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Capitalism is Communism: Both Take from the People and Turn US Into Slaves of the State

Communism is a fantastic idea, if we lived in heaven. The idea that all can do as they are able and receive as they need is one that seems ideal. Until, that is, human factors of greed, sloth, cunning, and the need to game the system to gain unfair advantage are injected into schema. It only takes a few to mess up a good thing for the rest; if a tiny minority are able to forgo work and insist on taking as much as they can without putting in their fair share, the whole notion of communism falls apart at the seams and socialism is rendered useless.

There is one other facet of communism that actually makes it nefarious and undeserving of consideration by serious thinkers. One of the central aims that Karl Marx articulated in the Communist Manifesto was to abolish private property and have the state be the only proprietor and all else be workers. This is federalism on steroids, to strip men and women of property and relegate them to just renters is to make people into property of the state. John Acton once said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is nothing as dangerous in this world as power that is coalesced in the hands of a few because the few will then oppress the masses in order to maintain and enhance the power that they covet.

This is where communism intersects with capitalism; both ideologies have at their core the need to amass power by stepping on the necks of the masses. Capitalism was once painted as the ideology of virtue while communism was cast at the very essence of evil. However, once capitalism defeated communism, the true face of gluttony was made evident. Capitalism is just as wicked as communism; both strive to make slaves of the vast majority of humanity—capitalism is communism by other means. Whereas communism dispossessed people of property in order to have the people submit to the state; capitalism uses rent-seeking and anti-trust behavior to stifle competition and make us submit to the will of corporations. By the by, communism was created by Euro-capitalists; Karl Marx was financed by imperialists and Lenin was backed by colonialists. This farcical ideological battle is nothing more than a smokescreen to divert our attention from a global pyramid scheme of wealth redistribution from the many to a fractional few.

Let me clarify one thing before I get blamed for being “anti-American”; I am not against busines; what made America great was the spirit of entrepreneurship that was part and parcel of our nation. This spirit of entrepreneurship is being aborted on a daily basis; Wall Street has declared an unholy global war against small businesses. Wall Street and corporatism have become global cancers; their need to reap year over year profits requires that they kill off private businesses in order to feed the “publicly” owned corporations.

Saying that corporations are publicly owned is something that only a corporate public relations would have come up with. There is nothing public about Wall Street corporations; the vast majority of Wall Street corporate shares are owned by institutional investors (read 1%) while a fraction are owned by the public at large. This is the very thing that John Acton was talking about; a few have been able to amass tremendous wealth and in the process have made indentured servants out of the rest of us. I read the other day that more than 50% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Most of us are maybe two paychecks away from being homeless and sinking into the pit of perpetual indigence.

This world has enough resources to feed 30 billion let alone the nearly eight billion who call mother earth home. Corporate  philanthropist like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos et al flick their tongue to say they want zero poverty. A bunch of lying assholes, mass poverty will always be with us because capitalism requires mass poverty in order to create capital wealth. Capitalism requires the creation of scarcity in order to sustain itself; meaning shortages have to be manufactured in order to create demand (need). Billions in the world go hungry, die needlessly and live in perpetual hopelessness in order to perpetuate this ungodly system of capitalism that is bleeding all of us.

Take for example the diamond industry; a company like De Beers—which makes billions by running a diamond plantations and maintaining a slave labor pool—has a vast network of vaults where they keep an endless supply of diamonds off the market. If a competitor enters the industry, De Beers floods the market with diamonds in order to depress commodity prices globally. When they effectively kill off the “threat” and nullify their competition, they then tighten supply of diamonds and prices rocket back up. This is nothing more than predatory practice by one of the world’s biggest companies and anti-trust behavior that would make Teddy Roosevelt spin over in his grave. But because De Beers has so much money and influence, they are able to leverage their cash as either carrots or sticks in order to whip politicians to do as they wish.

De Beers is not the only company that does this, DC is the filthiest swamp in the world because lobbyists use cash diplomacy to buy up one Republican and Democrat political rat and turn these “public” servants into corporate prostitutes. Double-dealing Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp, which is like an alligator promising to empty out the Florida Everglades. Donald Trump is part and parcel of the corporate hustle just as much as Obama was before him. The orange ogre’s cabinet is a who’s who of corporate hyenas, not one of them can be counted as one of us. A soulless billionaire has surrounded himself with vacuous billionaires and millionaires—the noose of capitalism continues to tighten around our collective necks.

Capitalism sucks for this one reason above all, the whole system demands continued profits. The only way to attain continued profits is to continually take from the world in order to feed the corporate beast. Private companies and small businesses actually care about customer service and want to do good for the community because they actually live in the places where they operate. “Public” companies have no such concern, their utterance of “customer service” and valuing customers is just bullshit—they only care about maximizing profits. Corporatism and capitalism are the very worse of human traits, they both encourage perpetual gluttony and disavow human decency. Share holders don’t care about a company’s good works or how they are helping their community; profits trump all other concerns as investors care only about P/E ratio, profit margins and top and bottom line growth.

Capitalism turns otherwise decent human beings into degenerate gamblers because profiteering is valued above all else. The fish rots from the head, this is why our nation is devolving into the abyss—greed has become the anvil around our necks as we drown in the ocean of debt. My friends this is not going to end very well; the laws of economy will set in soon enough for there is no such thing as perpetual growth. The empty suit Obama “saved” the economy it is said; what utter crock, he just propped up a broken system by shoveling trillions at Wall Street and kneecapping homeowners and small businesses in the process. Donald Trump is continuing the corporate policies of Obama; soon enough the house of cards will come tumbling down.Empires fall from a combination of hubris and debt. The arrogance of our Federal governments has turned us into the police and prison of the world. This hubris is nurtured by the military-financial complex which in turn is being financed by over $20 trillion in debt. Every politician in Washington DC is nothing short of a larcenist; they are stealing from our children and the future in order to finance this pyramid scheme of capitalism. This is why we need to disregard the ideologies of the powerful and find a way to return power back to the communities where we live. Capitalism and communism are both means for the powerful to accumulate absolute power and both are equally corrupt and bankrupt. #CapitalismIsCommunism 

Shop, eat, and do business locally or become slaves globally.

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Lij Teodrose Fikremariam
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Lij Teodrose Fikremariam

Lij Teodrose Fikremariam is the co-founder and former editor of the Ghion Journal. He is currently the chair of Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy. A published author and prolific writer, a once defense consultant was profoundly changed by a two year journey of hardship and struggle. Going from a life of upper-middle class privilege to a time spent with the huddled masses taught Teodrose a valuable lesson in the essence of togetherness and the need to speak against injustice.

Originally from Ethiopia with roots to Atse Tewodros II, Lij Teodrose is a former community organizer whose writing was incorporated into Barack Obama's South Carolina primary victory speech in 2008. He pivoted away from politics and decided to stand for collective justice after experiencing the reality of the forgotten masses. His writing defies conventional wisdom and challenges readers to look outside the constraints of labels and ideologies that serve to splinter the people. Lij Teodrose uses his pen to give a voice to the voiceless and to speak truth to power.
Lij Teodrose Fikremariam
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