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Obama Still Peddling Change, Hey Democrats How about #CongressCareForAll

I admit, though both Republicans and Democrats are equal leeches, it’s the duplicity of the Democrats that bothers me more than the mendacity of Republicans. I can grudgingly respect their “truth in advertisement” when it comes to Republicans. They tell us off the break that their primary interest lies in serving the wealthiest few as they let a rising tide of debt drown the rest of us. It’s the Democrats, these two-faced pricks, that grate at me the most. Excuse my lack of decorum and the use of sailor’s language that might occasionally make a cameo appearance in this article–sometimes one must put aside diplomacy and speak with raw emotions.

Let me start off with this empty suit Obama who just tweeted something about his Obama foundation. After 8 years of transferring over $14 trillion to Wall Street while refusing to lift a finger to help out millions who lost their homes to foreclosures, this teleprompter mannequin has the audacity to talk about empowering people. I can’t believe I fell for his bullshit! This man has been the single biggest deception perpetuated on the masses in America’s history. His whole presidency was a sham. He ran opposing Bush’s policy of preemptive wars only to further the very wars he ran against as a candidate. He pretended to be outraged by Bush’s abrogation of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights only to take over and apply nitro to the Patriot Act.

In all honesty, I would need books to detail the level of Obama’s fraudulence. He swore he would have the most transparent administration in America’s history only to end up declaring an invisible war against the free press. Obama’s administration used the pretext of national security to go after journalists and intimidate reporters in ways never done before. Corporate State Media journalists would be the first to admit this if they were not busy chasing retweets and Facebook likes. Obama feigned indignation at the prison-industrial complex, yet his only act was granting a symbolic clemency to a handful of inmates while doing nothing to stem a system that has reconstituted penal slavery in the 21st century.

It’s sad, his die hard loyalists–though the numbers are dwindling–refuse to see the truth behind this slithering cobra. Ask almost any one of them what Obama did for us as a people and they do one of two things: 1) they say “style and grace” as if they are prisoners reprogrammed in the gulag or 2) they cite some two-bit article that gives bullet points on his accomplishments that is a mile wide and a millimeter thick. They fell for his con and cognitive dissonance refuses to let them walk away from the idol they put their hopes in. Moms, don’t let your kids grow up to be political parrots!

Not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton has taken a sabbatical from washing blood off her cash laundering scheme that is the Clinton Global Initiative and boiling frog legs to peddle bunk to the public. Where Obama launched CGI 2.0 this week, Killary is jumping from one cable news network to the next selling her two bit book. The Clintons are like America’s herpes–fitting since Bill is still the pervert in chief–they refuse to go away. She is back to gnaw at our collective ears intent on blaming everyone except the witch in the mirror for the outcome of November 8th. Hey Hillary, please hear us, we do not like you. Maybe if you bled nations like Haiti and Libya less…why even finish dispensing this advice, this is like asking a hyena to stop cackling.

Let me pivot from these vacuous snake oil salespeople to a ploy that Democrats in DC are trying to pull in Congress at this moment. Let me remind you that Democrats had both chambers of Congress and the presidency for 2 years between 2008-2010. During that time, they could have passed single payer health care that provided universal coverage to Americans. Except the Democrats are shills of Wall Street and whores of corporate interests. That is why they sold all us down the river and passed the big fat wet kiss to Wall Street that was Obamacare. Almost 10 years later, now that they are as impotent as Donald Trump in the Lincoln Bedroom, Democrats pretend to be exemplars of virtue as they push Medicare for All.

Hey Democrats, two words: fuck you! Take your scam and go away please. To the trickling few who still identify as Democrats, I am begging you to not fall for this shit. Donald Trump has a better chance of palming a basketball than this Medicare for All scheme has of passing the House and Senate. This is just another ploy to get people riled up and a means to raise donations from the people the Democratic elites dismissively call their “base”. Think about that for a second, they are calling their most loyal supporters their “base”–as in the beneath and the stepping stones of the establishments.

Holly shit, how much pillaging must people endure before they say enough of this nonsense. I don’t meant to be pious here, it took the meanest mugging from reality before I woke up to the nonsense. Not too long ago, I too was the biggest political hack and every part the water carrier of Democrats (watch the video all the way at the bottom to see my 2008 speech where ran to be Obama’s delegate if you need proof). Here is to hoping that we as a people don’t have to hit rock bottom called penury before we understand the way Democrats and Republicans alike are bamboozling all of us.

Just in case people want to accuse me of being a Trump supporter–apparently one can only think in two modalities in America–let me get this out of the way. Donald Trump is a buffoon who would sell his own children down the river in order to get a few more favorable points. This is the same man who, on more than a few occasions, had sexual ideations about his own daughter on air! To my fellow conservatives, this is the fella that is supposed to be a shinning example of religious values? Its sad actually, all of this bunk and these political personalities put before us is nothing more than a means of distracting us from the true outrages taking place in DC [read Unity or Dissolution].Here is an idea that liberals, conservatives and all sides in between can get behind. Instead of rallying to this shell game that is #MedicareForAll, how about we endorse #CongressCareForAll as a people? Do you know that our legislators and their staff in DC are exempt from Obamacare and instead have the finest health care that OUR money can buy. On a related note, the other day I was riding on the beltway heading to DC when I was struck by the sheer gravity of the moment. While I and my fellow schmucks were stuck in traffic, those who had the means to pay $10+ were driving easy breezy on the same highway in lanes reserved for the affluent. The same roads built using our tax dollars are now off limits to us unless we pay through the nose!

We are truly a nation led by the lawless and the immoral. Our country turned into one giant toothpaste tube, each day they squeeze more from the bottom in order feed the opulence of those at the top. When will this outrage stop! When will we take back what is ours? Here is a modest proposal; instead of following along to a topic because it’s trending on Twitter, let us get behind an idea of our own. Let all, irrespective of identity, ideology or party, get behind  behind #CongressCareForAll and for once unite even if it’s purely symbolic for now. It’s about time that we get some benefits from the laws these soulless politicians in DC pass instead of getting the short end of the stick up our collective… #CongressCareForAll

“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool” ~ Stephen King

If you appreciate the message behind this article and you too refuse to be the base of ANYBODY, share this article on social media and give the politicians and elites the middle finger using #CongressCareForAll

Check out the Ghion Cast below where I discuss how both Democrats and Republicans play all of us for suckers and fools. 

I too not too long ago was a political parrot. Parrot no more.

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