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Kissinger Uninterrupted: the Toxic Hand of Henry and the Havoc He Wrought Globally

There is a vast chasm between politics and policy. Politics is what the elites give us as a means of distracting the masses from the true nature of governance. Policies are what the powerful conjure up behind the scenes using the world as a chess board in order to further their agendas. In this context, we the people are nothing more than pawns who are manipulated to think that we are the bosses–the chess masters smile diabolically behind the curtains as they wreak havoc throughout the planet.

Henry Kissinger is one of these chess masters; a most pernicious policy maker whose presence in Washington DC is as constant as the Washington monument and whose maliciousness matches that of Rasputin. Once Secretary of State and National Security Adviser under both Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, Kissinger escaped the gravity of politics and has become a fixture of both Democratic and Republican presidents as his “counsel” has been sought by every president since Ford. Kissinger is the don of the DC mafia; politicians who have any modicum of aspiration for national office have to kiss his ring and be blessed by this pugnacious ogre if they have any hopes of attaining power.

Our government has really been hijacked by globalist anti-heroes; sitting at the top of this nefarious pyramid scheme of global dominance is Kissinger. If there was any justice in this world, Kissinger would be frog marched and locked up for the part he played in countless massacres and genocides since the 1970’s. Kissinger’s policy of destabilization and interventionism has given rise to countless dictators from Pol Pot to Pinochet and his realpolitik ideologies have served as the basis for American exceptionalism and hegemony. Kissinger doesn’t just have blood on his hands, this vile imp revels in washing his hands with the blood of innocents around the world. It goes to show, those who monopolize power do not have to account for their actions even as they make a mockery of justice by prosecuting lesser tyrants.

One is almost impressed at the level of depraved genius that resides in the mind of Kissinger if one only one overlooks the pure barbarity that lives in his soul. The joke of a committee which awarded Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 conferred upon Kissinger the same prize in 1973 as they ignored the horrors Kissinger visited upon Cambodia. At least 50,000 Cambodian lives were lost at the toxic hand of Kissinger’s bombing blitzkrieg against a country which never attacked the United States. It was Kissinger’s policy which gave rise to the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia as Pol Pot would go on to eradicate upward of three million lives. Kissinger was thus responsible for the death of nearly half as many innocent lives that Hitler wiped out in concentration camps. Hitler is rightly condemned for his barbarity; Kissinger is celebrated as a preeminent diplomat in the world–the victor plays by a different set of rules than the vanquished.

Cambodia is but a prelude to the deviltry of Kissinger. The list of countries that Kissinger has been responsible for destabilizing and setting on fire is too many to count. Bangladesh, Cyprus, Argentina, Costa Rica, Honduras, Chile, “Rhodesia”, Ethiopia and Cuba to name but a few; Kissinger has been the kiss of death and a plague that stole more lives than we can ever fathom. This man has body bags to his name in ways very few dictators throughout history have racked up, yet proximity to power and access to wealth insulates him from a trace of liability. Thus, a man who should otherwise be defamed is actually venerated by the upper crust of politicians and pundits as his adherents metastasize throughout the halls of power in DC and western capitals like the cancers that they are.

I should have known Obama was a fraud the minute he bowed before Kissinger and received his blessings. Kissinger’s assent led to Obama droning and blowing apart countless countries as he perpetuated the Kissinger policy of bleeding the globe. Alas politics gets in the way of logic as I overlooked the ways of Obama and kept seeing Barack through the prism of what he could be. My hope ran head first into the duplicity of Obama and the realpolitik of Kissinger. It is said “you shall know them by their fruit”, as in you can tell people’s character by their works. But there is no need to wait to see what fruits people bear for you shall know them by the feces they use to nourish their seeds.

Kissinger has been a perpetual feces in Washington D.C. that has nourished one politician after another and is now feeding the alternative human and the incubus that is Donald Trump. I say this to both Obama and Trump loyalist, next time you think “your guy” is so different and want to bash the other side, just think on this for a moment. Both Obama and Trump are Kissinger loyalists and his pupil; reflect on that and hopefully you will see that politics matters little when the foreign and economic polices of both are identical with only minor differences at the margins. We keep fighting over politics as all sides are outraged by the excesses of  bankrupt government that takes from all of us.

I humbly submit, maybe it is time to stop fighting each other and realize that we are all getting fleeced equally. It is high time that we unite in order to reclaim our nation from the toxic hands of globalists and moneyed monsters. Whether one is born in America or one’s roots is from another corner of this world, the vicious policies of Kissinger has devastated the place almost all of us call home. This planet has enough resources to feed 20 billion yet privation and indigence is hobbling the masses throughout the world because men like Kissinger and his adherents purvey a systematic policy of theft using stealth diplomacy that is suffocating billions. Standing up against the evils of Kissinger and his lot is not only moral, it is imperative for an injustice that we ignore shall be an injustice that comes for us all. How many more mothers have to cry over their perished children, how many more bombs have to tear apart lives and limbs before we say enough to this madness without turning everything into a political sport? Until that time arrives where we put humanity above ideology, sick ghouls like Kissinger will continue to thrive as world leaders kneel at Henry’s feet.

The powerful can escape judgment for a time but eventually time is the great equalizer that will subsume contemptible souls into the darkness of hell. Things come in threes; the prick David Rockefeller (link) was felled like the vile tree that he is as he is now slow roasting in purgatory for the ways he used his wealth to roil the world. Last week, another hideous globalist and a nefarious fiend Zbigniew Brzezinski sunk into the night the same way he sunk endless lives throughout his tenure. Henry Kissinger is not too far behind; the same way he kissed endless nations with death, a smooch is coming for him not too far into the future. The laws of man might not apply to the powerful here on earth, but not even the most powerful are not able to defeat father time. In due time, Kissinger’s toxic hand shall be kissed goodbye and be met by a judgement that is to come. #KissingerUninterrupted

“Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core.” ~ Hannah Arendt

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