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Subterfuge 911: What “They” Don’t Want You to Know

Breaking news! This just in from our Washington bureau. Our government lies to us. Don’t worry, I have not jumped the shark and cast my lot with the professional jackasses at the Corporate State Media who love to revel in sensationalism for the sake of clicks. Rather, I’m just stating an obvious truth; when power is amassed in the hands of a few and mind bending influence is federalized by DC bureaucrats, corruption and malice is not far behind. Turf protection is no joke; wolves who mark their territory have nothing on those who are so drunk with power that they kill and destroy many. “They” justify it as defending Democracy when in reality they are guarding their domain.

I write this in light of the back and forth taking place and the endless streams of theories being posited by various people on all sides about the events that took place in Las Vegas. Here is what I know; none of us will ever know the “truth” but I know this to be absolutely true—assume that they are lying to you. And by “they”, I’m referring to those in position of power and those who have been conferred the power of authority by the status quo. I don’t say this to join league with those who deny that a massacre took place in Vegas nor am I lending credence to the official version being presented by authorities. The truth is somewhere in the middle; it will literally take an act of God to reveal the lies of this world—it’s called revelation for a reason.

How about this for truth. A society that is so pliable and malleable enough to bow before political idols and worship the rich and famous will get a government that treats us as we deserve. We have been conditioned in ways that would astound the conscience of Pavlov’s dogs; we accept by default the narratives given by those in position of power and discount anyone else as “conspiracy theorists”. By the by, did you know that the Central Intelligence Agency coined the term “conspiracy theorist” in order to dismiss anyone who had the temerity to question the ridiculous assertion of the Warren Commission?

This was the same Warren Commission concluded that John F. Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman and peddled an even more ludicrous assertion that one bullet was able to penetrate multiple bodies from multiple different angles. Let me provide a link to a mainstream publication in order to assuage the concerns of those who only accept facts when those facts are endorsed by the “establishment”. Check out this article by the Foreign Policy Journal that discusses a peer reviewed book written by a well known political scientist named Lance deHaven-Smith on the history of the term “Conspiracy Theory” (read Conspiracy Theory and it’s Inception).

The JFK assassination is but one of countless examples where our government buried truth by using subterfuge and disinformation. The Warren Commission became the blueprint for the DC political class—including elected officials, media personalities, intellectuals and “educators—on how to use dog and pony shows as a means of presenting fallacies as accepted facts. Behind the scenes, the same system that perpetuates lies injects a plethora of outrageous stories into the public square and deploys prevaricating “truth tellers” in the media to peddle one absurd assertion after another. This is how they drown the truth; people driven by profit motives and paid by the system suffocate the real story in a bathtub of theories.

The real conspiracy theorists are the very same people you see on TV pretending to be speaking truth. Here is a way to discount the real from the frauds when it comes to those who take to cameras to feign like they are speaking for justice. If they have a commercial following and making fortunes, 99.9999% of the time discount these people as frauds. This would include every duplicitous politician who runs to the microphone after a tragic event, every two-faced pundit in the Corporate State Media and it also includes those who pretend to be speaking against this deception. This I can promise you, both Democrats and Republicans are equally malignant and neither side is interested in justice or worried about our welfare. Stop looking at this world through political goggles, the game is played far beyond the partisan blinders that is foisted on society.

This is likewise true of the vacuous pundits who are omnipresent in this age of social media. Almost all of them, from Alex Jones, Rachel Maddow to the rest who pretend to be speaking truth as they make fortunes are not who you think. Those who make inroads by speaking truth and gain a following by actually standing against power have a way of being silenced by scandals or bullets. You can thus dismiss most who remain standing and keep getting wide circulation as frauds who are in on the hoodwink. This is actually a good equation to uncover the frauds apart from the authentic; trust me if you ever see me peddling my book on MSNBC and being raved about by the establishment, you can dismiss me as well for that means I most likely sold my soul in order to be accepted by the system.

I am not pretending to know the truth in presenting this before you. As I noted above, the truth is unattainable—all we can know is that we are being lied to. Let me proffer one example in particular that is very close to my heart and the hearts of millions across America. The memory of 9/11 is one that still imbues my heart with sorrow no matter the time that has passed since the Twin Towers were felled. I witnessed the horrors of that day in person; I was across the street from the Pentagon and saw the building up in flames on that tragic day. I do not bring this up story up to in any way politicize September 11th; I only raise this point because I know the truth about that day is not what we have been told.

