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Dream Sellers and Con Artists: How to Determine True Change Agents Apart from the Frauds

Man! Don’t you just wish there was an app you can download on your phone that would allow you to point at a person and see if they are full of shit? No seriously think about this for a minute. Ladies, imagine if a dude comes up to you with his charm and swagger and tries to sweep you off your feet. Simply take your phone out and point it at his direction discreetly as you pretend you are making a quick call. If he is full of it and his idea of an intellectual conversation is a “WYD” text, he sets off a blinking light and that is your cue to get out of dodge like a bat out of hell! The same app would be great for men too. Want to find out if a woman actually cares about you or if she is just after your cheddar? Point and click and run faster than Usain Bolt being chased by a grizzly bear if the fraud alarm goes off.

Sadly, when it comes to the uncertainties of life and the mysteries of getting to know people, there is no app for that and there are no shortcuts. You just have to go with the currents and navigate perils as they come. However, there is a sure fire way to identify frauds when it comes to politicians, pundits and anyone who comes around pretending to care about you and the community at large. In fact, this method is more fool proof than any app that Apple or Google can create in their labs. It’s called the status quo and establishment embrace test. Here is how it works; if you see someone on the Corporate State Media and that person is being afforded status and a megaphone by the upper crust of society, instantly discount these would be change agents as utter frauds and counterfeit peddlers of hope.

This rule is iron clad and you can apply it to your favorite politician, pundit or “civil rights leader”. Let me tell you why this methodology is so accurate and predictive of charlatans. The status quo gate keepers, call them the 1%, do not let anyone into their circle unless these spot light whores have sold their souls in order to gain fame and status. Now let me clarify one thing, I’m not speaking of all people who are rich and famous for there are a few among the many who have actually retained their souls and maintained their dignity in the face of celebrity. Who I’m alluding to are the slick talkers who are pushed by the press and the powerful as some sort or working class hero or modern day sojourners as the media tries to convince us that so and so is our new champion.

I am telling your right now, the media does not push ANYONE who is actually about change. The whole system of injustice that is hobbling humanity is dependent on demagogues whispering grievance to certain subsets and demographics in order to keep us in perpetual conflict. To each group, a fire brand and a grievance pusher is thrust among the people in order to create and further the “us versus them” paradigm. This is how divide and conquer works; watch MSNBC and Fox News tonight and you will see polar opposite of the same playbook being deployed. To liberals and conservatives alike, to white and black and all in between, agitators who foment strife are shoved down our throats.

Diversion and disinformation is how 1% is able to conquer 99% of humanity. Their most effective weapons are the assholes who are interviewed and quoted by the mainstream press as they push their books and push on us antipathy and animus. From Van Jones to Al Sharpton, from Sean Hannity to Bill O’Reilly, they all are paid handsomely to keep us at each others throats. It is scientific how they do this as these depraved money chasers are sold to us as change agents. The previous president played this blueprint perfectly as he played on the hopes and dreams of his base in order to gain the White House. Once he got to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he turned his back on his most loyal supporters as he gave away the store to Wall Street while singing us Al Green songs. Trump followed the same playbook as he promised to “Make America Great Again”; he is currently figuring out ways to make America radioactive in flames.

True change agents are not given access to the stage. Those who actually start making headway in uniting the masses and fighting injustice are either given the silent treatment or the silence treatment. This is why the powerful murdered Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X (Confluence of MLK and X) same way they put holes in John and Robert Kennedy and a litany of authentic revolutionaries in the past as they continue to marginalize and silence bridge builders to this day. People who want to stand up for universal justice are  driven into the dirt by a monstrous authority that sees it fit to eliminate “threats” and then blame a lone gun man for the depravity of our government and the wickedness of corporatists.

So when you see folks on TV being interviewed by the Corporate State Media, and when you see Twitter and Facebook pushing movements like Black Lives Matter with a cute emoji, that is your cue and the fraud alert that they are yet again playing us for suckers. I’ve made my feelings known about the Black Lives Matter movement (rethinking BLM); suffice it to say that billionaires do not fund movements if they feel like a change will come of it. What the powerful do is fund sellouts and counterrevolutionaries in order to keep us perpetually distracted as they use our pains as toilet paper tissues. The more we keep following these demagogues who are pushed on us, the more society will keep being shattered.

The only weakness of this system of global injustice and capital greed is unity. You see, the source of this malignant status quo is division. As long as we are divided as a people by the endless labels and innumerable identities they keep pushing on us–and subsequently fighting for justice through those identities instead of uniting as one–the system will win all the time. This is why they keep marketing new “heroes” who are actually maggots whose job is to feed us anger and enmity. The true heroes are the ones who preach universal justice and fight for all regardless of labels. Bet your bottom dollar you will NEVER see these folks being pushed by the elites or their messages being heard through the status quo and the Corporate State Media that they own. That stage is reserved only for dream sellers and con artists. #HowToIdentifyFakes

“Fraud is the homage that force pays to reason.” ~ Charles Curtis

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This is why Ghion Journal was started, to go over the heads of the gate keepers and take this message directly to the people. Find out about us and join us on this audacious journey. I’m not talking about O audacity, that is fraudulence, I’m talking about the audacity of the people over the powerful. Can we unite and take on the 1%? Ye! We! Can! 

Watch the two Ghion Casts below and ask yourself this question, do you think the likes of MSNBC, CNN or Fox News will EVER let me get on the air (not that I will ever accept an invite) to talk about the topics I cover below? 

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