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Nexus of Evil: When Cancerous Corporatism Hijacked the District of Caligula

I hate to start off your Monday by breaking bad news to you; but then again, maybe it’s better to get at the root of our problem instead of hacking at branches as a society when it comes to the way we are governed. Though we disagree about much, I think a vast majority agree on this one thing; most Americans get the nauseating feeling that our government is just not working for us. More and more are waking up to the deception of Federalism and most know that the entire system is rigged against the people but can’t put their finger on the root of the problem. From liberal to conservative, from white to black and all in between, all of us are fed up with a government that is looking out for the few while feeding the people to the plutocratic class.

This is why Congress’s approval rating is mired at 7% while the president’s popularity is at 36% and dipping; even these statistics don’t present a true picture of just how unpopular our government has become. Most polling companies are only surveying registered voters and thus leaving out nearly 70% of Americans who can vote and refuse to do so because they rather not bother partaking in the sham of rigged elections and pre-selected candidates. Let me proffer a modest proposal as to what is really wrong with our government and, by extension, why we get the sense that we are getting screwed over by the establishment. Corporations have hijacked our government and all levers of power, using cash diplomacy–otherwise known as bribery and extortion–the CEO class and their minions have literally commandeered all three branches of government in DC.

Corporate oligarchs executed this takeover with ruthless yet stealthy efficiency. The first objective of wars is to target the head and go after command and control. This is exactly what the oligarchy did as they used their vast wealth and influence to buy up every politician in the District of Caligula. That is my new name for Washington by the way; seeing the way our Senators, Congressman and First Orange President have the modesty and virtue of Gaius Caesar and given that DC has become the Petri dish for scandal, corruption and criminality, I submit to you that the District of Caligula is a much more appropriate name for our nation’s capital.The hostile takeover of the District of Caligula by the oligarchy is not a recent phenomenon. In all honesty, the Federal government has been an appendage of moneyed interest for a very long time. The implicit control that corporations had over Washington DC became explicit dominance in the early 1900’s when JP Morgan engineered a financial crisis and then came to the rescue to effectively snuff out our Republic and replace it with corporate despotism. Using his vast media empire, JP Morgan started a whisper campaign about the stability of banks which induced a panic in the broader public. Stable banks were all the sudden in financial distress as people stampeded to withdraw their money–a run on the banks led to the Great Banking Recessions of 1907 and again in 1913.

You can thank JP Morgan and banking gangsters for the creating a financial industry that thrives by destroying people and our planet. JP Morgan manufactured two of the largest recessions in the history of America in order to eliminate his banking competition and buy up distressed assets pennies on the dollar. But wait, there’s more! Our nation was on the brink; the whole of America was liable to implode because our government did not have the means to service the national debt and stimulate the economy. In stepped in the ruthless JP Morgan to be the “white knight”. Morgan offered a loan to the US Federal government; I really want you to think about this for a moment, one man offered to bail out an entire nation. The devil’s due, or shall I say JP Morgan’s due, was the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Create a crisis, foment a recession and then hold the nation hostage until the demands of banking mobsters are met. This same playbook was used in 2008 as banks were given trillions at the threat of exploding the world markets. If this is not terrorism, I don’t know what is.

Oh you thought recessions were just happenstance and that our economy periodically dips into a bear market by chance? Au contraire mes amies! Since 1913, like clockwork, every seven to ten years our economy sinks and takes the life savings of countless millions of Americans with it. Look at the graph below and you will notice the economic retrenchments that happen at regular intervals. The same way JP Morgan was able to leverage his wealth and influence to start a run on the banks, banking barons have been imploding our economy on purpose to enhance their fortunes by inducing bankruptcy on their competitors and stealing the savings and homes of Americans–this is cancerous capitalism. Think it is impossible for a few to kneecap economies on their own? JP Morgan was not the only man to loosen “black swans” upon the markets and eviscerate a nation’s economy with innuendos; George Soros accomplished the same dastardly deed in 1922 when he bet against the British pound. He made billions while millions of Brits and economies tied to the pound suffered a debilitating recession. The inception of this most pernicious corporate terrorism can be traced back to December 23rd, 1913, a date that marks the death of America and the birth of USA Inc. Two days before Christmas, the Pharisees in the District of Caligula transferred governance from Congress and the White House into the hands of banking executives. People keep talking about “shadow government” and “deep state”, by extension they turn simple matters into exotic affairs. There is no need to get deep with it, it’s simple. The Federal Reserve is the de jure government of the United States. JP Morgan used the shotgun of manufactured recessions in order to assume powers from government and render our Republic null and void. The Federal Reserve sets financial and monetary policies and they do so without input from our elected politicians and with absolute impunity sans public input. A banking cabal, who should otherwise be RICO targets, are governing us without consent–it’s like the Revolutionary War never happened!

