step and fetch it corporate minstrel show did nothing but chase dollars while peddling garbage to the masses.

Jigaboo Jay got paid a king’s ransom for a purpose. Hip hop was once a music of defiance that traces its roots to the days of drums that signaled rebellion, jazz that symbolized resilience and blues which turned sorrow into arts. Music has been what kept the people who were once stolen from the continent of Ethiopia (map evidence) from being undone by systematic brutality and unimaginable inhumanity. Hip hop was the evolution of this defiance, that is until corporate hyenas unleashed their checks and their old blood money to buy up rappers and emcees in order to turn our music against us. Jay Z is at the forefront of these lyrical Judases; they made fortunes by whispering hatred, violence, misogyny and messages of nothingness into the ears of our children.

I’m not being pious here nor am I preaching that rap has to be sanitized and can’t talk about the totality of our experiences. To pretend that violence and slinging dope does not take place or to not mention it in music is putting heads in sands of indifference. But there is a vast difference between conveying struggles and glorifying the very things that make the masses struggle. Jay Z and his misbegotten lot have weaponized hip hop and daily commit rhetorical genocides on our children. The same way that “African” Judases sold their brothers and sisters into slavery for the sake of money and weapons, Jay Z and his ilk do the same now as they sell us into hopelessness for the sake of gaining millions.

Nah I will have nothing to do with Jay Z, I will listen to rappers who have not sold their souls for the sake of millions and support independent artists like Awthentic who nurture true hip hop while Jay Z aborts it daily. Occasionally I will listen to mainstream rappers for there are the likes of Kendrick Lamar (Light of Lamar) who crank out message even as they are getting paid for their crafts. Let the sheep quote Jay Z as though he is some sort of messiah, I see him for exactly what he is. A Judas whose narcissism is only outmatched by his unending treachery. #JudasJayZ

“There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly and in the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it.” ~ Chanakya

If you appreciated the message behind this write up and want to speak against the continued hijacking of our culture in order to feed the corporate agenda, share this article on social media using #JudasJayZ

I wait for a rapper to pick up the mic and drop knowledge like the Ghion Cast below instead of being a step and fetch it artist of old money jackals. 

Check out Awthentic (Steve Boursiquot) when you get a minute, he is a DOPE local rapper. Click HERE or the picture below to hear his music.

Rest in peace Pac, they killed you because you spoke against them, but your music continues to speak against them even in your absence. 

Communiqué 2Pac

You asked how long you will be mourned
The answer is for an eternity
A soul conflicted yet confident
You spoke of hip hop’s possibility

Can’t deny your brilliance
Through your pen you observed
And penned our collective confusion
Yet inside you there was a lion
You refused to compromise your pride

Your pride as in your people
You did not sell out for prominence
Your words reflected society
I understood your contradiction
At once shinning a light
You concurrently articulated our collective darkness

Our name is our destiny
And in yours there was always defiance
Resilient though they shot you
Audacious though they massacred your character
Time after time
You let your pen speak of rebellion

You refused to adhere or conform
Shakur became the quintessence of uprising
Through the curse words and harsh lyrics
Your music touched on the essence of poetry
True to your roots
You rebelled against the system
One can never tame a panther

That is what led to your assassination
A mind dangerous that questions the system
Blamed on black on black violence
The truth is that you spit at oppressors
Killuminati was your death sentence
But in your wake you left an eternal presence

Hip hop died with your last breath
From men to boys
All we are left are tokens
From message to rubbish
Hip hop has turned to genocide music
Dispatch to Pac you are not forgotten
You will be mourned forever

Let Jay have his fortunes
A sambo will be rewarded for tap dancing
But you retained your character
Z might have the fame
Let his kind destroy their people
But Pac’s message will be immortal

~ Excerpt from Serendipity’s Trace, a book of our common struggles and connective hopes. Click HERE or on the picture of “Serendipity’s Trace” below to check out the book of poetry ~

 Post Script: True revolutionaries get the TuPac treatment; counterfeit change agents who work for the system (COINTELPRO stooges) get the Obama privilege::
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