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The Book of Enoch: Subterfuge and the Journey to Find Truth

I write this as a fellow human. I am a simple man by most accounts, not a historian or even a trained writer. I am a husband, a father, a United States Air Force veteran six years away from service. By profession I am a pipe fitter, a welder, and a plumber—these are the trades I practice in order to put food on my family’s table and keep up with the the bills. More importantly though, I count myself as part of the “woke” who has my purpose as a follower of Christ and a man who is thirsty to seek knowledge. I am trying to find truth in a very lost and fractured world.

The Book of Enoch, which is referenced a few times in the Bible as it is presented in modern time, before history was rewritten by victors at the cost of the defeated, an actual book of the Bible. The more I seek, the more I find, so I am now just delving into my research on this subject, so take these words not as a final authority but more of a journey of discovery of sorts. I am no scholar on this subject, I am an interested student of the great wonders of our world and the living God who begat this universe.

The Book of Enoch, from what I have gathered thus far, is as close to a firsthand account of the fall of Azazel and the angels that chose to disobey God. Through the current version of our Bible, we are aware that Satan attempted and failed in his quest to elevate himself to the level of God in what was a failed coup d’etat. For his hubris, Satan faced the ultimate penalty and was then cast down from Heaven to the bowels of the Earth.

What is it about the Book of Enoch that makes it possibly one of the most important “lost” books of the Bible? As the saying goes,”we have to know our enemy to fight our enemy”. Which may be a good indication of “WHY” the Book of Enoch was removed and not considered cannon compared to the other books of the Bible. It is important, as followers of Christ, to understand who and what our enemy is, battles are always lost when we don’t understand the foes we are facing. There is another facet of the Book of Enoch that is equally as interesting of who and what, the issue of where is just as crucial.  

My curiosity about the Book of Enoch had me hitting the books, searching the internet and digging further to find out more about this very topic. I am fully aware that the internet is indeed a “web” of information—a web that is tangled with more lies than truth. Trying to distinguish legit information from the sewage of diversion and untruths can be quite staggering. Interesting enough, I found an incredibly well documented and useful source for on this topic after countless hours of searching. It is not a “mainstream” source—which is actually a good thing given the state of mainstream ideas these days—but is more mainstream than I am used to sourcing.

Let me state a disclaimer here, be aware that this source has the potential, like most things nowadays, to steer us in the wrong direction. Nonetheless, I feel compelled enough, through prior research on similar topics, to deliver this information in order to stir conversation and to start a discussion with the audience so that we can be prodded collectively to keep looking for truth as a collective effort. If the information that I have researched and presenting to you is “truth”, it very well explains much of what is going on with the endless genocides and constant disruptions in the Middle East by “the powers that be” who rule this earth.

Have you ever heard of the Golan Heights? Many people have, but given state of the average American’s understanding of history and geography, many might have never heard of it. This is a piece of land that is seated on the edges of modern day Israel, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. There is much dispute over who should rightfully have claim to this land due to the amount of natural resources—including but not limited “black gold”— that resides in and on these lands. These lands also serve as a tributary for the natural springs that feed through it on their way to the Sea of Galilee, which provides a very lush environment that is highly desired in an area primarily composed of desert. Moreover, due to the Golan Heights majestic beauty and serenity, it is also an area ideal for “spiritual enlightening” thus a land coveted by many.

As is the case with most things of this world, if we stop at face value, we do ourselves an injustice when we are striving for knowledge and truth. So let us keep on pushing. Let me bring up another geographic area. The land is Mount Hermon, I’ve heard of it before, but like most things in this world, I never dug deep enough to find out the significance of it. I never knew the significance of this mountain since it was only alluded to a few times in our modern day scriptures. Let me preface again, I’m not presenting this as the Gospel truth but more of a presentation of facts as I have uncovered them thus far. I do not own the content that I am using as source material for this article, I appreciate the hard work that was undertaken by the folks at as I am sure they dedicated a lot of resources and time in compiling the information I am referencing.

At the end of the day, only God is omniscient (all-knowing). Though we strive to understand and learn more of the inner workings of this world, we shall never achieve what only the Creator Himself is capable of. I do encourage others to research this and other topics with an open mind; be sure to use prayer in conjunction with your research to ensure that you do not fall in one of the many pitfalls put in our spiritual journey. It is through the act of questioning, even at times questioning our own faith, that we are able to learn. Man,sinful by nature, throughout history has made adjustments where the powerful see it fit to change religions and scriptural text–including the Holy Bible in circulation. For this reason, I reiterate the importance of including prayer with any form of study–especially when the study relates to spiritual nature–so that we can see through the “web” of lies and deceit that is nothing more than an attempt to invert the very truth that is found in Him.

If any of this information encourages you to reach out to others for open discussion, please do! Be careful not to present it as “FACT” unless you are willing to stand by it and support that. The entire premise of this information forces me to question my own understanding of what I thought I knew and what I know to be “truth”. Which has led me to this one revelation above all–QUESTION EVERYTHING!

Below is the article and information I used to formulate this article. Please be sure to be thorough with your research on this topic due to the importance of the content. Do not be quick to jump to conclusions which would only muddy the waters on this critically important topic and further lend to yet more confusion. The videos included in the article are also very important to watch to get all the information given. I thank you for your time, this is my first foray in writing on a forum away from my own network of family and friends. I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for giving me your time to present this article. 

Article link: Holy Land’s Mount Hermon

The views expressed by our contributing writers are not necessarily that of Ghion Journal. We present a dissection of ideas that serve to engender conversations and to prod a broader conversation as long as the topics are not divisive or pit one group against another. The search for truth might never bear fruit, but the first step to discover truth is knowing when you are being lied to.


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David Burton

David is a veteran of the United States Air Force who served his nation with distinction and valor. After fulfilling his duty to his nation, David sought the profession of welder and a pipe fitter who has it in his heart to seek knowledge at all times and to speak up for truth and justice.
David Burton
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