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If Only Hillary Had Won

I see never ending articles from partisan websites pretending to be news portals and the endless devotees of Hillary Clinton reveling in a schadenfreude as they tell the rest of us “I told you so”. With Donald Trump making a mockery of the presidency and embarrassing America on the global stage, Hillary fanatics are feeling their oats and lecturing the rest of us that they were right all along. In the process, they end up blaming people like me who refused to vote for HRC and either voted for a third party or sat on the sidelines like I did. The Hillary fanatics have thus gone from “don’t blame me I did not vote for Trump” to vilifying everyone who did not vote for Clinton.

So let us imagine for a moment what life would be like under President Hillary. Let us peel back the idiocy of Donald Trump and his fatuous shenanigans and actually look at the one thing that matter when it comes to executive administrations. Too many of us keep licking at the catnip of politics that is fed to us by the status quo but few are able to look beyond partisan blinders to actually analyze the policies that are pushed by our monstrously overgrown Federal government and the bureaucrats who are the backbone of the cancerous tumor in Washington DC.

The outrage of Trump is not the way he spells “covefefe” nor is it his boorish behavior that is offensive to the sensibilities of all people aside from those who adore “the Donald” as some sort of a cult hero. What I care about, and what more of us should be focused on, is not the rhetoric or the antics of politicians but the policies politicians push and give cover to. Who cares really what Trump’s personal life is all about, whether or not he has “style and grace” or if Melania refuses to hold Donald’s hand. This is nothing more than soap opera addiction; some people are more inclined to follow politics as if they are watching the Jerry Springer show. It’s actually fitting that we have a reality show clown as a president—he is nothing more than a reflection of our society’s addiction to style as we disregard substance.

From a substantive perspective, is it be fair to say that Hillary would have been a radical departure from Trump in terms of policy? Let us analyze the two pillars of Presidential doctrines and delve into foreign and economic policies to see how Hillary would have been different than Trump had she been elected our 45th President.

Immoral and Unconstitutional Wars: within only a couple of months, Donald Trump negated one of his central campaign pledges of ending America’s entanglement in foreign wars. Not only is he continuing Obama’s Syrian and Libyan wars as well as perpetuating the never ending Bush wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, this toy soldier and double-dealing ogre dropped the equivalent of a mini-nuke on Afghanistan as he just normalized the use of a weapon of mass-annihilation against civilians in direct contravention of the Geneva Convention.

Would Hillary have been different? The answer is a resounding no! Hillary is a neo-con’s neo-con, she has never seen a war she did not like as her hands are awash in the blood of innocent civilians throughout the world. She was one of the principle pushers of interventionism that gave us the Syrian and Libyan war to begin with. Hillary was also one of the main backers of the Iraq war as she gave a bipartisan cover to George W. Bush to initiate hostilities against a country that NEVER attacked us. The Iraq war a genocide committed by our military-industrial complex laden government for the purpose of stealing the wealth of nations.

Hillary voted for this depraved war that took the lives of more than 100,000 Iraqis over the course of fifteen years; a war that rages to this day even as our Corporate State Media “journalists” pretend that Obama ended the Iraq War. By all objective measurements, Hillary would have been more of a hawk than Trump. Those who say that Trump is pushing us closer to World War III have no business turning to Hillary as an alternative to Trump’s barbaric demeanor as if Hillary is Mother Theresa reincarnated. If Trump is a dimwitted version of Colonel Jessup from A Few Good Men, Hillary is Dr. Strangelove perfected.

Favoring Wall Street over Main Street: Donald Trump promised to end the era of globalism and to put America first. Breaking news! Donald Trump is a lying prick. As always, when it comes to politicians, their past is their future narrative. Donald Trump became wealthy by first inheriting his fortunes from daddy Trump and then proceeded to enhance his passed down riches by screwing over every American he could get his tiny grubby hands on. A sea of bankruptcies drowned countless working stiffs into perpetual debt as Trump used legalities to welsh on the debts he owed companies and people who worked for him.

Moreover, Trump’s empire is built on the very system of globalism he slithers his tongue to speak against. The Trump Organization is a multi-national corporation that leverages every rule possible to minimize cost and enhance profits. Thus, as he speaks against outsourcing, Trump insources cheap labor from Eastern Europe to work at his two-bit Mar-a-Lago estate. As this snake oil salesman pretends to be outraged by Americans being inundated by cheap foreign goods, his cheap trinkets—from ties to cheap perfume—are made overseas as he pays pennies on the dollar to foreign companies who pay their workers slave wages.

