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April 24, 2017 11:00 AM

Bernie has continued tirelessly engaging in activism on behalf of the people since the election, unlike Hillary who became a virtual hermit. Bernie has engaged in activism for his entire professional life, longer than you have even been alive, putting himself in harm’s way for desegregation, championing gay rights long before it was safe for one’s career to do so, and recently standing for Standing Rock by taking the protest to the White House itself. Your uninformed trashing of Bernie smells strongly of the paid Correct-the-Record smears he endured throughout his campaign; and your antisemitism (you do know what a… Read more »

Teddy Fikre
Teddy Fikre
April 25, 2017 10:31 AM
Reply to  NikolaiG

Let me respond your inference that I am an anti-Semite for referring to Bernie as a shyster. First off, I have Jewish blood in me not only in my immediate family but ancestrally as Ethiopians are very much connected to King Solomon and King David by way of Sheba and Bathsheba, so it is preposterous to libel me as anti-Semitic not only given my affinity for the Jewish heritage and history but also because I have praised the Jewish community for years as a model to emulate including on an article I posted a few days ago about reparations. Moreover,… Read more »

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