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An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders

Yesterday will stand as the day that a crime against humanity was committed by Donald John Trump. History might or might not take note of the heinous nature of what was done in the name of Democracy and freedom against Afghanistan; nations who have a monopoly of power and the gun get to dictate morality while practicing none of themselves. Yet, where our craven mainstream media are passing on this atrocity as an interactive story worthy of a Hollywood production, people who truly care about justice will forever remember April 13th, 2017 as the day targeting civilians by means of mega bombs was normalized by politicians and pundits alike.

It is with this in mind that I am writing this open letter to Senator Bernie Sanders and the Democratic leaders in Congress. Although I am repulsed by the actions and compliance of Republicans and Democrats alike and likewise my condemnation is aimed at our opinion leaders as a whole, I am especially appalled by you Bernie. You are the same person who captured the attention of millions and promised to usher in an age of helping the “little guy” and rebuffing the military-financial complex. Yet as the norms of civil society and the Geneva convention was blown to smithereens 24 hours ago, you were mum and swallowed your tongue. The military-financial complex you rage against dropped a mini-nuke against a country we have already broken by a decade plus of bombing runs and Bush/Obama drone attacks—your silence was deafening and telling.

The same Bernie Sanders who takes to Twitter to rant against the excesses of crony capitalism yet does NOTHING about it in the Senate took it to a whole different level yesterday by not even doing something as symbolic as condemning the deranged Donald Trump and his decision to drop a GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) on Afghanistan. Known as the Mother of All Bombs, the MOAB is a weapon of mass destruction that indiscriminately kills civilians and combatants alike; a weapon of genicide that does not differentiate between fighters and infants. This is a bomb conceived by death merchants in the defense contracting hustle as a means of inflating their revenues at the cost of humanity. One MOAB costs $300,000,000—let that sink in for a moment.

One bomb costs 50% more the entire budget of the Wounded Warrior Project. A home could be built for EVERY homeless veteran in America if we had redirected the money that was spent yesterday destroying a nation to build up our country instead. Alas, there is no profit in sustaining life; our broken and depraved federal government and their Wall Street patrons only seek profits by way of inflicting death and suffering abroad and at home. This is the truth that the you will never speak upon because you are too busy getting paid as your status is being perpetuated by the very broken system you supposedly rail against.

There is a word reserved for prevaricating lawyers and politicians who speak a good game as they deploy words and manipulate feelings in order to game the system for themselves. That word is shyster, and you sir Bernie are the epitome of what a shyster is. For a minute Bernie you had me fooled during the presidential campaign; I once actually entertained signing on to yet another politician after being mobbed by the reality of Obama’s two-timing policies. But I woke up to your lies the minute you sold out your supporters and voters to endorse the monster that was and is Hillary Clinton.

You are nothing but an empty suit who was accorded access to the microphone and embraced by the mainstream media because you were just another hustler like Obama, Clinton and Trump. You talk a good game while perpetuating the system for your own benefit. You speak against injustice on the margins yet never go at the root of the problem; you are actually worse than Republicans and the most ardent Freedom Caucus member in this way. Your whole raison d’etre in DC is to give cover to the immorality and excesses of a government that has been hijacked by corporate interests.

Everything that you have done since Donald Trump’s inauguration amplifies the fact that you are nothing but a charlatan who cares not an iota about the suffering of the people you supposedly speak for. You are full of gesticulations and gestures and nothing more; a septuagenarian who is one of the most powerful Senators in DC yet all you do is rant like a teenager on Twitter. Why sir have you not filibustered once since January 20th if you have so concerned by Donald Trump’s actions? Why have you not initiated a blue slip veto or tied up the Senate with endless procedural actions if you are so alarmed at the continued fleecing of Americans?

There is no need to answer these questions Bernie—the truth is evident. You are a hack who makes a show of being outrage as you sip from the very same chalice of injustice you are supposed to be speaking against. A bankrupt politician through and through; you are the very duplicitous politician that Malcolm X warned against when he said that Republicans are wolves and Democrats are foxes. Your level of guile only reveals that the problem is not ideology—capitalism, socialism, and all ideologies are only as good as the people who lead them.

Congratulation I guess, you have successfully climbed the ladder of politics while stepping on your very supporters as rungs. You are no different than Trump; the same way that Donald spoke to the antipathy of the right wing, you followed the Obama blueprint and spoke to the grievance of liberals. In the end, both wings got played by political confidence men who keep accumulating fortunes and gaining status by peddling false hopes and treading on the pains of their followers. This is how divide and conquer works; you Bernie are part and parcel of this devious agenda to splinter the people into endless cauldrons of grievance and animus.

