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Blowtorches for the Sake of the Gentry!

Once you step away from the madness of it all and look back, the sheer absurdity of society’s miscues starts coming into clear focus. We are so trained to look at the leaves of injustice that we miss the trees as well as the forest. Henry David Thoreau once noted that there are a thousand hacking at the branches of injustice for every one that is hacking at its roots. Sadder yet, we end up hacking at each other thinking that we are fighting for justice when in reality we are just watering the tree of iniquity with our sweat, tears and blood.

It took a rendezvous with hardship and a dance with lady indigence for me to shed my ideological blinders and realize that humanity suffers outside the confines of politics and partisan talking points There was a time not too long ago where I used to go ham on all Republicans and found sheer enjoyment skewering conservatives in order to defend the honor of a president that I never met and a man who could care not care any less about me. I found my identity through politics and saw everything through partisan prisms. Thus, accepting the label of a loyal Democrat begat the need to declare a holy war on anyone else who did not think like me.

This is the futility of being a partisan parrot, while I was feigning to care about justice, what I cared more was my political beliefs. In the process, I used the pains of people in order to prove the superiority of my political convictions. This is the poison of politics; it reduces human suffering into intellectual debating points as too many use injustice as nothing more than political footballs. Opportunism trumps virtue as time and time again people let politics get in the way of both common sense and decency towards our fellow neighbors. This is why our nation, and by extension the world, is seemingly going to the dogs. The common folk are willing to take bullets to defend the honor of the aristocrats who are at the core of global tribulation.

All sides do this, the “right” and conservatives are willing to pick up pitchforks in order to skiver anyone who dares criticizes Donald Trump and their political idols. The “left” and liberals gleefully do the same as they step into the breach in order to defend the honor of Barack Obama and their ideological deities. Barack Obama and Donald Trump have this one thing in common; they used the hopes of their adherents and the antipathy of their base in order to emotionally manipulate the masses and gain power. Cognitive dissonance being what it is, the loyalists who elected both refuse to see that both sides got played for fools and will go down with the ship before they awaken to the fact that they are defending con artists who sold them dreams.

We keep conflating the achievements of the elites as some sort of accomplishment for the masses. This is how the upper crust of society continues to crush the hopes of the rest. We elected the “first black president” only to see Obama catering to the whims of Wall Street as he funneled over $14,000,000,000,000 to the same gnomes who crippled this economy as he paid nothing but lip service to his most loyal supporters. Trump does one even better as he got elected by promising to “make America great again” even though he spent his whole life swindling everyday Americans by declaring endless bankruptcy and stiffing Joe the plumbers and construction workers who built his empire. The rich got rich by shitting on all of us, as we go around protesting our circumstance we continue to throw roses at the very anuses who gave us the feces we wallow in. This would be laughable if it was not so tragic.

Not only are some unwilling to change their minds and reflect within, they go one step further and are willing to declare an Armageddon to protect the legacy of their political heroes. This tendency goes beyond just the most obtuse useful lemmings, friendships have been lost and marriages destroyed over something as absurd as political differences. Social media is a fascinating yet sad commentary on the state of our society as grown adults revert to childish antics in order to demolish people they never met with the most hateful and vile language. This is how .001% of our society is able to lord over the rest; we are convinced and programmed to fight each other instead of uniting to defend our common interests. If people would just reflect for a second, they would realize that  the “base” of both parties and the various political wings are fighting for the same thing and are being outraged by the same injustices. We let political differences get in the way of our common interests.

But who has time for common sense when we are relishing the scuttlebutt. So society keeps hacking away at the branches of iniquity all the while their folly is nurturing the roots of injustice. This is what happens when human suffering is turned into a game and when we turn the rich and famous into political idols. While we declare war defending the honor of politicians and the gentry we will never meet, those same elite and upper crust of society laugh as they fly by in their Leer jets as the rest of us are struggling to pay our rent. We fight over crumbs worshiping the aristocracy while the gentry dismiss us by saying “let them eat Monsanto cake!” #Blowtorches4Gentry

“In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

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Watch the Ghion Cast below as I discuss how both parties make suckers out of all of us and play us for fools. When we stop fighting over political idols and fight instead for each other, we can arrive one day at universal justice. 


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