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A Noble Idea: Write Your Own Story

Alfred Nobel was a Swedish Chemist who, before his death in 1896, was given a premature obituary calling him “The Merchant of Death,” for making a fortune and the stature he was afforded for being the “Inventor of Dynamite.” His invention enabled the nations of the world to reach new levels of mass destruction. After reading his obituary, he had great remorse at the effect his life’s work had on the world and knew that, that was not what he wanted to be remembered for.  

Alfred was given the opportunity to do what most people never get the chance to do; he took control of his destiny, changed his legacy and rewrote history.  Alfred Nobel wrote in his will that the majority of his estate would be used in awarding the “The Nobel Prizes,” to those who’s work exhibited “Greatest benefit on mankind” in the areas of Peace, Science, Medicine, and Literature.  Today the name Alfred Nobel is synonymous with Peace and Excellence, no longer is he characterized by death and destruction.

Last week I went to Yogurtland and they were featuring an apparel and arts company named Tokidoki. On their tables they had a newsletter which featured an interview with Simone Legno, the owner of the Tokidoki.  Simone was asked why he chose to name his company “Tokidoki.” He replied;  “Tokidoki means “Sometimes” in Japanese and I chose “Sometimes” because everyone waits for that one moment that change one’s destiny. Todidoki aims to harness the hope that a chance meeting or an encounter with a stranger can alter our lives and unleash the latent energy everyone has inside. A latent energy that pushes us forward and gives us the strength to face a new day. As Simone put it, “to realize the dream something positive and magical will happen to us.”

At first read, I was a little shocked to find something so profound at Yogurtland, but when I read the Tokidoki article again, I realized just how profound Simone’s statement was yet at the same time how true it is about our human nature. Tokidoki, random moments that refocus our perspective, is found in all of us to a certain extent. Everyone from movie makers to marketers of products aim o capture the Tokidoki within us in order to garner new customers by establishing emotional connections.

We all wait for those monumental moments in our lives, the tear jerking scenes when one finally meets the love of their life, when the underdog wins, or when a kid from the slums wins a million dollars. Each of us, deep down inside, wait for those moments to happen in our lives and until we have these moments happen to us, we flock to movie theaters, bookstores and concerts in order to at teh very least live Tokidoki vicariously through others.

I started to think of times in my life when I too have went out of my way to find Tokidoki  in my life and I started to realize just how important that aha moment is for all of us. To give a single moment, or a chance meeting, the power to change the course of our lives is at once exciting yet induces anxiety. What does it say about us if we are willing to alter our lives so fundamentally based on interactions with people we barely know? Too many have given all of ourselves to someone or something that was never deserving of our all to begin with. What makes us think that one moment in life or a person is the answer or the key for us to reach our destiny?

I am so blessed to be a child of God. The Bible says that God is in Control and is working everything together for our Good and His Glory. Our destiny is in His hands. Our Hope is not in chance, our Hope is in the Author and Finisher of our Faith: Jesus Christ. No person or circumstance in life can alter our destiny unless we choose to let it. Only God is worthy of our Life.

Don’t let anyone or any circumstance write your story. Just as Alfred Nobel took control of his destiny and changed his legacy from “The Merchant of Death” to a man who is now known for his noble goals, we too can alter our stories if we believe in ourselves and trust God to lead us in the right direction. Always remember that you are a child of God and Christ has given you all that you need to live a purposeful life. Don’t sit and wait for someone to be your answer or for money to determine your happiness. Christ didn’t die so that you might live life fully one day in the future, Christ Died so that you may have life right now at this moment. 

So ask yourself today; what destiny do I want and what legacy do I want to leave behind.  Everyone of us,through the power of God, has the power to change the direction of our lives. Make a promise to yourself to not let chance or chance encounters be your compass, take charge of your life and be determined to write your own story through one part faith and one part work. Do your part and then leave to God the rest. 

The views expressed by our contributing writers are not necessarily that of Ghion Journal. We present a dissection of ideas that serve to engender conversations and to prod a broader conversation as long as the topics are not divisive or pit one group against another. The search for truth might never bear fruit, but the first step to discover truth is knowing when you are being lied to.

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Heran is an avid reader and a profound believer in God, Iyesus and the ways we are all bound together by the love that is within all of us. Heran believes that we can all make an impact on this world by uncovering and harnessing the gift that resides in all of us.
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