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Drama Society: Dependence and Diversions of the Trump Idiot Show

Oh my God! We have become a TV show. We are all extras in the Donald Trump idiot show where even the most ardent Trump detractors would admit that they are hooked to the day to day drama that emerges from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The president of the United States and the titular head of the “free world” is nothing more than a real life version of Colonel Jessup from “A Few Good Men“. I can almost hear him mocking us with the following line from that movie:

You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like patriotism, taking care of the poor, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent pretending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very drama that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it.

Of course, I changed up a few words in that above quote in order to fit the inanity that is Trump. To be honest, my assessment of Donald Trump goes back and forth. There are times I think that this man is deviously brilliant and is just playing the part of an idiot in order to fit the mold of the “unthinking common man” that some on the right think is emblematic of a good leader. There are other times I listen to this nincompoop and I’m convinced that some evil scientist fused the DNA of Rasputin and Sarah Palin and gave us “the Donald”—the perfection of a malignant ignoramus.

No matter what I think of our fatuous president, the point is I can’t stop thinking of him. He is America’s herpes; there is no cure for Trump, we just have to hope he goes away eventually. Except he doesn’t! Every day we are treated to yet another episode of his juvenile antics. In less than six months, he has given us more drama than all the studios in Hollywood combined. In Texas, they say of the dimwitted that they are “all hat and no cattle”. Well Donald Trump is not even hat, he is just hair plugs attached to a waste of a human body. I don’t even want to look at the TV screen anymore for fear of seeing this alternative human. Yet as much as I try to avoid this attention seeking orangutan, he creeps into my cipher regardless as social media is constantly popping with yet another news of his blunder.

The truth is that we are all addicted to this walking calamity that is Trump. This is the drama we craved anyway; a society so hooked on sensationalism and outrage, we finally got the president we all deserve. Catnip is our new normal as all of us keep taking nibbles at the raw meat that our bankrupt mainstream media throws at us. This is precisely why Trump was selected for us. Oh my friends if you think that our Democracy is not rigged, I have a bridge to sell you on Uranus. The same way Wall Street funneled over $200,000,000 to Barack Obama in 2008 they did the same for Trump through earned media in-kind donations. The powers that be, the billionaire class and plutocrats who really run our nation, knew what they were doing when they gave Trump a show on NBC. They were setting up a perfect foil to Obama as they spooled the puppet strings on a man who could become the alternative to eight years of Obama’s cult of personality.

One cult of personality begat another; this is how our Democracy works. Cyclical change demands a radical departure after eight years of one character. Thus the same way Obama was a radical change from Bush’s mangling of the English language, Trump became a radical departure from Obama’s “speak eloquently and be a fraudulent prick” personality. This is how they get us, we get so hooked on personalities and the insanity of our politics that few of us actually focus on the policies that are destroying this nation. Breaking news! Politics and policies are not the same thing. Politics is for the common man; policies are for the truly powerful. If you peel back the politics and the personalities of the past five presidents, at the core you will find that the domestic, economic and foreign policies are identical with slight changes on the margins.

But who has time to rationally discuss policies and figure out how to rescue our nation from the quick sand that is suffocating hope for tens of millions. Oooh look! Trump just tweeted something idiotic! This is how a nation is turned into a farce. Instead of using social media to organize and to work across the divides to reclaim our country and our government from the clutches of depraved politicians, we use Facebook and Twitter to pass on the drivel that mainstream media feeds us as we take part in the idiot show by pretending that we are outraged by the idiocy of it all. It’s all one big game for us; we turn politics into a football as we shift from one position to another letting situational morality and fidelity to ideologies trump morality and common sense.

The ironic thing is that both wings of the two parties are getting played for fools and few among them understand this. The same people who are dismissively called “the base”—as in the beneath of the parties—take to the public square to defend the parties which are fleecing them. It gets worse, there are some who give the little money they have to millionaire Congressmen and Senators each time another email is sent out asking for donations to either counter or defend the moron at the White House. Trump is a cash register for a cottage industry that pretends to either speak against him or defend him as they count their cash flow regardless. So ask yourself, who is the moron in all this? Is it Trump, the devil’s foreskin, or are we the fools for continuously falling for the staged theatrics of our politics?

The show goes on, both sides continue to get played like fiddles. “Liberals” get to thump their chests and say “see I told you so” as they gloat at the perceived misery of the other side even though the failures of Trump are eating away like a cancer at our nation. Hardship will not discriminate between political ideologies when it comes knocking at doors—trust me that knock is coming at your door soon. On the other side, Trump’s most devoted loyalist will not see the duplicity of Trump and will go down with that ship as they keep chanting “make America great again” while they drown in an ocean of debt. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug! Neither side will acknowledge that they got duped by an empty suit Obama eight years ago and now a carnival barker Trump. Consequently, both sides yell right past each other even though, at the core, both sides are upset about the same things. This is how .01% of this world enslaves 99.99% of this planet.

Bracketed by the “left” and the “right”, the rational voices in the middle throw up their hands and vacate the public square to the useful idiots on all sides who insist on viewing everything through the prism of partisan prisms. More and more Americans are becoming independent leaving the two parties within nothing but the most rabid red or blue kool-aid drinkers. But this is precisely the problem, as long as there is no viable alternative to the two broken parties, the parties make a rational decision to only cater to the political fundamentalists. America has morphed into a dystopian Jonestown—we have a neo-Jim Jones president as proof of it.

Someone once told me that the public during the Roman empire was continuously distracted by bread and circus. In order to keep the people’s attention diverted from the fact that the empire was crumbling, the Roman elites gave the masses dependency by way of bread (making them wedded to a central authority for substance) and kept them continually distracted by the circus of gladiator shows held at proliferating coliseums. Sound familiar? Guess what my fellow Americans, we are now the empire that is cracking and breaking apart. To change the focus, the aristocrats keep giving us bread and circus. The bread is the very entitlements and the corporate conveniences that we are now thoroughly dependent on. The circus is our politics as they make clowns of us all. Ooh! Let me end it here, Donald Trump is trending on Twitter, let me take part in the idiot show! #TrumpIdiotShow

“Politics have no relation to morals.” ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

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