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Reich Resistance: the Cunning Hypocrisy of Ivory Tower Democrats

“Once more into the breach!” These words, spoken by King Henry V in Shakespeare’s play, might as well be the official motto for people across this globe who choose to rise up and refuse to give their necks to thugs in boots. Tyranny is a fool’s errand, despots can oppress the masses, but eventually enough say “no more” and resist the excesses of dictators. Resistance is part of our genetic makeup; people who are born free can only take so much repression before they revolt against their tormentors.

The history of humanity is full of a resistance that eventually ushered in a revolution and a toppling of the ruling class. The American Revolution, the French Revolution, Adwa in Ethiopia, the Insurrection of Toussaint in Haiti. The list is endless of a people who were stirred into action and overcame oppression because the powerful and the gentry kept taking pounds of flesh and gallons of blood from the people they kept exploiting. The human spirit is vibrant; resistance is fed by the suffering of the huddled masses and is nurtured by the struggle of the commoners.

Add to this list the resistance of the Democrats and the liberal elites. “Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, disguise fair nature with hard-favour’d rage” they implore as they sip their Chateau Lafite vino they purchased from the Rothschild winery. Joan of Arc replaced by Hillary Clinton, Toussaint traded for Keith Olbermann, the resistance my friends is alive and vibrant. “Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit” they tell us as they eat the most expensive cuts of filet mignon at Marcel’s restaurant in DC. Our generals wear Christian Louboutin shoes and live in multi-million dollar chalets in Georgetown or the Hamptons yet have an audacity in ways that even the fraud Obama could not imagine as they speak for the impoverished masses.

This whole thing would be laughable if it was not so pernicious. I now understand full well the knowledge of Malcolm X; he said a long time ago that Republicans and Democrats were the same thing as he gave an analogy of Republicans being wolves who show their teeth while Democrats are foxes who use smiles to hide their wickedness. When I think of it, Democrats are worse. At least Republicans have the decency of showing you the knife they want to shove in your back. Democrats though, these soulless actors and prevaricating hyenas, they wrap their knives in a blanket of care only to end up splitting your spine with their depraved policies.

If you care about economic inequality and the injustice of the income gab, you do not need to look any further than the jackasses who have a donkey as their logo to find the culprits who keep transferring money from the many to the few. Maya Angelou said “when people tell you who they are, believe them”. What sage insight! The Democrats have been telling us who they are through their monetary and fiscal policies since the days of Woodrow Wilson. The donkey is named paternalism and it kicks the very people Democrats speak for right into the ghettos of poverty and hopelessness.

Woodrow Wilson is the one who set up the Federal Reserve and effectively killed America as a republic as he turned over the nation to heinous goblins named Morgan, Rockefeller, Mellon et al. You want to know the source of poverty and economic anxiety that is omnipresent in America in our time? Walk to 1850 K Street NW and there you will find a private bank that is passed off as a government entity. Did you know that the Fed is a private enterprise that is owned by the big multi-national banks; the board of governors are comprised of banking executives. Economic policies are set solely by the Federal Reserve; by law Congress and the White House cannot interfere with the decisions of the Federal Reserve. Our Democracy is a farce; the power belongs to the banks.

You can thank a Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, for giving us this monstrosity that is bleeding hope from humanity. You can then thank Franklin Delano Roosevelt for repossessing all gold from the American public in the 1930’s and gave pennies to the public by way of entitlements as he gave billions to the wolves on Wall Street who caused the Great Depression—history would repeat itself in 2009 as the neo-Delano Obama did the very same thing. Obama gave us pennies by way of the ACA while giving trillions in care to the corporations who flat-lined our economy. The more things change, the more hope gets destroyed by vacuous politicians. The reason FDR repossessed gold from the public through coercion was to make the greenback king. Private enterprise died and what we have now is America as a franchise of the globalist agenda—the USA is nothing more than a DBA of Wall Street.

But wait! There’s more! You can thank the Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson, who used benevolence as a Trojan horse in order to kneecap the masses into perpetual poverty and dependency by way of welfare. Welfare which people stopped receiving if they found work and if the family household was intact. LBJ, a racist befitting of a KKK grand wizard, knew exactly what he was doing when this law was enacted. As you give people free things instead of empowering them, you hobble them into perpetual need. The Great Society was nothing more than a way of giving bread crumbs to the people and discouraging them from starting businesses and ventures that could have otherwise enabled them to feed themselves.

The beat goes on, the pugnacious Bill Clinton implemented NAFTA, which effectively destroyed small businesses in America and handed over the industrial sector to the avaricious arms of the corporate agenda. The age of globalism got the biggest boost in the arm by Bill Clinton as greed and corporatism became normalized in ways that Republicans could never accomplish in their wildest dreams. What Bill Clinton did, Obama tripled down on as he gave over $14 trillion dollars through the auspices of the Federal Reserve’s “Quantitative Easing”, bailouts that benefited the same corporate banks that crippled our economy, and a zero percent interest rate policy that served to transfer money from the masses to the 1% as saving money meant losing wealth to inflation.

