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Twitter Farm: Some Are More Equal Than Others

Update: Just now, I mentioned the Twitter account in a tweet to let people on Twitter know about this website. When I check the Ghion Journal Twitter account, the mention from my personal account is nowhere to be found. I’ve tended to dismiss people that talked about shadow banning and social media banning for a while, until I became a personal witness of it. I’m not pretending to be that big of a voice that I warrant personal attention from Twitter, in truth in the scope of personalities, I am a nobody.

Yet I know that companies can use algorithms and key words to suppress free speech and filter only select information. I am reporting this for a reason, to call attention to this pernicious practice of soft corporate censorship and to demand that social media companies stop using Orwellian practices of excluding ideas and divergent voices from the marketplace. Keep this in mind as you read the article below, as they come for a few they will eventually come for all. Share this article far and wide on social media, especially mention @Twitter in your tweets, and let these corporate giant know that we will not get pushed around as a people.

It was not supposed to be this way. The era of social media was to usher in a new age of free speech and by extension Democratize the way information is shared. No longer were the oligarchs and corporations going to dictate policy and politics; we the people finally had a means to counter the corporate propaganda being driven from the 1%. Bottom up news was going to negate top down disinformation. Hooray! Humanity was on its way to utopia!

As always, ideas get annihilate by reality. Revolutions, you see, without exception devolve to the tyranny that gave birth to the revolution to begin with. The social media revolution was no different, we are right back to where we started as six companies control more than 85% of the information we consume. Think about this for a minute, six companies having a monopoly on news means that six people have absolute control of Democracy and how speech is disseminated and consumed. Third world tinpot dictators have nothing on plutocrats who own the media.

The quote in the title of this article, “some are more equal than others”, is an allusion to an excerpt from the book Animal Farm. Written by George Orwell, Animal Farm is a quasi-satire that goes right at the heart of despotism and shows how a movement meant for the masses was co-opted by the cunning. In the book, animals had a revolution and overthrew humans; a decree was enacted proclaiming that all animals were equal and that the farm they lived on would sustain all as all sustained the farm. A new day of animal equality and animal coexistence had arrived—no longer would animals be oppressed by humans.

That is until pigs used their depraved intellect to start elevating themselves above others. The codified declaration that made all equal began to be tinkered with as the pigs started to enact new laws. They used big words and false benevolence to make it seem like the laws were meant to benefit all the animals; in reality these laws enhanced the pigs as lords of other animals and segregated the swine from the rest. The revolution devolved, all the sudden the rest of the animals on the farm found themselves being oppressed by the pigs as they were by humans. What started off with laws being enacted that created a social strata of haves versus the have nots soon enough gave birth to carnage as the pigs unleashed bloody violence on the other animals in order to subjugate those who yearned freedom.

Animal Farm was taught to me in college as a critique of communism. Proof that our institutions of higher learning are nothing more than indoctrination campuses, the truth is that Animal Farm is a critique on despotism as a whole—from this critique Western capitalism and the history of America’s birth is included. The founders of this nation supposedly fought the British because they were being taxed without representation; a closer inspection of our history reveals that the founding fathers were actually livid when the British levies were repealed because the lifting of taxes ate into the profit margins of the tea and liquor they were selling on the black markets.

This is a universal law, wars are fought for the interests of the plutocrats by the impoverished who lose their lives while the rich count their profits. Every kaboom! is a kaching! for the wealthy pricks who don’t care an iota about human life as long as they get more cash. The rich are the pigs Animal Farm was critiquing; human suffering that traverse the world can all be traced back to money and the ways the aristocracy use laws in order to fatten their wallets. Laws are nothing more than a way to oppress the masses by way of government intervention encouraged by rent-seeking assholes who have the means to purchase the souls of politicians.

The other day, as I was driving on the Dulles Toll Road on my way to Washington DC, a thought hit me that I have not been able to shake off since. Interstates 395 and 495 have express lanes that are accessible only for those who pay for the privilege to enter. Society being splintered into haves and have nots yet again; the poor stuck in traffic, the more equal driving in wide open roads. We the people abide this bullshit; we paid for the roads to begin with by being taxed to death only to have to pay out of our nose if we want to ride on those same roads by paying on a reoccurring basis. Cash in, cash out—the aristocracy stay winning in ways that Charlie Sheen could never imagine. We stay getting screwed as the 1% stay counting their fortunes.

