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HeGem20ny: a Global Pyramid Scheme Administered by a Cabal of G20 Fuhrers

It’s actually fitting that the Group of 20, otherwise known as the G20, is meeting in Germany this week. Hamburg was one of the five cities conferred the title of Führerstadt, the city of the Fuhrer, by Adolf Hitler. Fuhrer means leader in German, it was the title that Adolf gave to himself. Drunk on power and abject hubris, Hitler wanted to impose his will on the world and remake the globe in his image. As always, it’s hubris that is the precursor to all downfalls. Ten years after raising the Third Reich and boasting that Germany would be an empire that would last a thousand years, Hitler let his nation be razed by the fires of hell.

Though Hitler chose the comfort of a bullet and the kiss of arsenic pill in a bunker as the Russians were closing in, his spirit never died with him. Hubris just passes on from one despot to the next as if it’s an airborne virus. I imagine arrogance is like the soul of Satan jumping from person to person as portrayed in Denzel Washington’s movie “Devil in a Blue Suit”. Where Hitler was vanquished, imperialists gladly took on his ambitions as the US government imported Nazis to work on federal payrolls. I’m not breaking news here, this is a well known fact as a lot of our technological advances can be traced back to Nazi criminals (read Why America was Itching to Import Nazis)

It was not just weapons technology that our government was itching to import from Nazi scientists and experts. The Office of Strategic Services (now known as the CIA) was also frothing at the mouth to get at the most insidious aspects of Nazi proficiency. Chief among these know-hows the OSS coveted was the art of psychological warfare. Joseph Goebbels, who was just as repulsive as Hitler, perfected the science of psychological manipulation as he worked hand in hand with Josef Mengele on ways to alter emotions and cognition. The two depraved Joes experimented in the most heinous ways on living human beings as they honed the ability to bend people’s minds and control reality.

The CIA not only picked up on the work of Mengele and Goebbels, they actually perfected it. It was the CIA who flooded the market with LSD as a way to destroy the hippie movement. A decade prior, LSD was used by CIA scientists as a means of hacking the human mind and altering the psyche of people (see CIA and Legacy of LSD). It gets worse, the experiments were carried out on US soldiers as those who signed up to serve and protect our nation were treated to the most perverse forms of torture for the sake of “advancement”. This is nothing new, when the Department of Defense needed human guinea pigs to gauge the effects of nuclear fallout, they turned to soldiers and used enlisted men as crash test dummies.

This is what happens when hubris infects those who think they are all powerful. Moreover, this is the outcome when power is centralized and monopolized by a few. The United States, a country which was founded on the notion of repelling tyranny, has become a global tyrant the likes never witnessed in history. The founders warned of being the police of the world; wisdom disregarded, we are now the judge, jury and executioners of the globe. This is not meant to malign my nation nor am I implying that America is the locus of all things evil. We Americans are victims too as our government is doing to us what they do to other nations in the name of power and profits. In reality, America does not even have sovereignty; our nation has been hijacked by capital terrorists who are bleeding the United States the same way they are leeching the world.

The leaders you see arrayed at the Group of 20 Summit are nothing more than puppets who act as pernicious curtains for the true puppeteers who control the purse string away from the cameras and klieg lights. When I say controllers of purse strings, I am not referring to the US Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike are nothing more than lemmings who march to the orders of moneyed pied pipers. If you want to know the source of true evil in this world, I will echo the advice Mark Felt (aka Deep Throat) gave to Woodruff and Bernstein and tell you to simply follow the money. The entire world, with the exception of North Korea and Iran, has been interwoven into a global monetary scam and a cash scheme where the dollar is king and other reserves are pegged and dependent on the fiat currency issued by central banks.

These central banks, from the Federal Reserve, ECB and their affiliated World Bank and IMF, are non-governmental agencies. Meaning these entities—which set monetary policies for the world’s largest economies—are not accountable to any of the world governments. Central banks are actually operated by banks and banking interests, people keep talking about shadow governments and in the process turning evident things into ominous conspiracy theories. There is no conspiracy theory here, Google the mission of the Federal Reserve and their structural makeup and hot damn they tell us in broad daylight that they are not accountable to the people or the voters.

They use words like “retain autonomy from politics” to shade the truth. The Federal Reserve and Central Banks throughout the world are actually the focal point of power. Donald Trump and his fellow G20 leaders are just clowns distracting us while the Fed and central banks control policies by way of interest rate manipulation. Let a nation not submit to the will of Central Bankers and they get scud missiles by way of currency sell off to whip wayward nations back into line. There is no leaving this depraved and diabolical financial spiderweb; Brexit, Grexit, all attempted exits are met with financial terrorism. The New World Order does exist, just look at the back of your dollar and they tell you in plain sight. “Novus ordo seclorum” is printed on the back of the US dollar, it means “a new order of the ages” in Latin. The mark of the beast my friends is in our hands daily. Did you know mark means money in German? The money of the beast is currently gathered in Hamburg.

Follow the money and you will find the cancer that is eating away at the world. While would be fuhrers are glad handing in Hamburg and putting on a show, Central Bankers are plotting ways for yet more wealth to be transferred from 99.999% of humanity into the hands of neo-Hitlers who have more money than most of humanity put together. It did not end well for Hamburg as the hubris of Adolf was washed away by whistling bombs that eradicated the city—firebombs took the lives of over 43,000 German civilians in one day alone as the Royal Air Force lit up the city. Hubris ends with fires; if we don’t wake up soon, the fuhrers in Hamburg will lead us to yet another global war that will end up enveloping the world in mushroom clouds. #HeGem20ny

“Hubris is one of the great renewable resources.” ~ P. J. O’Rourke

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