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The Mika, Megyn & Trump Flimflam: Outrage as a Hustle; Sensationalism as a Business Model

Let me dispense with the cathartic indignation from the outset. Donald Trump is a buffoon who is embarrassing America globally and is an affront to all that is decent in this world. At the age of 71, where he should be leading our nation with the wisdom of a septuagenarian, Donald is instead offending our collective sensibilities and acting every part a juvenile prick. All but his most loyal Kool-Aid sipping sycophants see Trump for what he is, a man beset by hysteria who displays characteristics of deep seeded mental disturbances. The titular head of the free world and the man who possesses the football that can end us all is not a man at all, he is an impish toddler whose development was arrested and is proceeding to antagonize all of us because his daddy never approved of Donny boy.

It’s sad actually, I want to embrace this alternative human Trump the way Robin Williams hugged Matt Damon on Goodwill Hunting and tell him “it’s not your fault” over and over again until he loosens his demons. But I have yet to reach the level of zen where I can return animus with grace; when I witness this bilker-in-chief jump on Twitter and use the most repulsive language to offend women and taunt them with disgraceful insults, I have no choice but to call this orange hyena exactly what he is. Donald Trump is America’s herpes, a jarring rash who refuses to go away and a sore who reminds the world daily that America has a president who is really a pestilence. The shinning city on the hill has been darkened by the shadow of a small handed and puny minded scoundrel.

Now that I’ve gotten the pleasantries out of the way, let me actually dig deeper about the exchange that took place between Trump and the good folks over at Morning Joe. And by good folks I mean the yellow press hounds and vacuous pundits Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. You see, the tweets that Donald rained down like scud missiles a few days ago were a boon to “news” personalities at MSNBC and Donald Trump simultaneously. What Corporate State Media jackals covet above all is ratings because ratings mean more ad revenue. Thus, when Trump proceeded to debase the White House yet again by lashing out at Joe and Mika, the news execs at 30 Rock were besides themselves in a state of delirium and joy.

Though his actions were reprehensible and insulting Mika Brzezinski by alluding yet again to a woman’s menstrual cycles as a means of slander should be condemned universally, I refuse to be empathetic towards Mika. Mika is not a victim in this anymore than was Megyn Kelly. Both of them get paid a fortune and both Mike and Megyn bare responsibility for foisting this simpleton on us. A pox is upon the fourth estate and the Corporate State Media as a whole, everyone from MSNBC, CNN, Fox News Washington Post and beyond are wholly responsible for giving us a president who makes it his purpose on a daily basis to disgrace the White House and America along with it.

It was the Corporate State Media who, more than any other factor, ensured Donald Trump’s victory. After 8 years of Obama’s empty eloquence and high minded bullshit, Americans were ready for change. This is how our sham of a Democracy works, cyclical change gives cover to a perpetual Federalized pyramid scheme that never varies even as change is sold to us by way of revolving administrations. Just as Obama’s smooth (read slick talker) personality was change compared to George W. Bush’s oafish persona, Trump’s brutish antics were change compared to Obama’s “style and grace”. The more the media bashed Trump, the more his followers were convinced he was the change they were waiting for. The Corporate State Media effectively gave the Donald Trump campaign more than $200,000,000 in in-kind donations by way of earned media.

Mika and Joe were at the forefront of this subterfuge, their daily tirades against Trump was doing nothing more than giving Trump gravitas. A carnival barker who should have been ignored for the joke that he has always been since daddy Trump realized his son was a dolt was instead given a platform to garner the support of the large swath of Americans who felt that “their country” was slipping away from them. Donald Trump—as boorish as he is—is not an idiot. He is actually a brilliant con artist who knew how to manipulate the emotions of mostly “white” and under-educated voters throughout America. He stitched together a coalition of the resentful by convincing his base that he was the man who would make America great again. This charlatan would have never been able to reach his followers and recruit otherwise rational thinkers into an army of Trump unblinking adherents if the Corporate State Media did not elevate the orange clown into a cult hero for 21st century version of Nixon’s silent majority.

So when you see these same news anchors and yellow press scoundrels from Joe Scarborough to Mika Brzezinski feigning outrage, discount their rage as nothing more than disingenuous bunk. They secretly pop bottles with each Trump Tweet and every absurd antic, they probably have their headlines written for the next four years ready to plug and play whenever Trump takes to Twitter to mangle the English language and maul civility. This is why they pushed Trump’s presidency even as they pretended they were repulsed by him; every jackass in the Corporate State Media knew that Trump was going to be their cash cow. What a windfall for Corporate State Media business he has been as each outrageous Trump behavior translates to millions of dollars in new advertisement revenue. Writing about this topic is something that I, in all honesty, am repulsed by for I know I’m only feeding into the very idiocy I detail in this article. But I write about this only as a way of writing against this fraudulence that is being perpetuated upon us a people by bankrupt politicians, double-dealing pundits and a corporate agenda that is hobbling all into a state of hopelessness.

The left hand washes the right hand in this way; Trump gets the spotlight that he craves most as this man who keeps putting his name on buildings and his cheap trinkets gets to stay in the spotlight because that is what attention whores covet most. The yellow press pundits and “journalists” get more eyeballs as Mika, Joe et al continue to rack up more ratings and by extension yet more cash. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the lives of everyday Americans—including Trump’s most loyal supporters—are being chewed up and spit out by the corporate agenda and the very globalists the cobra Trump flicked his crooked tongue to pretend he was against. Mika, Joe and Trump keep playing us all for chumps; both sides claim victim as the rest of us are being victimized by the very same global greed that is bleeding the rest of the world. We take one step closer to our collective annihilation as Trump and the military-financial complex are girding for war with Russia, but we are distracted by yet another covefefe catnip. The flimflam is really us after all. #MikaMegynTrumpFlimflam

“Hypocrisy is the outside of cynicism.” ~  Mason Cooley

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