But let’s take a look at actual policy. Trump said he was against globalism and that he would ween America from the clutches of the likes of Goldman Sachs and multi-national corporations who have no loyalty to America. Lo and behold, one of his first acts was to appoint a former Goldman Sachs executive to be Secretary Treasury. Donald Trump has appointed more Goldman Sachs executives to Senior Executive Service (SES) positions than the Wall Street toady Obama ever did. His whole administration is a who’s who of multi-national corporation interests—Trump’s cabinet is populated by only millionaires and billionaires.

Would Hillary have been different? The same Hillary who has been Wall Street’s best friend and who is a lackey of Goldman Sachs? The same Hillary who gets paid a half-million dollars by Wall Street corporations each time she opens her malignant lips? The same Hillary who has pushed Wall Street interests over Main Street for more than two decades? Hillary took in more money from Wall Street than any presidential candidate, she makes the corporate minion Obama look like Che Guevara by comparison. You have to suspend logic or be a kool-aid straw sipping Clinton zealot to believe that Hillary would have been any different from Trump when it comes to favoring the elite over the rest of us.

When it comes to Hillary and Trump, I don’t have a dog in that fight because I realize both of them are dogs to begin with. Our problem as Americans is that we keep viewing politics through partisan goggles. In all honesty, too many view politics as nothing more than a sport where “we” versus “them” trumps common sense. I thus ask Hillary’s supporters, please spare us your indignation and furthermore please go away with your superiority complex. Your candidate is a war mongering bitch who has destroyed many lives in order to gain power. Before feminists get indignant about me calling Hillary a bitch, maybe that same outrage should have been reserved for Hillary who destroyed a young intern named Monica Lewinsky in order to protect her hyper sexual predator husband Bill. Having breasts and a vagina is not the only thing that makes one a woman; a woman who revels in being more arrogant and bellicose than men is not one who should be put up as the standard of womanhood.

By the way, Hillary and Donald have been best feral friends for decades. Not only have they been chummy since the 80’s, Donald was invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Last time I checked, the most special day for parents aside from the birth of their child is when that child gets married. Hillary and the predator Bill invited the equal predator Trump to their only child’s wedding. The same way that Donald Trump’s fans disregard how he was best friends with the Clintons while they go ballistic against Hillary is how Hill-bots go nuts over Trump while disregarding that Trump has and continues to be BFFs with Hillary. Goes to show, where there is politics, common sense is non-existent.

One day we will wake up to the deception of this two party duopoly in Washington DC and stop being played for suckers and fools by Democrats and Republicans alike. In time, we will stop letting the rich and powerful select our presidents for us and actually put in one of us, a working stiff and a every day American, into the White House. I pray that person will be a woman (link) above all, a woman who leads with her heart and not with her pride and ego. I’d rather vote for a mother who works at the Waffle House to feed her children than vote for a woman who steals from Haiti (link) to feed her depraved soul and desire for power above all. Until that day arrives, the Merry-Go-Round keeps going around as a rotating power shift between Republicans and Democrats keep shitting on the American dream and Americans everywhere. But hey, don’t blame me or the rest of us who refused to play the game and get taken for suckers, we didn’t vote for neither of the equal evils. #IfOnlyHillary

Voting for the lesser of “two evils” means you are still voting for evil.

If you appreciate the message behind this message and you want others to wake up to the deception of our  two party system, share this article on social media using #IfOnlyHillary. While you are at it, send a tweet to @HillaryClinton and @BillClinton along with this article and tell them that they are equal malignant frauds.

While you are at it, if you are on Twitter, send out tweets with #IfOnlyHillary followed by what would be different had Clinton won instead of Trump using a bit of humor to highlight the idiocy of this two party scheme. For  example:

If only @HillaryClinton won, we would be greeted with cackles instead of #Trump’s mangled tweets #IfOnlyHillary 

Check out the Ghion Cast below where I discuss the game that both Republicans and Democrats play on all us and how they continue to hoodwink us. 

For the people of Haiti, one day the truth of the Clintons and the way they made a killing by killing hope in Haiti will be told. I will make sure of it, I will write that book if I have to. Consider the video below a deposit on a future decumentary I will be making of the Clinton’s blood sucking ways. 


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