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Democrats and Republicans: Malignant Factions Yoked in Malfeasance #EqualEvils

Let me break some news here, but not really. The United States Federal Government is illegitimate. A government that rules by decree and not by consent has no standing to continue governing nor does it have any moral authority to lecture the rest of the world about Democracy and good governance. When more than 2/3 of Americans who otherwise can vote opt to stay out of the electoral system, it is an indication of a government that has lost the confidence of the people. In all honesty, what the founders of this nation fought against and fought to stand up has been made into a mockery by despots in Washington DC who make the tyranny of King George look like the benevolence of Mother Theresa by comparison.

I assure you I am not using hyperbole when I call our government officials tyrants and despots. There is no difference at all between third world tin pot dictators and double dealing con artists in DC who laughably call themselves public servants. Pubic serpents is more like it; two equally corrupt political parties who are really factions pretend to be in opposition in front of the cameras but behind the scenes they are codependent thieves who are working together to kneecap every American into a state of financial insolvency and economic dependency. We would see this as a people if we were not distracted by the cult of personalities that these two equally malignant political factions have become.

It’s ironic that I am writing this on a day that the human pathogen that is Nancy Pelosi announces the Democratic alternative to Donald Trump’s no hat and no cattle agenda. This is how these two parties give us the facade of control; even as their end game is the same, they go about the means of transferring wealth from the many to the few using different methodologies. Republicans don’t feign care; they tell us that their primary concern is to take care of the rich gentry and hopefully the rest of us can eat Monsanto cake crumbs after the rich had their fill of creme brulle and truffles. George Bush Sr, the son of an avowed Nazi Prescott Bush, used to call this trickle down economy—in reality it’s transfer up larceny.

Yet, I won’t lie, I respect Republicans more than the wickedly duplicitous Democrats. There is something to be said for truth in advertisement. Republicans let it be known that they don’t care an iota about us—I have a grudging admiration for their level of pernicious truthiness. Democrats though, man these devils are uber devious. Every four years, they make a show of caring for the huddled masses as they pretend like they actually have concern for the plight of the poor and “minorities”. They don’t care though, they just peddle grievance to incite emotions and tread on our pains in order to get elected. Once they get elected, they immediately start screwing over their most loyal supporters as they cater to the corporate agenda by selling out the rest of America.

There was a time, not too long ago, where I used to be a partisan hack—a through and through Democratic parrot—who had the audacity to lecture others to vote or they become part of the problem. Nothing educates like the mugging of reality; I now realize that the people who vote are the problem. When more than 65% of eligible voters say “fuck it” and refuse to take part in the sham that is our election, the ones who do vote become the useful idiots who give legitimacy and cover to a government that has no moral standing to say they are a representative Democracy. The Federal government is actually a kleptocracy administered by autocrats who are not bound by the very laws they pass more and more by fiat—this is the very definition of a banana republic.

But snakes do as snakes do, if an asp hisses and bites the hand that pulls the lever that feeds it, are we to be surprised by this? Nah, the problem is us, the people. We are the ones who are allowing this to take place; we are the ones who are empowering our own ravishers. The 33% who insist on remaining true to the equally depraved Democratic and Republican parties are like the deadenders who hold out and fight for their political masters long after wars are declared over. They refuse to see the truth, that both parties are responsible for the continued theft and wealth transfer from the struggling 99.99% to the .01% who live lives of opulence in ways that make Donald Trump look like Oliver Twist.

I was reading a thread earlier in a Facebook group where a vigorous debate was taking place inspired by an article I wrote about the next Obama fraud by the name of Kamala Harrison (read Hoodwink Afoot). A few people refuted the article not because what I wrote was erroneous or because I made any false assertions. Rather, people were dismissing what I wrote because they were afraid that “their party” would lose the next election cycle. Each time I saw “we” followed by a slavish devotion to the Democratic party I cringed. Let me be bipartisan here, Republicans do the same thing. What is this “we” thing? As these counterfeit politicians say, let me be make this absolutely clear, if you are not getting a paycheck from the party you subserviently vote for or you are not sitting at the policy table, there is no “we”. Your ass is a customer who is paying out your ass in order to let that same ass get pillaged by the party you keep voting for.

Just think on this for a minute and reflect how politics makes otherwise rational people into human pretzels. Remember during the Bush years the “left” adored Putin and watched RT News as if Russia TV anchors were the next coming of Walter Cronkite? That was sooooo 2006 ago! Now the same “liberals” are bashing Russia in ways that would make McCarthy blush! Remember when the “right” was up in arms about the overreach of Obama and the ways he was shredding the Constitution in order to rule by fiat? The same “conservative” mob is now celebrating Trump as he is literally legislating from the Oval office. People are so enamored with “their side” that they lose all perspective and flip and flop from one side of the fence to the other in order to fit their partisan agenda. The crazy thing is that they don’t even see their own inconsistencies as the left is currently vilifying Russia in ways that Ronald Reagan would be proud of and the right is lionizing Putin and defending the ‘commies”. I can only shake my head so many times before I catch repetitive motion fatigue in my spinal chord.

Joseph de Maistre once said “people get the government they deserve”. Until the 33% of holdouts wake up to the bullshit of our monstrous government that is bleeding the world and now feeding Americans to the wolves and refuse to partake in this farcical “Democracy”, we will continue getting the exact oppressive governance that most of us are up in arms over. Until we as a people stop letting demagogues and firebrands shatter us into islands of grievance and restatement, what we will get are more and more spurious politicians like Trump, Obama, Pelosi, and Pence who pretend to be speaking for us when in reality they are spiking us with their forked tongues and poisonous policies. We do not have to keep walking in the lanes that are painted for us, we are free people, let us act like it! I grow weary of people saying “third parties have no chance” or there is no other alternative other than the system before us. Stop thinking with limitations and think with authentic audacity, audacity not read from teleprompters but the audacity that comes from our hearts.

Voting between Democrats and Republicans is like choosing between syphilis and gonorrhea—both options burn and leave a lifetime of regret. There is no lesser of two evils when it comes to this cancerous Federal government for both parties are bought and owned by the very same source of injustice that is nullifying lives and hope globally for the sake of capital avidity. Either we wake up by commission and reclaim our government from the hands of plutocrats and billionaires who have hijacked our nation by weaponizing their checkbooks or we will get mugged by omission into a new reality of equality through poverty. Red pill or blue pill moment; choose wisely and join the 65% of Americans who refuse to abide this Democrat vs Republican trumpery. #EqualEvils

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” ~ Voltaire

If you appreciated the message behind this write up and want to reach out to the holdover 33% to see if we can peel away a few more percent away from the hands of the equally malignant Democratic and Republican parties, share this article on social media using #EqualEvils. A quick acknowledgement to Jarred Hamilton for citing the quote above from Voltaire, credit noted. 

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Check out the Ghion Cast below as I discuss the ways the powerful divide us and let us conquer ourselves with labels and our differences. 

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