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Who is Really the Conspiracy Theorist?

The truth is murdered by a million liars pretending to be truth tellers. This is why it is so hard to decipher fact from fantasy; the very authorities who are supposed to be the guardians of truth are instead disseminating more lies than there are sand grains in the Sahara desert. We live in a fact-free world because we are too inundated by deception to ascertain the veracity of what we are told. So before I go on with the rest of this article, let me leave you with this one nugget. Discount all who pretend to be the keepers of truth as frauds for only a very few among billions have enough influence and access to really know the truth. The rest of us are either making educated guesses or pulling bunk out of arses.

I say this in light of a civil debate I was having with a friend about the death of Ron Brown, the former Commerce Secretary under Bill Clinton, whose plane went down over Croatia and took another 33 people in the process. I am not about to break news here as I’m not proclaiming to have any inside knowledge about Brown’s death. But I sure find it odd that his plane crashed around the same week that embarrassing details were emerging that would have added yet another “stain” to the Clinton legacy. The minute the plane crashed, reports started to emerge that were later debunked. The mainstream media reported that the plane crashed in the worst storm to hit Eastern Europe in more than two decades. As always those in power always spread a million lies in order to bury the truth in a sea of disinformation, the skies over that area were later on confirmed to be clear and the weather was actually calm.

When I brought up the issue of Ron Brown’s death and showed a video of Bill Clinton laughing at Ron Brown’s funeral only to morph his smile into sadness in ways that even the most depraved sociopath would find incredible, I was met with a question that is asked of anyone who does not follow the narrative of our bankrupt mainstream media. “Ted, you’re not into the conspiracy stuff are you?” This was posited to me in ways that usually traps most people to either disavow their beliefs in order not to be labeled a quack or to hold tight to their statement and be marginalized as a conspiracy theorist. This is why that label “conspiracy theorist” is so effective; it lumps together ALL who does not follow the narratives of either our government or the established press as loons who wear tinfoil hats who should be avoided like lepers during the time of Jesus.

Let me pause here and condemn in the harshest way possible grown adults who taunt those who they disagree with with insults aluding to mental disease. I’ll dispense with the niceties and just say this plainly—grow the fuck up! I actual feel sorry for most people who revert to this line of attack and who turn to ad hominem when presented with a line of argument for they are only calling others what they are. The image above of the guy in a tinfoil hat has been accepted as part of the public lexicon when in reality we should publicly shame all these knaves who think it’s cute to make fun of those who already bear the anguish of never ending turmoil. Next time you want to insult others using this line of attack, pause and ask yourself if you want to join the league of pricks who have so little intelligence that they can only win by pejorative and bullying tactics. Now let me return to this issue of conspirators theories and I hope you excuse my need to “keep it real” for a hot second.

Going back to my friend’s question, I refused to fall into the trap of the question, though I’m pretty sure my friend’s intention was not nefarious when he asked. Instead, I took a swerve and asked him if he knew where the label conspiracy theory comes from. Thus this article is expounding of the debate I had with my friend but I’m going to take it one level higher and talk about our very basis of understanding news and the concept of credibility. We are being drowned with fake news all the time, by fake news I’m talking about our depraved mainstream media who are more interested in chasing clicks and Twitter followers than they are chasing down leads and keeping power in check. So let me start off with this axiom, you can discount as fiction 100% of the “news” that is peddled to us by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Washington Post and any other “news source” who are owned by a corporate interest for their interest lies in growing the business more than speaking truth to power. Thus the first tenant of knowing when you are being lied to is to know that the mainstream media has about as much truth as Sara Palin has books.

But let’s keep drilling down and actually talk about the very concept of a conspiracy theory and where that term originated from. The words “conspiracy theory” did not enter the public lexicon prior to the 1960’s. It was after the assassination of John F. Kennedy that psychology and messaging experts working within the various alphabet soup agencies in DC decided to coin the term “conspiracy theory”. They did so in order to discredit anyone that did not accept the findings of the Warren Commission and their preposterous theory that one single bullet was able to kill John F. Kennedy causing all kinds of catastrophic damage to multiple body parts in angles that is not possible for a single bullet to traverse and then injuring two other people in the process. You would have to bend reality on its head in order to accept that one person, Lee Harvey Oswald, was behind the death of one of America’s most beloved presidents.