These same pigs monopolized social media because free speech is what despots fear most. Faith can move mountains they say, words likewise can move people. The most powerful weapon that our government has at its disposal is not F-22 Raptor jets, tanks or even nuclear weapons. It is information and the ability to weaponize words that makes our government and the corporations who own it all powerful. But this omnipotence is built on quick sand for the pyramid scheme of global repression is built upon the backs of the people. All it takes is a critical mass of people saying no for others to rise up and refuse to let their backs be the foundation of pigs who oppress the world in order to serve their billionaire and corporate masters.

The same way roads have been stratified—one lane for the haves and another lane for the have nots—the Information Highway is likewise being partitioned. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and the rest have instituted a policy of Apartheid where what we need to know is elevated above what we want to know. These various sites use algorithm to push information and to ensure that paid content and messages from “trusted sources” are seen by more eyeballs than undesired information.

The whole kerfuffle about “fake news” was nothing more than a means to stifle free speech. They used the pretext of Russian interference as a means to squash narratives that don’t fit the corporate propaganda that is being driven by the six billionaires who own the six companies which in turn own 85% of the information we consume. The media has not been Democratized; it has been monopolized by moneyed pigs who walk upright in opulence while they push the rest of us onto the four legs of poverty, hopelessness, dependence and irrelevance.

This morning I sent out a tweet linking an article I wrote about the neo-liberal stooge Kamala Harris who is being pushed as the new liberal savior by the DNC (read Hoodwink Afoot). Barbara Newsome replied and stated that Twitter blocked her attempt to retweet the original message I sent. Censorship is no joke on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, just as the pigs in Animal Farm used laws to repress the other animals, social media sites use algorithms and outright deletions to nullify free speech and police our thoughts. They are repressing those who refuse to accept the indoctrination of the Corporate State Media and insist on speaking out in defense of Democracy and free speech.

Let’s take a group exercise to verify what you are reading. There is a video on YouTube I put together titled “We are Not Black”, the video is about humanity and the fact that we are a lot more than our color. The video currently has 1,719 hits. I’ve had ten people look at the video over the past 24 hours from ten different locations yet the count has been stuck on 1,719 hits for the past week. So lets do this collectively, look at the video (click here to watch We Are Not Black) and then press like to affirm that you at the very least opened up the video. For the sake of this exercise, you don’t even have to watch the full video—the intention is to see if YouTube accurately captures the people who click on their videos. Check back in 24 hours and most likely that number will not have moved by more than a few hits compared to the number of new likes it garnered from this article.

What you read in this article is the precise playbook of all tyrants throughout history to the present age. This is the very same playbook of repression which is currently being unleashed upon the world. Tyranny is what forced my parents to flee my native land Ethiopia and relocate their children to America in hopes of finding refuge from despotism. America was once the shinning city on a hill even though that light had its share of blemishes. That light is being dimmed into a flicker as tyranny is growing from a foothold into a boot worn by technocrat thugs who are stiffing hope for all of us. Compliance by the people and dissension among the public is giving birth to a monster that will one day lead to outright autocracy from Atlanta to Boise and beyond.

While we the sheeple fight over politics, the pigs who sit at the policy table are coming up with more and more ways to make us of less equal as they make themselves the greater swine feeding at the trough of humanity. The overseer Obama, who was selected by the oligarchy to save a broken system of capital larceny, enacted the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and passed on to the equally malignant Trump a law that allows the Department of Defense to censor speech and detain people without habeas corpus (read Unity or Dissolution). As we bicker, the pigs who enact laws and the press who give tyranny a wide birth are working together to subvert our liberty and turn us into human chattel and slaves of globalist oligarchs.

Tyranny, you see, is never birthed instantly—despotism does not happen in a flash. Tyranny grows like a cancer; the tumor of injustice spreads incrementally one law and edict at a time until it metastasizes and kills freedom. Tyranny has parents, the father is a cunning pig, the neo-Pharisees, who manipulates the masses in order to amass fortunes for themselves. The mother of tyranny is the broader public, the rest of humanity, who become the womb from which autocracy is delivered. We, the people, nourish and suckle oppression with complacency and our default tendency to bow before the powerful. The pigs pass laws in order to make themselves more equal than the rest of us; the rest of us accept these immoral laws and worship these vile pigs—we make ourselves the lesser. #TwitterFarm

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” ~ Edmund Burke

If you agree with the message behind this article and you refuse to let swine take away your free speech through incremental laws and edicts, share this article on social media using #TwitterFarm and make sure you CC @twitter if when you send this article out on social media. Let us, the people, rise up above the neo-Pharisees. 

Watch the Ghion Cast below where I discuss the battle of Adwa, a battle that saw a united people defeating a colonial power. The key to defeating tyranny is for the people to be UNITED, watch the video and see how we can learn from those in the past who won not through division but through oneness. 

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