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Irrefutable Grounds for Immediate Impeachment

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, what I am presenting before you is a dossier that details a stunning scale of extralegal activities and immoral actions taken by the president that should serve as an irrefutable case for impeachment. Were we ruled by laws instead of being governed by the lawless, the set of facts laid out in this article is more than enough to remove the president of the United States and beyond that would serve as a basis for a referral before an international tribunal for crimes committed against humanity.

Though the list of infringements are many, we are going to focus on four specific areas of criminal behavior which are actionable. The overarching theme in all of these charges is that the president is acting without legal justification and abrogating the United States Constitution to serve the interests of a few at the cost of the general good. The Constitution of the Unites States, which was supposed to be the supreme law of the land and an article to be defended from both internal and external enemies alike, is very specific in terms of powers relegated to the Federal government. The size and scope of the Federal government was supposed to be limited to those areas specifically outlined in the Constitution and all other powers were to be reserved to states and localities and above all to the people.

Instead of the Constitution being protected, it has been put to the shredder by the president.  Impeachment is warranted in order to preserve the union and reclaim the government from the hands of traitors and scoundrels who are destroying our nation from within. The president is the number one enemy of our nation; by deception and diversion, he has subverted the rule of law and rules instead by fiat. We are a nation led by tyrants and a people being ruled without consent. Impeachment is our last chance to put limitations on the unfettered powers that politicians in DC have amassed as the people suffer in indigence and economic anxieties.

We the people thus demand impeachment of the president based on the following four infractions which have trampled on our rights as citizens:

State Sponsored Larceny

The president has used his powers to transfer more than $14 trillion to the wealthiest among us while shackling the citizenry with an onerous debt that has codified us as economic slaves of globalists. The United States government has been turned into clearing house where wealth is transferred from the many to the few and the president sits atop of this racket. Politicians on both side of the isle have become capos and our government turned into a legalized mafia whose sole existence is to funnel money from the working and middle class to the 1%. Using monetary schemes such as Quantitative Easing, bailouts and Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP), the president has used the bully pulpit not to protect the public but to fleece our nation to the tune of countless trillions as he continues to serve the interests of multinational corporations and global oligarchs.

Illegal Wars

The president of the United States is an outlaw who continues to contravene the Geneva Conventions and continually violates the basic tenants of human morality. By declaring wars without consent of Congress and without permission from the people, the president of the United States is breaching the oath he took to defend and uphold the United States Constitution. The Constitution is very clear, Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 cites that only the US Congress has the sole power to declare wars. This was written into the Constitution in order to prevent a neo-King George from taking reigns in America.

The tyranny of King George pales in comparison to the despotism of our president; a war has not been declared since WWII even as our nation has been mired in a continual state of war since the Korea war. The president of the United States is acting without legal authority as he started wars in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia without nary a congressional vote on declaring war and hostilities. Congress is equally responsible for the demolition of our Constitution as they have handed over their powers to the president. Where the sins of the US Congress is that of omission, the president’s transgressions are by commission. These wars the president keeps declaring constitute crimes against humanity as countless hundreds of thousands have perished at the behest of the military-financial complex.

Nullification of the Bill of Rights

The president of the United States has intentionally and perniciously incinerated the United States Bill of Rights which were meant to protect the citizens from an onerous and out of control Federal government. The president has doubled down on Bush’s illegal and anti-constitutional program of state spying against citizens by empowering intelligence agencies to target Americans as if we are foreign agents in direct violation of Article IV of the Bill of Rights. The breadth and depth of spying against the public is mind bending, by placing sophisticated servers and filters at every telecommunications company’s Point of Presence (PoP) and inserting filtering/aggregation software in the backbone of the internet, which then compiles and the stores metadata in vast storage vaults, our government is able to spy on every citizen and non-citizen alike in real time or retroactively.

This is pervasive intrusion in ways that every despot and autocrat throughout the world envies. Not even China and Russia have foisted this level of spying against their people. The president of the United States went one step further as he signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that empowers the Department of Defense to monitor free speech and censor media as needed using the pretext of foreign propaganda to nullify the Bill of Rights and our Democracy along with it. In the same NDAA, the DoD is given powers to detain people against their will without habeas corpus. America is now an autocracy; the people are just too distracted by politics to realize that we have lost our nation to internal enemies who have eradicated our Constitution and the rule of law along with it.

Crimes Against Humanity

Beyond the continual wars the president keeps declaring without legal justification and in direct contravention of the Geneva Accords, the president has codified a set of laws that are barbaric in nature. The president authorized the extralegal assassination of US citizens and non-citizens alike without a hearing or any evidence. Innumerable people have been killed by state sanctioned executions based simply on hearsay and because the president said so. This is not just an affront to the Constitution, this is a high crime and misdemeanors against humanity. When governments can justify state controlled homicides as a norm and turn to the practice of ruthless dictators, the people have a responsibility to rise up and stand against those who rule with iron fists and brute force. What is done to others will be done to us; power that goes unchecked and tramples on a few will eventually torment the masses. Impeachment is an imperative in order to preserve our union and protect the broader public.

Here comes the twist. The grounds outlined above are actions committed by one president Barack Hussein Obama. Partisans and Democrat pundits are up in a tizzy demanding an impeachment against Donald John Trump, yet they have been mum as Obama has been committing the very same excesses that Trump is now practicing. Politics is getting in the way of justice; people are too committed to ideology to see how our nation is getting pillaged by both political parties.

In all truth, every president going back to Woodrow Wilson has been acting outside of the law. The IRS, the Federal Reserve, and the endless wars that keep being declared in the name of corporatism and profiteering is an affront to the Constitution and to human decency above all. We are truly a nation being governed by the lawless. Not only this president but past presidents and our criminal congress should be impeached and promptly removed from power. The Constitution plainly states that the people are the final arbitrators. Moreover, the Declaration of Independence affirms that the people reserve the right to overthrow the government and start over.

If we do not stop looking at politics through partisan goggles and instead embrace justice without ideological or identity based agendas, a time will come where all of us will suffer irrespective of the endless ways we are sliced and diced as a people. Donald Trump should be impeached for his continued shredding of the Constitution and furthermore for being imbalanced and deranged. A man who is fundamentally unhinged has no business leading a nation let alone having access to the nuclear football. But the problem is beyond Trump; the problem is our politics. We the people need to come together and protect our collective interests or we will collectively understand what happens when power unchecked is loosened on the people. #IrrefutableImpeachment

“Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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