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#ObamaBecause: Top 10 Reasons why 44 was so Awesome!

This is being presented in honor of our first bank president. Consider this article the Serena Williams of compliments, expert backhands and all. This is our  top 10 reasons why Obizi was such a great president!

#ObamaBecause 1
He was soooo cool! He sang Al Green's song and he and Michelle were so adorable and cute together. Meanwhile over 100,000 Syrians were killed by his orders and over a million displaced.

I have to admit, this is a bit of a vent session on a Friday evening after being treated to a bunch of Obama loyalists who for years held their tongues as Obama was bombing one nation after another only to now speak up as our Orangutan-in-Chief Trump is continuing the same war in Syria that Obama started This is dedicated to my “liberal’ friends who are condemning rightly Trump for his depraved actions in Syria yet they refuse to utter a word of even the mildest rebuke to Obama, you know, the man who started the war. I hope people who are reading this don’t take my condemnation of Obama as an embrace of Trump, just because I don’t like spinach does not mean I like cucumbers.

This article is titled #ObamaBecause as a response to Obama loyalists who are quick to rave about Barack but when you confront them with “what did he do exactly” their response is always first “he had so much class and grace” followed up by talking points that they heard on MSNBC which falls apart the minute you dig past their first sentence. So on with the gallery of #ObamaBecause. Forward this to any Obama loyalist who refuses to see that he was a fraud and share this on social media with your own versions of #ObamaBecause with a backhanded compliment to our former commander of teleprompters. Click To Tweet

I wrote about an article titled “Our Road to Damascus” earlier in very somber terms, but there is only so much we can do to rage against the machine. At some point, I have to give this whole thing to a higher power and just pray that we are not being led to our collective termination for a hot war with Russia will be our eradication by way of nuclear mushrooms. Although this article is presented as a satire, it’s really the truth for all the statements made in the slideshow are verifiable and can be backed up. An open challenge to any Obama loyalist, I am challenge you to write below and, using sources or your own words, impeach the statements I made about Obama.

The thing about Obama is this; only overseers are allowed into the master’s house.

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