There is something that has always gnawed at me about that day and specifically the scene I witnessed by the Pentagon. Nowhere around the area could one find a hint of plane wreckage. I did not see a wing part, a tail section nor was there debris like luggage milled about the field. I rationalized this in my mind by accepting the official narrative; of course there was no evidence of a plane, all traces of the plane and everything inside it must have gotten incinerated by the flames. It is better to reside in ignorance than to ask questions that serve to beget yet more questions.

Except one day, as I was watching a show called “Mythbusters“, a particular segment of flooded my cortex with memories of 9/11. Let me refer your attention to this video of the Mythbusters as the they were conducting a test of whether a bus would be toppled over by a jet stream. You can fast forward on the video to 6:36 before reading further so the rest of the article makes sense (watch Mythbusters Jet Stream video). Not only did the bus get toppled over once it was pulled into the jet stream of the 747, it was blown to bits and pieces. Let me remind those who don’t know, the Pentagon is only two levels above ground. I’m not risking national security here nor am I putting my dormant secret clearance at risk—this is information that is open to the public.There is a reason I bring up the height of the Pentagon within the context of Mythbusters and 9/11. If it was truly a 747 that hit the Pentagon, the plane would have had to fly almost ground level in order to impact the west wing. If that was the case, American Airlines 77 would have crossed over both the north and south bound lanes of Interstate 395 near altitude 0 on its trajectory towards the Pentagon. Refer back to the video of the bus being shredded apart when ran into the jet stream of the 747—that is how strong the back draft of a jet is. Which begs this one question; why were there no cars tossed about either side of the highway by the jet stream of flight 77?

This is one of many question which were quickly washed away by the 9/11 Commission. Instead of uncovering the truth, the ten member bipartisan commission led by Thomas Kean and Lee H. Hamilton—who were both military-industrial complex titans—did everything possible to destroy accountability and displace blame. The work of the 9/11 Commission is as fraudulent as the Warren Commission; the same way an effective coup d’etat was committed on November 22nd 1963, our nation was attacked in the most horrific way by more insidious forces than we are led to believe. We will never know the truth of either day; the only thing I can tell you is that we are being lied to.

I’m not writing this to encourage paranoia nor do I want to feed into hysteria. This is being presented to you to warn of the perils of concentrated power and to think twice about believing official narratives. People who have accumulated massive powers have no interest in telling truth; if Americans knew the full scope of what our government does in our name, there would be an uprising the levels of which no amount of guns and tanks could suppress. But we are too busy being distracted by sensationalism and separable grievances to pay attention to the excesses of our mafia government. It is a fool’s errand in all honesty to pontificate about what is true or false, chasing the lies of government is the most trivial of tasks and only makes one look like nut to the public.

We are better off trying to figure out how to return power back to our communities and doing all that we can to decentralize from this federated scam that government has become. In the process disconnect from corporations who are the true owners of our government—perhaps we should divest from Wall Street (read Divest or Decay). The more we give our hands to centralized powers and hand over our resources to multinational corporations, the more we drive ourselves into insolvency and dependence. Shop, eat and do business locally or be slaves globally.

Here is to truth; may one day liars get their just dessert and may justice ring out in the same place where malice reigns supreme. Nothing is secret that shall not in time manifest; neither anything hidden that shall not be known and come to light. For those who perished on 9/11 and the victims of past and present injustices, may you rest in eternal peace and may those who bleed humanity meet their comeuppance in this life or the next. May the rest of us lean less on those who have power to lead us and instead follow the goodness that resides in our hearts. May we lead and be led with compassion above all and may our quest be for inclusive justice. #Subterfuge911

“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” ~ John F. Kennedy

As I said, I am not claiming to know truth, I am just on a quest to find it. The first step to truth, after all, is to know when you are being lied to. Below is a video of Lee Camp and me discussing these very things on his show Redacted VIP. 

This is one of the very first Ghion Casts below where I discuss the duplicity of our government and how all sides live to lie to us and divert us from the truth. 

Let me end it with this encore, please listen to this speech given by Robert F. Kennedy about the mindless violence that shatters our nation and this world. RFK was killed for the same reason JFK was killed, those who decide to stand up for truth get silenced by scandal or by bullets. 

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