This is par for the course; nothing surprises me anymore about depraved politicians who too many worship. But yesterday was different; the monstrosity of using a mini-genocide bomb was a game changer that calls for the American public to stand against those who are marching us closer to our collective annihilation. There was nothing tactical about the use of GBU-43 bomb yesterday because a MOAB is not a tactical weapon. The leadership within the military—at the behest of our cowardly commander-in-chief—chose to use a weapon that maximizes death in ways that none of us can fathom. Imagine the force of 10,000 9/11’s set off in a one mile radius by just one bomb.

The destruction that the MOAB causes falls just short of the havoc that is unleashed when an atomic bomb explodes. We effectively witnessed the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in our lifetime even as pundits and yellow press journalists refused to report it as such. Who and what are we becoming as a society when we accept the wholesale destruction of a city as if what we observed was just a fender bender. In a moment that called for moral courage, you Bernie Sanders shrank to the size of a pea and refused to utter a word. Silence is compliance; you now stand in league with Germans who refused to speak against the persecution of Jews during the rise of the Third Reich.

Godwin’s Law can go to hell; suffering is suffering on this issue. A life taken in the name of profiteering is just as valuable as 6,000,000 lives taken in the name of fascism. We are witnessing the rise of a neo-fascism in America as Donald Trump is bending to the will of globalist neo-Hitlers. Our votes have become as worthless as confederate money; the axis of power in America and around the world are the moneyed elites. Plutocrats have hijacked America and rule our nation after initiating a hostile takeover by weaponizing their bank accounts. These oligarchs have bought up every politician in DC; you Bernie are just as bought as the most pro-multinational bank Republican shill. Your words are worthless and your utterances are vacuous; you are just another politician who leveraged your voters to gain power in our nation’s capital.

For the record, shyster is not a antisemitic slur. Shyster just means “a person who gets along by petty, sharp practices.” So anyone who wants to turn this article into yet another grievance cause or tries to accuse me of hatred for Jews because I spoke against Bernie, please stop with the nonsense. If you want to see true injustice, look to the east and realize that there are mothers and fathers at this moment scrapping their babies off building edifices. For this atrocity, we have a paper tiger president Trump, the likes of Bernie Sanders and both sinister political parties to thank.

It makes perfect sense, you Bernie gave a green light to the Iraq war by voting for the Authorization Unilateral Military Force Against Terrorists (AUMF) in 2001 thereby giving Bush a legal cove and a pretext to use force as he sees fit in. You then slithered your tongue to pretend that you were outraged at Bush’s actions after giving him the keys to drive drunk. At the very least, you are an enabler but in reality you are a silent conspirator who is giving allowance to the crimes against humanity that is committed in our names. This makes you the perfection of a shyster and a shill of neocons and neoliberals alike.

My fellow Americans and brothers and sisters who are caught up in the day to day struggle of life. Be careful of being silent as crimes are committed against humanity. We are supposed to be the bosses of this nation, let us act like it for there is a cost when a citizenry lets the powerful bleed nations. We are letting a few run roughshod over all of us and bleeding the world one country at a time. We have let the a billionaire class turn a once shinning city on a hill into a menacing cancer that destroys nation with fire for the sake of the next marginal dollar. Do we have to feel the heat ourselves before we finally stand up to the same wolves who bled our nation in 2008? How many more politicians are going to distract us from the truth; how many more elections before we say enough to the duplicity of politicians like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump?

World War II was once thought unthinkable as the world ignored the plight of Ethiopians when Musolini unleashed hell on a country that never touched Italy. Haile Selassie warned the League of Nation that the suffering felt by Ethiopians will land at the doorsteps of Europe. Silence by world powers turned Haile Selassie’s warning into a prophecy. Let us not repeat the sins of the past for the next silence that leads to blowbacks will be the prophecy none of us want to see unless you love eating mushrooms and enjoy glowing in the dark. #BernieShyster

“People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.” ~  Otto von Bismarck

If you are appaled at the actions of Donald Trump and the silence of the Democratic party and the complete absence of Bernie Sanders on this issue, share this on social media using #BernieShyster and tweet Bernie this article at @SenSanders

Watch the video below to see how both parties play their base for fools and end up perpetuating injustice in our names. 

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller

RIP Victims of the Military-Financial Complex at home and abroad::


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