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Enough! Stand Against Corporate Fascism

I‘ve written plenty of times in the past about the ways corporate media and IT giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter are engaging in stealth censorship. As we are getting distracted by the daily outrage of politics and the sensationalism peddled by corporate media, social network conglomerations are using algorithms and key word suppression to shutter independent voices and non-affiliated journalists. The end of net neutrality will only increase this form of corporate fascism to unimaginable levels as internet service providers will be given free reign to create classes of service where corporations get to be more equal than people.

If you listen to people like Lee Camp, Caitlin Johnstone and Tim Black to name a few—voices who refuse to accept corporate narratives and refuse to stay in the narrow lanes of ideology and identity—all will tell you the dangers of letting the public square be hijacked and monopolized by plutocrats and moneyed interests. We speak on these things because we know first hand the experience of being censored. When articles at Ghion Journal get shared by thousands and yet you search on Facebook and find only a few highlighted or when our pages gets deleted by citing a nebulous reference to “community standards”, it becomes evident that there is a concerted effort to marginalize all but mainstream media.

Just two days ago, Facebook restricted my access because I had the audacity to post an article that encouraged people to shop less and spend more time with their families [read Buying Presents vs Being Present]. I ask you, does encouraging family time instead of driving ourselves into debt for the holidays constitute hate speech? I continue to see some of the crudest and vile things scroll on my timeline and Facebook accepts this level of indecency as meeting their “community standards”. Yet when people speak against corporatism and consolidated power in DC, that is when they get the hammer lowered on them. There is a reason for this of course; corporations have initiated a hostile takeover of all levers of power including the Federal government. Ergo, corporations are government. Consequently, what we are witnessing is government silencing by way of corporate censorship to sideline people who have the temerity to speak truth to power.

Notice how some people post status updates and then write “see link in article”? That is because they are trying to get around Facebook’s censorship where articles that originate from publications who have not bought ads from them are suppressed. Know which articles get top billing in Facebook’s news feeds? Corporate media and journalists who buy ads that’s who. The rest of us are not only diminished, in more and more instances, we are actively getting censored. Instead of maintaining a marketplace of ideas, social media companies are propagating a form of apartheid where only the “first class” (establishment) get to initiate the conversation while the rest of us just speak on demand. It’s only going to get worse from here as politicians, pundits and plutocrats team up to eradicate free speech and the very notion of a free press. This is the very topic I discussed in the Ghion Cast at the bottom of this article.

In order to overcome the high tech algorithms and the sophisticated ways that Google, Facebook and Twitter are suppressing our articles, preventing our write ups from showing up on news feeds and restricting our rights on their platforms, we have decided to go low tech. Below is an email list that we started and asking the readers of the Ghion Journal to sign up to. Once a day, an email will be sent out with a compilation of the day’s articles. We did this in order to keep the emails to a minimum yet keep you abreast of the articles that are being published here on a daily basis. As you sign up and receive our news letters, we ask you to forward them on to others so that we can get the articles you read here to a wider audience and in the process pierce the echo chamber of corporate media nonsense.

We are focusing on emails because that is a sure fire way to circumvent the pervasive censorship that has been normalized by the political and media class. Social media sites are able to suppress independent media articles, but, at least for the time being, all emails are treated the same. Please make sure to add to your address book so that our emails don’t end up in your spam box once you sign up to the list. Also, if you want instant notices from us, clicking on the red bell on the bottom right hand side of this website in order to get push notifications when a new article gets published. It’s sad that we have to engage to this level of outreach in order to evade the roadblocks that keep being put in front of independent journalists by corporate media and social network sites. Yet it is predictable, absolute power corrupts absolutely so we ask our readers and supporters of independent media everywhere to join us and empower us where the status quo is steadily trying to silence us. As always, thank you for your continued support. Use #CorporateFascism to share this article on social media to spread the awareness of what these corporations are doing and make sure to send organic posts and status updates as much as possible instead of using the share buttons (repost or retweets) for reasons outlined in this article. Thank you and keep up the good love.

“Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” ~ C. S. Lewis

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