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Monster’s Gall: Make U.S. Feel Great Again

My friends, we live in surreal times. There are times I wake up and have to pinch myself and question if somehow I’ve entered a rabbit’s hole. Alas, our reality is real even if Alice could not imagine in her wildest dreams the bizzaro world we live in. We have a talk show carnival barker as the titular head of the free world and our democracy and politics the laughing stocks of the world. Except none of this is funny; the destructive nature of our broken two-party duopoly is unleashing bitterness and hostility throughout the citizenry and distracting us from realizing how oligarchical few have co-opted our government.

There is much to shake my head at to be honest, but the one thing that profoundly amazes me is how Trump voters have suspended all logic and common sense to worship a hustler with a toupee as if he is the next coming of Jesus. Going on social media has become an adventure in wonderment as I keep bumping into people who self-identify as “Christian conservatives” yet bow before a godless egomaniac who was thrice married and has weird sexual ideations about his own daughter! But wait, there’s more, not too long ago, most of Trump’s supporters were repulsed by “the Donald”. But that was oh so 2008 ago! That was when Trump was Hillary’s best feral friend and was a liberal’s liberal in New York City

Damn the facts though! Who has time for truth when people are mindlessly parroting political talking points and prostrating themselves while praying to their political gods and masters. One of Trump’s supporter actually said the following words as she explained why she believed in our Clown in Chief:

Trump has been sent to us by God. There are plenty of people in the bible who changed their ways and recognized the folly of their ways in order to be used by God to lead a nation and a people. Trump is our Ezekiel!

There are times that one has to decide to leave well enough alone. I know when people are open to discussion and dialogue versus those who are so far gone into the zone of cult like devotion—this was clearly a case of the latter so I decided to say adieu and move on. But it did get me to thinking about the sheer improbability of it all; how we put so much faith in people we never met and why so many of us idolize the very same people who make our lives miserable.

I don’t want you to think I am pointing fingers and judging without acknowledging my own culpability in this fiasco of zealously praying before the alter of political Neros. I once was there too; there was a time I was irrationally enamored with Obama to the point where I had his “hope and change” poster hanging in my living room wall. Imagine that, a grown man having a poster of a political actor up on his wall. Don’t laugh too hard, how many of you are still driving around with the Obama O on your cars? So maybe the disconnect that some Trump voters have is not too far removed from the unreasonable adherence those on the left have towards their favorite political idols. How many people who bash the devotion that Trump supporters have for Donald have pictures of Obama as their profile on Facebook? The planks are in all our eyes and not too many of us are sinless when it comes to the insidious political climate before us.

But there is another level of detachment, a bridge further that is walked, for Trump supporters to rationalize supporting this soulless gnome of a bloviating prick. How can anyone listen to Trump’s rambling speeches and read his incoherent tweets and walk away thinking that Trump is about the people is beyond my comprehension. Maya Angelou once said “when people tell you who they are, believe them”. Well Trump tells us daily that he is only about himself, yet people stow away common sense as if it’s luggage at airports and see only what they want to see.

Trump’s entire life narrative has been about screwing over people and gaming the system in order to enrich himself. This is what happens when people are born into wealth and never had to break a sweat to attain their fortunes. I know Trump supporters will say “Trump worked for everything he got”, to which I retort “there is a vast difference between being born into poverty and attaining wealth versus being born into wealth and maintaining it”. But to be honest, I don’t begrudge how Trump got his money. His luck in life landed him in the lap of luxury—who among us would not take that deal if we could?

What I take umbrage with when it comes to Trump is the fact that he was born wealthy and instead of using his wealth to benefit society and those with less, he has time and time again used his influence to screw over the “common man”. Each time Trump declared bankruptcy, who got hurt were small businesses—some of whom were forced out of business—and everyday workers. Trump has stiffed endless people and squelched on copious deals as he refused to pay his debts by using the legal system. The way he enhanced the fortunes he was betrothed by his father has been through leveraged buyouts (LBOs) and by using the bankruptcy courts to get over on us and screw over the people.

For those who believe that Trump will “make America great again”, what makes you believe that other than believing in empty slogans the same way Obama supporters once used to bleat “hope and change”. True enough Trump is a consummate deal-maker, but the “Art of the Deal” is really more like “the Art of the Steal” for his entire biography has been about using deceptive business tactics, rent-seeking and laying off workers after initiating debt-laden businesses in order to maximize his personal profits. You’re backing a globalist wolf to put a stop to the globalist agenda.

Trump’s entire empire is based on the “one world government” agenda he slithers his tongue pretending to be against. There is no need to listen to the rhetoric of devilish politicians—and yes Trump is every bit the politician that Obama once was. If you want to know where people’s hearts are, just follow their actions and especially watch how they made their fortunes and how they spend their money. If you need further proof, watch this video and listen to Trump heaping praise on Hillary Clinton and Slick Willie and especially listen to Trump lauding treaties like NAFTA and how Clinton ushered in the age of globalism. Just because a hyena decides to wear a MAGA hat does not mean he is no longer a hyena.

But who has time for common sense. When it comes to idolizing these demagogues and firebrands, logic is nowhere to be found. I’m reminded of the movie “Monster’s Ball” with Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thorton and a particular scene where Halle projected her hopes and her desires on a man who had no interest in her other to get in her panties. Halle Berry was a struggling mother whose husband (Sean Combs) was locked up and facing the death sentence. Hopelessness was her life and dejection was the life sentence Halle was facing. Billy Bob Thorton recognized Halle’s vulnerabilities and pounced! He sold her dreams and then got what he wanted, as he was having sex with her, Halle kept saying “make me feel good again” over and over again, trying to find hope and love as Billy Bob  was just fucking her.

Sounds so ironic and sad, Trump’s campaign motto is “make America great again”, promising just like Billy Bob Thorton to make his voters feel good again. And just like Halle, his voters bought the dreams being sold to them and are offering up their bodies to a deviant Trump who will just fuck them over and then leave them even worse off than before. This is what happens when we put our faith in shysters and con artists; politicians on both sides of the isle and of all stripes have perfected the art of selling dreams by way of talking points and theatrics. My fellow Americans, we are all being Billy Bobbed by Trump and Democrats alike and if we don’t wake up soon, we will end up like Puff Daddy when we are treated to the shock of seeing our life savings being zapped by the oligarchs yet again.

I guess it’s par for the course really. We have elected an orange version of Idi Amin who continues to bleed our collective ears with his fatuous tweets and self-aggrandizing press releases. It speaks of the age we live in; we keep treating our politics like sport and reality shows and we ended up getting a reality show clown who manipulates us with his tiny hands and screws us over with his even tinier…leadership. We keep falling for the catnip of sensationalism and outrage instead of assessing policies based on logic—we end up getting a government we deserve.

I don’t write these things to make fun of Trump voters. I see them as co-victims in this economic warfare that has been declared on all of us. I reserve my ire and condemnation for the truly powerful, my hope when it comes to Trump’s supporters is that they see the way they are being played the same way that Obama once played me and the “liberal left”. It is time for us to wake up as a people, stop vilifying each other and unite to take on the powerful. Or we can keep getting Billy Bobbed as one faction lets Trump anger envelop them while his supporters keep saying “make US feel good again”. #MUFGA

Those who feed and flourish at the cost of others suffer malnutrition of the soul.

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