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We the Sheeple: a Bleating Shame

I used to think that Fox News loyalists were the biggest lemmings in the world. This conclusion of mine was further fortified when I read a book by Thomas Frank titled “What’s the Matter with Kansas”. In the book, Frank makes a convincing case that Republicans are letting red meat issues distract them from paying attention to concerns that impact them and consequently vote against their economic self-interests. Armed with this notion, the petulant side of me would occasionally snicker when people who voted for the GOP got shafted by some governor or Senator they elected. The paternalistic side of me wanted to lecture them and to “teach” them the importance of voting for Democrats.

Little did I know that I was bleating myself as I was calling the other side sheep. There is nothing like a mean mugging by reality to open the eyes and see how we are getting toyed with as a people. I realize now that both sides—the left wing and right wing partisan parrots who repeat talking points they watch on TV—are equally shellacked and enslaved lock, stock and barrel to the very political parties who are bludgeoning all of us. Those who self-identify as Democrats are no more free-thinking than those who self-identify as Republicans. Both clan are beholden to ideologies that don’t pay their rent or feed them yet would jump to defend their political idols before they defend their own mothers.

We are a society transfixed by the politics and entranced by political idols in ways that would shock the conscience of Jim Jones. The same way Republicans in Kansas vote against their self-interests is the way that Democrats in California vote against theirs. Thomas Frank was a pandering nitwit who wrote a book to cater to liberal partisans—by omission he committed journalistic malpractice. The truth he kept out of his book was that Democrats are just as guilty of being baited by red meat and consequently being taken to the woodshed by Democrats. Don’t believe me? Please visit Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, Houston and a few “deep blue” states and witness the disparity between the haves and the have nots. You can thank Democrats for resurrecting the ghettos of Poland by way of gentrification and catering to Wall Street as they sell their loyalists down the river.

The one truth that Frank wrote is that people are voting against their economic self-interest. The lie he perpetuated was presenting this as a partisan issue when this contagion of self-nullification is endemic of our political system and society as a whole. We keep fighting over marginal issues that should be left to self-determination as we overlook the root cause of most societal ills. Economic inequality is the ocean from which all other rivers of injustice flow from; high incarceration rates, homelessness, drug infestations, crime and lack of education and jobs; almost every problem that gashes our nation can be traced back to economic imbalances and managed scarcity. Instead of focusing like a laser on this overriding issue, we bleat and yap about banal and superfluous matters.

To wit, everyone is outraged about being pillaged but they contribute to their pillaging by following wolves who peddle separable grievances. This is how a few thousand people can defeat and enslave billions throughout the world. You see, the rich divide us and then sit back and eat their popcorn as we defeat ourselves. Everyone is out for self as they march about women inequality, black inequality, gay inequality, Latino inequality, Muslim inequality, white inequality, the list of grievance groups is one too many to count. As they march separately they get marginalized separately. All seek equality but they refuse to unite and hold hands to arrive at equality. This is why I keep saying that protesting is for a defeated people, those who react out of emotion instead of thinking with logic are twice defeated before they take the first step forward.

In all honesty, to call humans sheep is an insult to sheep. I have met sheep, I know sheep, we humans are no sheep my friends. It’s almost like we are a collective of masochists; we complain and gripe only to go back to the same sadists who keep screwing us over. By the by, I’m not excluding myself from this criticism; hell if I was not educated by privation, I too would still be bleating along to DNC talking points and defending the likes of Obama and Pelosi while simultaneously attacking Republicans for being idiots. This is what the Russians meant by the term useful idiots; they were talking about fools who thought they were a part of the party when they were nothing more than stepping stones. As the Russians called their apparatchiks “useful idiots”, the elites in DC call their loyalists “the base” and people sheepishly self-identify with that insulting label.

Seriously, this is not going to end well for us. It never ends well for sheep; they either get fleeced or get slaughtered. Think this is hyperbolic when I warn of such dire consequences? Let me focus your attention on our economy for a second. My fellow Americans, the next economic downturn is one that we should pray never comes. The Federal Reserve emptied their chamber to “save” the economy in 2008; thus monetary schemes (scams) that have been used in the past to spurn economic activity during recessions are no longer available. Interest rates are already near 0% so they can’t lower rates—the Federal Reserve is now a conclave of economic pricks beset with collective ED. Likewise wave goodbye to a monetary scheme that Obama popularized called Quantitative Easing. It is not possible to print our way out of the next economic downturn, countries have been selling T-bills to prop up their own economies so there will be few buyers if Treasury decides to issue debt to solve debt created problem—the “Great Recession” neutered the Department of Treasury as well.

But wait there’s more. With Republicans in control of all levers of power in DC, you can also wave goodbye to the tried and fraudulent gimmicks of Keynesian policies. There is no political will—nor does Congress have the backbone—to inject a vast stimulus bill to resuscitate the economy if it goes south again. It sounds irrational to talk about these issues while Wall Street is in record territory right? Except the irrationality resides with the hacks in the Corporate State Media; an overheating market is not an indication of economic health but a symptom of a bubble waiting to burst. Compare this year’s DOW chart to that of 1929 and you will understand my point. The bubble pop cometh my friends; when it does, our mafia government will not be able to step in as the buyer of last resort to prop up this system of crony capitalism that has become the cancer of this earth.

We are at the precipice of calamities that none of us can imagine. Instead of adults stepping in to stave off disaster, we have our infant in chief Trump rattling cages at the UN and his equally vacuous predecessor Obama making $4000,000 a speech as he cashes in his chits for being the step-and-fetch it child of Wall Street. All the while, we the sheeple are so fixated on politics and cult of personalities that we don’t see the water boiling all around us. What will happen next only God knows, but the outcome is predetermined. Our nation is sliding into the abyss as all empires do when they take on too much debt and exude too much hubris.

The rich and famous we love to worship will do just fine; they stay prepared for worst case scenarios—they call it contingency planning. It will be us, the sheeple, who will finally wake up to this racket by fleece or by blood in the streets. There is a reason I keep writing about unity and togetherness all the time; the only chance we have to avert this outcome and to reclaim our dignity and freedoms is if we come together instead of being led to the slaughter house by way of individual grievance as the carrot and political correctness as the stick. We can either unite by choice or—I promise you—we will unite by duress. I hope we choose the former before the latter comes for us. #WeTheSheeple 

“The rich rob the poor, and the poor rob one another.” ~ Sojourner Truth

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