Here is where many cookies get baked. The Federal Reserve is not a government institution! They are a private business. Did you get that, our nation’s economy is run at the whim of banking executives who cannot be held accountable by the ballot box nor by government oversight. By law, the Federal Reserve is an independent entity; the only input elected officials have on the Fed is when a president appoints and the Senate approves the seven board of governors and the Federal Reserve Chair. To no surprise, the people who are designated to the Federal Reserve’s board of governors and all the past Chairs have all been banking executives. The Federal Reserve is a pyramid scheme where multinational banks get to dictate the policies of the Fed by monopolizing all seats at the decision making table.

In order to hide this most insidious corporate take over of America, these same oligarchs expanded their war on our nation by next targeting communications and public opinion. When I present this using war analogies, I do so for a reason. The way corporations are methodically tearing apart our nation and dominating almost every facet of our governance and our lives by extension is by using precision military tactics that would astound Sun Tzu. After putting politicians on their payroll, Wall Street oligarchs then started buying up every mainstream media outlet, think tanks and institutions of higher learning. Journalists, pundits, economists and opinion leaders thus were faced with a choice, speak against the corporate hijacking of America and face financial repercussions or endorse corporatism and get rewarded handsomely.

The ones you see being pushed by the status quo are the ones who sold their souls to get fame and fortunes, the ones who refused to play along are the ones who get marginalized and are branded with slurs like “fake news” or conspiracy theorist. Speaking truth to power hurts; speaking for power rewards handsomely. Sadly, too many of us would rather listen to the people who are part of the establishment and are getting rewarded by corporatism instead of heeding the warnings of those who speak against the evils of this pyramid scheme that has been normalized as virtuous capitalism. The establishment has ingeniously divided corporate shills in half, one side peddling conservative corporatism while the other half is selling liberal corporatism. They have successfully conditioned Americans to accept this left/right divide, by extension they have us fighting each other instead of taking on the corporate virus that is gashing at all of us. They divide us, we conquer ourselves–this how a few can subdue billions.

Tragically, are too busy bickering to realize that all of us are upset about the same exact thing. Most injustices and societal ills can be traced back to economic inequalities. The reason we have such a disparity between the haves and have nots in America and throughout the world is due to economic policies that keep tilting wealth from the many into the bank accounts of the few. You can thank centralized banking for this criminal behavior which has been accepted by the victims of capital larceny as a public good. Corporatism is a cancer which is eating away at the fabric of our nation and destroying our planet. That is because the rich can never get enough, this is why Jeff Bezos–who is now worth over $100,000,000,000–is not content with having more money than the GDP of some nations. Now you know why it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than the rich have a chance of getting to heaven; the wealthy would rather go to hell with their cash than live as equals among the rest of us.As we fight about politics and keep getting distracted by these two equally bankrupt political parties, cancerous corporations continue to exert their influence and their clout in order to keep getting their preferred policies. That is why the First Bank President Barack Obama gave over $14 trillion to the same criminals who bled our nation in 2008 as he screwed over the victims of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the degenerate gamblers on Wall Street. This is also why “Christian conservatives” yet again went full Pharisees on Friday as they bestowed fortunes on corporations while saddling us and our children with trillions in debt and deficits. Both parties and bureaucrats in the DC have become the enemies of the people and the allies of corporations. You can thank JP Morgan and self-indulging parasites in the District of Caligula for the continued destruction of our nation. #DistrictOfCaligula 

“Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Check out this Ghion Cast below where I discuss the way both Democrats and Republicans keep pillaging the people in order to feed the opulence of the plutocrats. 

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