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Obama Wiretaps, Trump Fatuity and MSNBC Liars

Oh my God! They are at it again. Folks, the yellow press hounds at MSNBC are back spreading disinformation and passing off propaganda as news. Today’s leading lie at the cable outpost for corporate shills and DNC hacks that is MNBC is that the Department of Justice just dismissed Trump assertion Barack Obama wiretapped him. To be fair, all sides are peddling this drivel as they spin this DOJ non-news in order to rile up the emotions of their demographic.

Left leaning “news” outlets like MSNBC, CNN and the Washington Post are reporting this as some type of rebuke of Trump while the right leaning publications are presenting this as some sort of “deep state” conspiracy to discredit Trump. The truth has always been murdered by a thousand liars pretending to be truth tellers as they bury facts with disinformation. Pay attention and I’m going to show you how all sides of the Corporate State Media are actively engaging in a conspiracy of chicanery that boggles the mind once you realize just how cunning these jackasses are.

“Obama wiretapped me!”  This claim by Trump sent the Corporate State Media into a frenzy as they whipped up a hysteria of denials and counter-confirmations from all sides. All of it was just a kabuki dance that these counterfeit journalists are engaging in as means of distracting us from the fact that our government has the means to spy on all of us without the need to revert to wiretaps and bugs. The way that charlatans like Joy Reid, Sean Hannity and their ilk are reporting, you would think that we are back in the 1970’s and G-men are planting miniature bugs behind rotary phone handles.

Breaking news! ICYMI, we are no longer in the analog age! Most of the information that traverses the world is now digital. Voice and data stream through the internet backbone; thus people armed with relatively simple tools can hack phone calls and monitor the online activities of their intended targets. Imagine then what a government armed with endless revenue streams, personnel power and coercive abilities is able to do. This is the nefarious aspect of the Patriot Act which is rarely reported on by the corporate toadies who pretend to be our last line of defense against tyranny.

Our government is able to listen real time or retroactively to any phone call or internet based activity. With little fanfare, the Department of Homeland Security mandated all telecom providers to open their network and allow intel agencies to place modems and filtering equipment at their Central Offices and throughout the IP backbone. All data is vacuumed up and stored in vast data warehouses, this is what the Vault 7 controversy was all about. Using the pretext of defending freedoms, our own government effectively euthanized our rights. What Bush started, Obama took the baton and codified state spying against citizens in ways that few of us can ever understand.

Some have been conditioned into saying “well I have nothing to hide” as if our freedoms should be up for discussion. People don’t realize the dangers of a concentrated power having the ability to intrude in our lives on this level until someone gets fired for posting a private thought on Facebook or Tweeting something that was politically incorrect. The line between government and corporations is ultra thin; as our government opened up our freedoms for negotiation, corporations followed precedent and actively monitor our spending habits and our activities.

The sad truth is that the Constitution was lit on fire and burnt to a crisp by the Bush, Obama and Trump continuum. Yet the public is diverted from this fact by politicians and pundits who continually revert to sensationalism and outrage. The hacks at MSNBC are thus committing an act of treason as they refuse to report on this massive and concerted effort that our government has undertaken to nullify our freedoms. The Corporate State Media has become the propaganda arm of the federal government and Wall Street corporations  alike in ways that would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

They all laugh at us as they toy with our emotions. Obama was no different than Bush and Trump is no different than Obama. We keep focusing on politics when the real source of injustice is the never changing policies that both Democrats and Republicans enact. Our nation has been hijacked by corporatism as plutocrats have weaponized their wealth in order to buy the souls of every politician, pundit and media whore this side of Mars. Using identity politics, which is really tribalism, they have us convinced that we are each others enemy when in reality the enemy are the oligarchy who sit atop of us. The struggle is not about identity or ideology; the struggle has and will ALWAYS be between the powerful and the rest of us.

My fellow Americans, we are being played for idiots by the rich and powerful. Stop depending on these Corporate State Media pundits and so-called “journalists”; they are nothing more than mouthpieces of our government and corporate interests. Instead of speaking truth to power, the Corporate State Media is actually perpetuating power as they record and parrot the very people they are supposed to be keeping in check. I implore you to turn away from the Corporate State Media and find independent journalists and media outlets unconnected to corporations and government influence. #MSNBCLiars

“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.” ~ Stephen King

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