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If Not for Meanie Republicans, Democrats Would Have Given Us All Purple Unicorns

If you have not figured it out by now, the title of this article is meant to be satirical. Actually, it’s more like a joke. Alas not even Eddie Murphy at his apex could conjure up a joke anything like the joke that is our two party system and the utter farce that is the Democratic party. Let me be blunt here, while I understand the Republican party to be pernicious and only caring for the wealthiest among us, I nevertheless actually respect their level of mendacity. At least the GOP has the decency of stabbing us in our hearts with their economic policies. The Democrats are on a whole other level of evil, these malignant bilkers smile in your face only to stab you in the back once they get elected.

For years I believed the Democratic propaganda and the DNC talking points—which were most likely written by some Republican lobbyist on K Street. I swallowed whole the lie that the Republicans were the evil ones and we would have justice and a new day in America if we could only elect more Democrats. I kept overlooking one little nagging fact, rather I chose to subconsciously avert my eyes for fear of understanding this truth. In city after city where Democrats are the ones in charge, the masses are left in poverty and hopelessness. Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Atlanta and beyond, all these cities are administered by Democrats and in all these cities the party of Andrew Jackson keep selling out the masses to corporate interests. Democratic pols gentrify their respective cities in order to increase coffers while leaving working folks coughing in the smog of economic distress.

Democrats are doing the exact same thing to their base and their constituents in the blue sectors of America they oversee that Republicans do to their constituents in the red quadrants they control. There is not an iota of a difference between the two parties; both factions are bought and sold whores of plutocrats on Wall Street and the servants of the globalists who are bleeding this planet with their endless greed. The only difference is rhetoric, Democrats have perfected the art of double speak and the con game of hoodwinking the masses. As Republicans rob the masses through tax policies in order to kneecap people into perpetual poverty; the Democrats do the same with monetary policies that tilt wealth to the 1% while they turn around and hobble people into cyclical dependence.

Thus seeing #DemsResist trending today on Twitter was a moment that made me shake my head in equal parts exasperation and amusement. Shysters like Robert Reich take to social media with a straight face to feign shock as if they are some twisted version of Captain Renault. These same frauds who were mum for 8 years as Obama funneled over $14 trillion dollars to Wall Street by way of Quantitative Easing, Zero Interest Rate Policy and bailouts; all the sudden they find their voice and muster the courage to speak out against the excesses of the Republican party. These were the same pricks who sat on their hands as Obama dropped over 20,000 ordinances in Syria and bombed that nation back to the stone ages who are all the sudden speaking out against Trump’s war that Obama started six years ago. The chutzpah of all these pundits and politicians is mind bending; once again they are using the pains of the people as some type of political football.

You want the honest truth? The Democrats have never been about the people. Both parties have been playing good cop and bad cop routine for decades. The bad cop is dependent on the prism of the respective base of each political party. Liberals are convinced that it’s the Republicans who are the true face of evil and conservatives have no doubt that liberals are the anti-Christ in flesh. Both sides are being played for useful idiots and suckers as Republicans and Democrats are in on the deception and are just using each other to blame the other side while getting us to believe change will come if we only vote one more time—and oh yeah if we only give a few more dollars.

Barack Obama was my last rodeo. As the dimwit George W. Bush once said, “fool me once, shame on—shame on you; fool me—you can’t fool me again”. I have seen the light and it was the Obama train that smacked me awake to the ways of our political system. Our governance is nothing more than a pyramid scheme the likes of which ancient Egyptians could never replicate if given a million years. We are a nation of legalized money laundering where the mafia that is our government transfers wealth from the vast majority of us to the globalist capos who are enriching themselves while the rest of us are buried in insolvency and debt. It will take a round of cognitive dissonance for more and more to realize what I now understand. Until then, political parrots on all sides will continue to blame the other side while taking it up the ass from the parties they support. #DemsUnicorn 

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” ~ George Orwell

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