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Relative Democracy: Bloodline Monarchy Disguised as an American Republic

There are certain truths so unreal and so implausible that we have a way of ignoring reality and collectively look the other way. This axiom applies to the next couple of paragraphs that you are about to read. It is mind-numbing actually, how is it that a fact acknowledged as true by the establishment is nonetheless glossed over as a tidbit instead of being roundly condemned and drummed out of Washington DC. This weekend, someone sent me a Washington Times article (read Hillary and Trump are Related) that confirmed what I’ve already known about our contemptible government. Here is the “shocker”, genealogy experts have arrived at a consensus—Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are related to one another.

If this detail existed in a vacuum, it would be a fun fact on Jeopardy. But this is a part of a broader conspiracy of treachery and subversion that is astounding! All of the presidents of the United States of America except for one are all blood relatives. Did you do a double take and spill your coffee? Or are we so inundated with outrage that this outrageous fact has lost its impact. Our republic is a sham in ways that makes North Korea look like the very perfection of a Democracy. To think; our government goes around lecturing the world about governance and corruption when the ideals expressed in the Constitution have been made into a mockery and the notion of a free and fair election is nothing but a complete farce.

I find myself shaking my head in bewilderment at times. So indoctrinated by Corporate State Media that I used to assail “African” autocrats when they made assertions that they were elected democratically while holding up America’s election as the beacon of virtue to the world. Well my friends, tyrants the world over have nothing on the fraudulence of our elections. In the 241 years of our country’s existence, all of the presidents save one trace their ancestry back to King John of England. Even the supposed historical accomplishment and America’s small act of atonement for the sins of slavery in electing the “first black president” was nothing more than chicanery, Barack Obama too traces his ancestry to the same bloodline that Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George Bush et al trace their lineage to.

I have to give it to these devils, they have perfected the art of deception in ways that would make Joseph Goebbels’s propaganda look like child’s play.They have us, the people, so conditioned and trained into accepting this two party kleptocracy that we can’t fathom any other way forward outside of the lanes that are drawn for us. Thus we vote every four years between two equally immoral and depraved factions thinking we are the bosses of our nation as we elect double-dealing politicians who are forced fed to us. That is the brilliance of this vile political system of ours; our vote gives cover to a government that has lost confidence of the people. More than 2/3 of the people do not vote, there was a time I used to tell people that if they did not vote, they were part of the problem. Now I see, it is 1/3 of the people who do vote who are the problem—their vote is giving legitimacy to a government that is not legitimate.

It’s like our who nation has been inverted and hijacked by the checks of the moneyed oligarchs. The yellow press Corporate State Media has been co-opted by the gentry as well; instead of speaking truth to power, they actually perpetuate corruption and state deception. It was a teenager named BridgeAnne d’Avignon who did the research and connected the dots (read Bloodline Presidency) about the ancestry of all presidents going back to George Washington and how they are all related. While corporate mouthpieces and partisan shills who call themselves journalists continue peddling smut and outrage, a young girl was the one who uncovered one of our nation’s most scandalous revelations. Her story was treated as a fun fact instead of being a focal point of a national outcry.

The powers that be, the principalities of darkness and malice, are so cunning that they have us fighting over politics while they all sit back and laugh at us collectively. Every four years we are given a false choice between manure and feces and made to vote which one is more nourishing to us. Once election season is over, rhetoric gives way to corruption as each side blames the other for the paralysis in DC that is designed on purpose. When it comes to things that we want, gridlock and obstructionism is given as the reason why nothing gets done in DC as both unscrupulous parties pass the buck and say “not my fault”. But when their corporate patrons and billionaire masters make demands by way of extortion and rent-seeking, both sides snap to attention and give away the store to the 1% as they rape all of us into submission.

In all honesty, it boggles my mind that there has not been another revolution since 1776. We are letting a Federal government do to us what the founders of this nation rose up to fight against. The level of tyranny that is reigned down upon us is a thousand times worse than what took place during the American Revolution. We are being taxed and levied to death in ways that would make Nathan Hale turn a thousand times in his grave. Our votes are nullified by the cash of billionaires, many of whom are not even American citizens. We are being taxed with a faux-representation but given a pretense of a vote to make us believe we have a choice. Even the pretense of freedom is slowly being taken away as our own government spies on all of us using terrorism as a pretext to wash away our freedoms.

One injustice after another keeps taking place and we just keep collectively shrugging our shoulders and refuse to take to task the purveyors of crimes against human decency. The rich keep taking and the rest of us keep getting marginalized. Those who enter politics and have a modicum of decency in them soon enough are run out of Washington DC as scandal and innuendos are set upon anyone who does not play by the rules. A crueler fate awaits those who really start making a difference and rally public opinion towards good governance—bullets become the final fate of presidents who actually stand for the people against the plutocrats. JFK, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, each one of these men were shot and two of them murdered. Lone gun men are passed off as culprits as indoctrination teaches us to accept cold blooded coup d’etas as acts of lone wolves. The same fate of scandals or shotguns awaits anyone who speaks too effectively against state corruption or tries to unite the masses. How much longer are we going to let these neo-pharisees keep silencing prophets who speak up for justice?

Excuse my French but what the hell will it take for us to wake up to this bullshit? When are we going to say enough to this nepotism that is passed off as governance? By the by, don’t tell your daughter or son that they too can be president going forward—do not lie to your children. If you can’t trace your bloodlines to King John, the only way your children can be in the White House is as visitors. Apropos actually, in our own homes we are all being treated like visitors as the elites lord over all of us. Doing the same thing all the time and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. We are fighting over presidents who are all related and believe that our votes have consequence—that would be the perfection of a collective insanity. #RelativeDemocracy

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” ~ Charles de Montesquieu

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Check out the Ghion Cast below as I discuss the utter fraudulence of the two party system and the chicanery of our Federal government system as they serve their corporate masters by sacrificing our pursuits of happiness and collective dignity to live in freedom. 

There is one way to overcome this state sponsored tyranny. Watch this Ghion Cast below and you will see that the same way that Ethiopians once defeated a colonial power during Adwa is the way we can overcome systematic oppression. Unity is the only way forward. 

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