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Showtime! Prisoners of the Moment and Situational Gymnasts

As Terrell Owens once famously said, you might want to grab your popcorn for this! I am giving you a heads up so that you can witness a phenomenon and stunts worthy of Mavel Entertainment take place right in front of your eyes in spectacular HD fashion. You don’t have to drive to a circus nor do you have to attend a concert to see breathtaking feats of human acrobatics and mental gymnastics being achieved in ways that will make Gabby Douglass do quadruple takes in amazement. But wait there’s more! These amazing acts of humans morphing into pretzels will be done while they are locked in prisons of the moment. Are you fired up? Are you ready to whoa!

You see, there was a paradigm shift two days ago that sent subtle shock waves through the tectonic plates of our political system. Suddenly, without warning, the narrative changed and the Russia headlines morphed from Trump being in bed with Russians to Hillary and her campaign’s effort to inject a non-story as a way to shake up the race. The whole issue of Russia hacking our election was a bogus story from the outset. It was pure fiction spun by the Corporate State Media as they presented a $100,000 Russian ad purchase as a threat to our Democracy while ignoring the throbbing blight of our politics being strangled by dark money thanks to Citizens United. Besides, every nation tries to influence the elections of other nations—it’s called geopolitics for a reason.Let me return to the crux of this missive. My aim in writing this article not so much to highlight the duplicity of corporate media as I am calling attention to the common folk who keep getting hoodwinked by the system. Our politics is broken because the main drivers of elections, social conversations and policies are the zealots on the right and left fringes who vote not with justice and fairness in mind but based on party affinity and political idolatry. Moderates and rational thinkers have been crowded out by people who vote as if they are cheering on their favorite sport team. People who actually assess policies without being blinded by partisan and ideological loyalty are driven out of the political system because both parties cater only to the fundamentalists who reside at the extremes. Our politics is thus dictated by 15% on the right and 15% on the left—the voice of 70% of Americans are effectively snuffed out.

Today you get to see the 15% on the right and the 15% on the left flip flop in ways that make the fatuity of Trump look like the Rock of Gibraltar. Remember how “liberals” just a few days ago were bleating “Russia! Russia” every two seconds as they were collectively being bamboozled by nitwits like Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow. After the news broke that Hillary Clinton funded the narrative of Trump and Russian complicity and further news is coming out about how the Clintons made fortunes by trading uranium access for cold cash with Russian oligarchs during Hillary’s tenure at the State Department, all the sudden the echoes of Russia from the left is dissipating into a hush. Look closely, you can see Hil-bots moon-walking away from the Russian narrative in ways that would impress Michael Jackson.

Not to be outdone, Trumpeters who were fawning over Putin and acting every part the apparatchik in order to defend their boy Trump are all the sudden echoing talking points from the John Birch Society. Now that Hillary is the one being associated with Russia, the extremists on the right are parroting the Russia meme that was perfected by the “left” since Clinton lost the election. This is the same crowd that was livid with Obama’s imperial presidency only to flip on a dime and cheer on Trump when he started to rule by executive orders and decrees. Remember when the fundamentalist right could not get enough of chanting Benghazi! Benghazi! as a way to tar Obama? Well that chant sure got silent when Trump got elected. In politics, apparently, demands for accountability end the minute your side wins elections.The clown show continues as the right is morphing from Trotsky to McCarthy while the left is transforming from commie haters to Captain Renault. I could write a book on this subject but I don’t want you to miss the carnival. Make sure your bucket of popcorn is buttered evenly and has enough salt, grab your drink and then head on over to your nearest social media outlet, type Russia then click search. Sit back and watch the “right” glom on to the Russia narrative even though they were marginalizing the story just a few days ago. Likewise, you will get a kick out of the “left” minimizing the Clinton-Russia connection after they spent months squawking about Russian interference. You have to find a way to smile at these things; what is going on is a comedy of tragedies but maybe one day we will stop letting zealots drive national elections and policies.

If you felt a tinge of anger or took full blown umbrage at this article, I ask you to reflect for a moment on why that is so. Why defend crooked politicians on both sides who are pillaging the masses? Why feel the need to take the bullet for people who are stabbing all of us in the back? Democrats and Republicans are two wings of the same corporate culture; their interests do not lie with us, they only exist to serve the interests of the uber rich. So then why get moved into a state of agita because someone talked ill of “your party”? Why even call it your party? Neither Democrats or Republicans pay our rents nor do they enact policies that alleviate our struggles. How many times must we bang our heads into walls before we realize that it’s us who must change? It’s high time that we stop looking to plutocrats, politicians and pundits to save us. Until then, the carnival continues—too bad the joke is on us. #PrisonerGymnasts 

“Clowns are the pegs on which the circus is hung.” ~ P. T. Barnum

Check out the Ghion Cast below where I talk about the deception of our politics and how both parties are complicit in our pillaging. 

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