If you want to know why Mexicans are streaming over the border to come to America, look no further than NAFTA. Our brothers and sisters from south of the border are only coming here because we destroyed their farming industry through globalism as NAFTA eviscerated their markets vis-à-vis subsidies (corporate welfare) given to corporations like Monsanto. Add on top of this injustice drug policies which does nothing to prevent drug abuse and everything to inflate the bottom line of the prison-industrial complex, Mexico has been turned into a war zone between feuding cartels who are thriving as they feed America’s insatiable drug appetite. The same way globalists hobgoblins like Wilson, Roosevelt, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump have annihilated Mexico is the same way they are eradicating cities like Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago as they turn communities into islands of poverty and indigence. Hooray globalism!

It has been the Democrats all along who have been paving the way for globalism and corporate looting as they pretend to be speaking against it. What a bunch of lying imps! They have been pimping us all along. What Republicans can’t do because they would be seen as working for the rich, Democrats are able to accomplish because they use benevolence and smiles to rob from all of us. But both sides are working together; you see the picture above, on the right side are two couples. The couple on the right are Newt Gingrich and his Stepford wife Callista Gingrich; family value indeed, he left his dying wife to marry this “lady” who looks like an extra from “Mars Attacks”. The couple on the left are Robert Reich and his wife Clare Dalton. Robert Reich was the Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton.

What inspired this article was a Tweet that Robert Reich sent out yesterday where he welcomed the ogre Hillary Clinton to “the Resistance”. The resistance is a group of biscotti liberals who are so far disconnected from reality they might as well be living on the planet Uranus. How ironic actually, the devil’s anus is found in the intersection of Robert Reich and Hillary Clinton. Where was the outrage of Reich and the resistance as Obama was transferring trillions of dollars from the bottom 99% to the plutocrats who are destroying this planet with their greed? Where was Reich and the resistance while Obama was bombing the Middle East like a teenager on weed playing Xbox as he dropped over 21,000 ordinances in Syria alone? President DroneUS Obama’s policy of endless war and droning around the world led to the death of more than 100,000 in Syria alone! Where was Reich’s resistance while Bill Clinton was turning America into a planned economy in ways that China would be embarrassed over by ways of NAFTA and globalization?

The resistance is a joke! Their whole agenda is nothing more than a shtick that treads on the pains and suffering of the people in order to give cover to the true injustice that is bending all of us. Democrats and duplicitous liberals like Reich and Hillary are modern day Marie Antoinette; as the people suffer, they yell “let them eat cake” while they are eating the most expensive foie gras. The irony is rich, as they wear thousand dollar suits and fly around in their leer jets, they have the audacity to lecture us about economic inequality and saving the planet by conserving energy. One leer jet uses up as much fuel as a thousand cars; but what use is there for consistency when hypocrisy pays so well!

You see, the powerful learned from the French Revolution and true resistance movements from the past. What the plutocrats fear the most is an awakening of the masses because people who get oppressed too much end up turning on the leeches who take too much from them. If that happens, the rich could end up being basket cases—Google “French Revolution and guillotine” to see what I mean. What keeps plutocrats up at night in anxiety is a paper napkin revolution (link). So the powerful turned to trickery and deception, they hijacked our democratic system to give us a false choice between Democrats and Republicans—the better to let us vent every four years only to end up getting bludgeoned for the other three. They fracture us into islands of grievances so that we can never unite as a people and throw off the shackles of plutocrats.

The elites, plutocrats and their liberal and conservative whores, should be very careful because you can only push people for so long before people say no more! The same farcical “resistance” they are pushing can serve as a jump off point for a true resistance that will in time give way to a revolution. That time will come because injustice turns to revolutions the same way nighttime gives way to dawns. I hope when that time comes, we have a revolution of the heart and let love and unity be our north stars. We’ve had enough greed and “just us” sold to us by jackasses like Reich, Hillary, Newt, Bush, Obama and Trump. We need the change we can really believe in that will once again make America great again—that change comes from us, the people, or it won’t come at all. #ReichResistance

“There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.” ~ Frederick William Robertson

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Stop depending on the depraved Democrats and Republicans, they are not for us as their wealth is attained through the very system they pretend to be against. Also discount “the Resistance” as fraudulence. The change will come from us, the people, when we unite as one. This is the message that is evident in the Ghion Cast below, a message of unity that enabled a people to over come the tyranny of Italian colonizers. Watch the video below to see who true change comes about from a person who is walking with you instead of an elitist who resides in ivory towers. 


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