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Irrational Idolatry: Defending the Honor of Politicians Who Dishonor US

Let me state this from the outset; what you are reading beyond this sentence once applied to me as much as anyone else. Not too long ago, I was through and through a political hack and a partisan tool who traveled to more than 14 states in 2008 (Teddy for Obama) to get Obama elected. I was a parrot even as I thought I was as wise as Plato, I would repeat Democratic talking points and use propaganda in order to bludgeon my political opponents. Except I did not know what I was echoing was propaganda; so thoroughly blinded by politics, I kept believing everything that was forced fed down my throat by political consultants who were writing Obama’s speeches as Wall Street was drafting his policies.

A mean mugging by reality shed my partisan blinders; seeing the huddled masses who are overlooked by both political parties as their pains are used to further the agenda of Wall Street, I could no longer view justice through a partisan prism. But this new found liberation from politics now makes me look at the political landscape from another perspective. I am confounded really; I vacillate between being miffed by the absurdity of it all and saddened by the direction we are headed to as a people. Even though I used to do it myself, I can’t understand why people are so wedded to politicians they will never meet to the point of losing friends and family over politics.

The bases of both parties do this (by the by do you know how insulting it is to be referred to as someone’s base); I’ve actually lost a friend or two over politics as we let ideological differences get in the way of what we once had in common. I go on social media and the terrain is littered with people literally declaring an Armageddon on “the other side”. Dialogues are not even possible; the minute you don’t agree 100% with someone, you are automatically branded a heretic and ignorant and from there the pejoratives get worse. Republicans calling Democrats “liberal scum”; Democrats calling Republicans “fascist thugs”—this is how a nation literally devolves into the abyss. A country that is inflamed with hatred and lets disinformation lead public discourse is a nation that will consume itself.

I posted an article a few hours ago about the Obamacare debate (Obamascam). The criminal Corporate State Media will never discuss this, but the reality is that both the Republican alternative and Obamacare are nothing more than a means to keep putting profits over patients and transfer money from the masses to the wealthy few. Barack Obama’s plan just made an already immoral and decadent health care system even more hopelessly broken. Doctors are forced to care about matrices such as bed occupancy rates and meeting revenue projections than they are about saving lives. Likewise, insurance companies are forced to maximize profits in order to keep investors happy as providing quality service becomes a tertiary goal. From top to bottom, our health care system is all about enhancing top and bottom lines which is the reason why our health care system is flat lining as costs continue to sky rocket.

But who has time for this level of analysis and a reflection of how we can fix our health care system or our nation as a whole when the citizenry is more concerned about scoring political points and protecting the legacy of their political idols. We truly are a cult of personalities; we keep being fixated on worshiping the rich and famous instead of protecting our own interests. “Once more into the breach” becomes the rallying cry of a thousand political sheep as they rush to defend the very wolves who are sharpening knives to eat the herd that is praying at their fangs.

While we continue to exalt politicians in DC, they conspire to keep shoving knives in our collective backs. Barack Obama no different than Donald Trump, both used their most loyal worshipers to gain power and both spit on their adherents once they became presidents. Like abused spouses, they vote every four years expecting their political pimps to change only to get shellacked with indifference after elections end—cognitive dissonance keeps both ends of the political spectrum from seeing how they are being played for schmucks. Both sides only see the folly of the other side as they are exasperated how anyone could support either Trump or Obama depending on the color of Kool-Aid they are sipping while they have pictures of their idol of choice splashed as their cover photo. This is why both sides hate each other; they are banging on the same trait they exhibit when they see it being displayed by the other side—we hate that which we subconsciously despise about ourselves after all.

If you stuck it out this far, that means you are actually part of the rational middle. I know I lost the irrational worshipers the minute they heard their particular political deity being attacked. There are some who will not care if you cuss out their mom but they will pick up a Saint Louis slugger and go Carrie Underwood on your forehead if you dare level any criticism at their favorite shysters in DC. Logic matters little, all the time people act on emotion as they praise their icons in ways that make it seem like they are fawning over the second coming of Jesus. In reality, DC is populated by Judases all around—we are the ones both Republicans and Democrats are crucifying with unfair economic policies. #IrrationalIdolatry

Too many people yap with half-knowledge and stay getting played by those who own the full information::

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Check out the Ghion Cast below as I discuss on the video the very way that both Republicans and Democrats continue to play us for suckers and fools as they hoodwink the masses. 

Check out the Ghion Cast, find out what makes us different, we do not worship to these political clowns and we do not cater to the whims of Wall Street.

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