We will leave for others to determine the truth of what really happened on the fateful day of November 22nd, 1963 in Dallas. But to believe that one man could pull of the most sophisticated of assassination by himself and have all the cards falls in his favor is to believe that Santa Clause is your next door neighbor. The truth is that most likely the death of John F. Kennedy was a coup d’etat where the bigot Lyndon Baines Johnson gained the office he coveted all along and in the process continued the Vietnam war and the fracturing of America. The full scope of that day will one day come out for what is done in the dark eventually comes out in the day light. But I’m pretty sure that General Curtis Lemay, the same one who wanted to start World War III with the USSR over the Cuban Missile Crisis, is most likely roasting full blast in the furnace of hell.

The term “conspiracy theory” was deployed in by our own government and their enablers within the mainstream media to discredit anyone that claimed an alternative explanation. And of course, the public being gullible and believing only those in suits accepted the narrative of the very people who had the most to gain with JFK’s death. This is the problem that most of us don’t get; those in power don’t have any interest in telling the truth for the truth would condemn them in the court of public opinion and would lead to an immediate insurrection the likes of the French Revolution. This is what our own government fears more than most, they do so much dirt in our names that they fear us waking up to their depravity.

Those in power don’t fear terrorists; hell they create terrorists overseas in order to have a convenient boogeyman that will keep us in perpetual dependence of tyrannical bureaucrats who themselves are dependent on the largess of the corporate agenda. So the mind game is played where disinformation is proliferated as our own government employs both the liars and the supposed truth tellers on the same pay role in order to confuse the hell out of the public. Add to this the mainstream media who act as mouthpieces of the government and multinational corporations and what we have is a society that has the most cutting edge of psy-ops used against it in order to manipulate public opinion.

Let me refer you back to the sinking of the Lusitania. This was the precursor to the entry of the United States entering World War I. How apropos actually for today is Army Day which marks a rightly deserved honor for those who served while concurrently commemorating the coming of the “Great War” to America. Prior to the sinking of the Lusitania, the public was vehemently against the war going on in Europe as Americans felt it unwise to entangle ourselves in the conflicts of other nations. Thus a pretext, a false flag, was needed in order to cajole the public into a war posture. This happens at the outset of every war that America enters by the way, a leery public is moved into a war hysteria by a lie sold as truth.

The lie that got America into World War I was that Germany was behind the sinking of the Lusitania. The truth was radically different as a commission in the 1930’s and historians would go on to dismiss the conspiracy theory that was pushed by our own government. The truth is that there was an explosion in the hull of the Lusitania that was based on faulty mechanics which led to the death of countless people. But what need is there for truth when those in power can take advantage of a crisis in order to get us into yet another immoral war. As long as there is an imperative for profit and a money making motive behind wars, those in power will always find ways to start new ones.

Damned lies, its always a lie that gets us into this immoral wars. This was true of World War I, this was true of World War II as the Roosevelt administration had plenty of advance warning that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor but did nothing so that the attack could once again move the public into a war footing. This was true of the Vietnam war as the Gulf of Tonkin was used as a pretext to get us into a war that took the lives of over 50,000 soldiers and a genocide against the people of Vietnam. This was true of the Iraq war as WMD was used as the basis to start a war that was over a decade in the making by the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

There is an unholy trinity between our government which protects the interests of the elites, the media which hides the intentions of our government and historians (educators) who look retrospectively to disavow the sins of the past as they cravenly give credence to the excesses of the present system. All three are owned fully by corporatists who have leveraged their bank accounts to own the souls of those in government, media and the education system alike. This is why we can’t see our way out of the endless lies, at all corners we are cornered by lying assholes who have the titles, the credential, and the fortunes to convince us they are the keepers of truth when all along they keep deceiving and  distorting as they magically spin fact out of myth.

So maybe it is time for us as a public to stop accepting the narrative of our government and the bunk that is sold as news by the mainstream media. The conspiracy theorists are the very same ones who are leading this nation and spreading disinformation by way of the fourth estate. Or else we can keep listening to liars and dismissing those who are trying to speak truth to power as conspiracy theorists. But there is a cost to ignoring those who are not in a position of power for in time history vindicates those who question the excesses of our government and the elitists who are able to influence public opinion. Don’t let the next war be what makes you finally understand the duplicitous ways of those in powerthere will be no one around to say “I told you so” if that day arrives. #ConspiringTruth

“The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. It’s the age-old struggle: the roar of the crowd on the one side, and the voice of your conscience on the other.” ~ Douglas MacArthur

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